What a Dispicable Fabric!!

Today while at lunch with a co-worker in a chain restaurant. Being that it is summer you see a variety of patrons. Instead of business casual working class patrons getting a slight respite from the daily grind. Lunch is now dotted with Mom's or Dad's corralling the kiddos to fuel up between camps and activities to keep them progressing forward on their journey to model citizens, or at least keeping them active away from video game screens.

Today I saw the usual 5-8 year olds bopping under Mom's loving arms, and challenging her will to force some veggies down their throats instead of their typical preferred carb and protein mainstay. Then I often delight in seeing an occasional prima donna Mom in Yoga pants with collagen lips who feints her sugar-sweet commands as control, shaking her diamond adorned fingers at said youngster. Who is of course paying little attention to her. You see, generally these trophy wives of successful earners have the most unruly kids, who competently win-over princess- Mom, and then generally junior gets extra cheese on his burger, with a giant soda to slurp while barely eating 3 bites of the said nutrition laid before them.

But enough despite for middle-class suburbia and it's well-meaning populous. Today while eating my taco salad, I looked up to see a young fellow accompanied by a slightly larger specimen of Yoga Mom. They are positioned at the self serve drink station at the exact time that I need to rise from my seat, and refill my own water cup.

Approaching towards them from my table, I see this young fellow is dark blonde. He is wearing a blue t-shirt with some print which I paid no attention to. But as I rounded the dining area partition, I was delighted at my choice to refill at this juncture. I had an opportunity to observe something quite unique for this setting. It was predicated in the form of his shorts and the material of which they were constructed. He was wearing competitive swimmers trunks. I guess you might simulate them to Speedos. However these were designed with an inseam of about 6-8 inches, reaching downward to his knees. In fact they fit a bit loose there. I would say they were not that tight at all. However due to a certain visible bump around the groin area, I would guess the material must be very light.

Now,  I was 12 once, and I can distinctly remember how much was inside my shorts. Indeed this young fellow was likely bearing no exceptional gift in that area, however I blame that fabric which recklessly allowed a "Head-em Up, Move-em out" attitude for over-exposing his boy parts. This confounded failure of junk control garnered an effect of freedom to one of nature's proudest forms resting delicately suppressed inside there.

 Although his clothing was in place doing it's meager duty to cover and contain. It could be noted that with the slightest inspection you might determine that resting above a pair of ovoid supports, there was a projecting point that the lazy cloth succumbed to.....allowing a
display of young maleness.

I awaited the pair (Mom and Son) to complete their drink formulation as I investigated this unruly cloth. How evil it was to allow such a dastardly observation by anyone in public.

 Certainly there should be no blame assigned to this tender fellow who obviously had spent his  morning innocently exercising at swim class in these very trunks. Then prompted by a huge hunger, he and Mom chose to re-charge on Burritos, and chips. There was never a thought of changing to other shorts, he was hungry, and he needed to be fed before his next activity commenced. Obviously they proceeded to a family friendly spot, and placed an order to-go.

 I suggest this technologically advanced fabric, was designed sheerly for competition, and had surely done it's duty allowing this lad to slip confidently through the waters of summer swim team training, and perhaps he was the kid leading the pack all the while. So proud he must be that this very trunk in it's delicate balance of securing modesty, yet yielding the full thrusting power of his swimming prowess was likely a suitable pairing for both boy and garment at the peak of competition. Yet somehow when placed in a public setting, there was a departure from the norm. An obvious bulge was there, and dammit yeah you couldn't miss it. I didn't, but so confused I am about it.

In the end, I was surprised that modesty was disregarded. Perhaps this was the first summer that certain aspects of his maleness had come to prominence. So maybe there had been little or no consideration by either Mom or Boy about his outward appearance. In some societies this is not a concern at all, yet in the US, it seems there is a profound fear of exhibiting apparent maleness.  In A bold assertion I might propose,
"I''m NOT sorry, it's a part of nature, so lets all accept it...right?."

Can anyone help explain? Is it the Cloth, or Society condemning what the cloth reveals?


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  1. i drove school bus for the swimming team all the way through grade and through the high school swim team, yes! the swimming suits they wore fit really tight around there grown area. you could see the outline of all there junk. just looking at the swimming suits you would think they would fall off as soon as they hit the water. when they would change out of there swim suits they wore real tight (i called them stretch pants) the pants would come down to there knees. every boy wore the same style and color (school colors). it was mandatory for every swimmer to wear them. if they did not wear them they could not swim. they were really tight and you could also see there junk. we would stop at restaurants to eat after there swimming meet. it never bother none of the swimmers how they looked. it sure made driving bus a lot more interesting.