My first job was an after-school gig at an ice cream kiosk in the food court at a mall. Afternoons were downright boring, but things got busy around suppertime.

One afternoon a lady and a boy came into the food court. He was probably around twelve or maybe an immature thirteen. She gave him some money, pointed to a table a little distance away from my kiosk, and left him there. Apparently she'd given him instructions to wait there for her.

The kid purchased a bottled drink from another food shop and went back to his table to wait. Time dragged on. There was no sign of the mother. As a matter of fact, there was no activity in the food court at all. Except for the waiting boy and a few people working in other shops, the place was dead.

Maybe half an hour went by. The kid moved around, trying to get comfortable on his chair. After another moment he spread his legs as wide as possible under the table. He reached down with
both hands and gave his crotch a lingering squeeze. Then he looked around. Another pause. Now he extended his legs straight out, slid forward on the chair, and began rubbing the palm of his right hand in circles on his crotch.

The circular motion continued. Occasionally the boy would look around, but it seemed that he felt his action was hidden under the table and that he could safely continue massaging himself in his remote corner.

A few minutes went by while the circles continued. He was intensely focused on his lap and his moving hand. As he rubbed himself he stuck his legs further under the table and leaned back in the chair. His hand moved faster than before and he seemed to be raising his butt to mash his crotch tighter against the circling hand.

I was doing my best to mind my own business, taking care of chores in my kiosk. But of course my real attention was focused on the busy boy and on my own expansion. As he urgently rubbed his dick he tilted back in the chair. Its front legs were now several inches off the floor. He was obviously approaching a climax, rubbing himself as fast as possible and stiffening his body for the blessed release.

And then -- disaster.

The chair fell backwards, taking the young jacker with it. Chair and boy landed with a crash. He jumped to his feet, glancing around in embarrassment and picking up the chair.

He made no attempt to resume rubbing himself. I've wondered all these years: Did he have a climax, and the intensity of his ejaculation caused the chair to fall? Or, looking at it from the opposite direction, did the fall come first and trigger a climax and ejaculation? Or (and this is the one I lean toward) did the crash cancel his erection and leave him unfulfilled after all his effort?

I have to grin every time I remember the dude rubbing his crotch faster and faster until his chair turned over.
Thunder Cloud

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  1. i will have to agree with you. i also think that the chair tip over right before he climax. i also think that he was so close to a climax and by stretching out made his chair tip over before he climax. thank you for sharing your great experience.