Full Package Cashier

Reading this story on OOTS4U Reminds me of something, I just had that awkwardness recently.

 I was checking out a big order at a store and the cashier was a young, thin teen with jeans on and he was standing on an elevated platform. The crotch of his jeans had an amazing bulge and I couldn't help but stare at it wondering if he was extremely well hung for his age or maybe he had a partial erection going on.

I found myself awkwardly worried that he'd notice I was staring at his package the whole time he was checking me out.



The Mini Nudie Neighbor

Apparently since it is summer-time the little tyke across the street from me is enjoying a clothing optional indulgence. Several days I have seen him wandering the front yard completely nude. The first time was with Dad and Uncle mending the fence and we have little Manny Be-bopping around the yard toting tools for the men. Nobody paid any mind to the fact he was au natural, and working without suitable PPE, or even a tool belt. A safety supervisor sure would have shut that job down.

The most recent exposure was Dad and Uncle again out front, but this time working on a car. Well here is the little streaker again, but now he is sporting his fully tanned body head to toe. I've seen a plastic wading pool in the back yard, but I can't gain a convincing evaluation as to why he is nude in full public view so regularly.

He is small enough that he certainly feels not one shred of modesty standing in the way of his commando-style freedom. I have a slight estimation it might be Mom's method during potty training, leaving him nude to get him used to being free of a diaper. Then it is certainly obvious if he does his business anywhere. I thought most Mom's used trainers, Pull-ups or plain undies, but I reckon this Mom is all about economy, and practicality. I would be curious if the little mister takes a liking to the freedom, and it becomes a habit later on as he gets a bit bigger. This could get interesting......



Nice to Meet You!

A bit of interesting scientific observation crossed my monitor recently.

Among crested black macaques (a monkey species found on an Indonesian island) males typically greet one another by mutually grasping each other's penis. In addition, a penis-grab seems to be a way of testing relationships, setting up alliances and defusing conflicts.

The researcher postulated that this may have been normal behavior among early humanoids.

Not the sort of thing everybody wants to know. Imagine the flak: "Gays are throwbacks to monkeys," but reading it made me laugh. Instead of shaking hands they shake dicks.

Long Time Reader

Okay guys, this reader and I have already compared our thoughts on this humorous topic, what's your take?