Stall Peeping

Hi, I am err.. New to the blog, but liked the concept and had some stories to share of my own. So, here is this one.

   When I was around 10 I went to a restaurant with my family where I had an encounter with a boy. I had gone to the bathroom and was sitting on the toilet and was just getting up when i noticed a boy around 7 years old peeping in through the crack between the door and bathroom stall. He had a light olive skin-tone, dark eyes and black hair in a bowl cut common among younger kids. His mouth was agape as he looked on in what I could only describe as amazed curiosity.
   We were making eye contact the whole time after I noticed him but he only continued to look on with his mouth open in curiosity. He also gazed on to my privates and seemed to smile; he knew that what he was doing was naughty but couldn't help but take a look. I didn't know how to react, i just stared at him back throughout the encounter, which was brief because after locking eyes for about 10 seconds an adult man walked in interrupting his peeping adventure.
    "What are you doing!" Shouted what I assume to have been the boy's dad in an enraged tone. "Nothing!" He quickly responded, the guilt and embarrassment evident in his voice. "Get over here... come on!"
 The boy quickly fled the bathroom followed by a stern scolding by the man. I also quickly wrapped up my business in the bathroom and returned to my table, startled by the whole encounter.
Before leaving I caught a glimpse of the boy at his table, looking rather unhappy. To this day I wonder if getting caught and embarrassed (and probably harshly punished) was worth it for this curious boy, and if his parent's punishment dissuaded him from pursuing his curiosities. 



  1. Once on a vacation a young kid was very interested in getting a look at my peter. We were standing side by side at the urinals in a highway rest stop. I don't think there was anything sexual in it, he was just curious about how an older boy was hung and that was a chance for a sneaky peek.

  2. I agree, poor boy though. His dad gave him a good scare; one second discovering the mysteries of the universe the next panicking at being discovered.