Nice to Meet You!

A bit of interesting scientific observation crossed my monitor recently.

Among crested black macaques (a monkey species found on an Indonesian island) males typically greet one another by mutually grasping each other's penis. In addition, a penis-grab seems to be a way of testing relationships, setting up alliances and defusing conflicts.

The researcher postulated that this may have been normal behavior among early humanoids.

Not the sort of thing everybody wants to know. Imagine the flak: "Gays are throwbacks to monkeys," but reading it made me laugh. Instead of shaking hands they shake dicks.

Long Time Reader

Okay guys, this reader and I have already compared our thoughts on this humorous topic, what's your take?


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  1. it sure would be a whole different way to say high. to bad you would have to let go of his thing. thanks to the author for putting a smile on my face,