Summer Fun

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Nuts Up

It'll lick off...

Equipment Failure

Through savage progress cuts-The Jungle Line

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Bois gone Wild`1

Hood Ornament

Euro Tykes

Swim Meet Pals
New Sportswear Trend
Down to the BASIC Boy

Indian Guides


  1. great pictures and i really like the new look.

  2. Can anyone tell us more about the pictures of boys wearing loincloths? Is this typical of certain camps, or a one-shot tease for the camera?

    1. I reckon there are not many Scouting or outdoor camps in the US that would be able to offer such an activity. It might be European would be my guess.

      However I am pretty sure that if you tell a bunch of young rascals they get to dress up like real Indians, the lil' warriors would strip-down, don the Loin cloths and War-paint in a heart beat and scream Blue Murder all day!