No Burgers for Shirtless Boys

A few days ago, I was in a local eating establishment. It is a non-franchised burger joint, a mom and pop spot if you will. It is close enough to a local pool and seeing as school is out and the pool is open, a lot of kids are passing through.

On that day two shirtless black boys I'm guessing 10 and 13, one lighter skinned (the 10ish year old) and one dark skinned (the 13 year old) came into the restaurant. They were two  attractive young guys, the younger one listened intently whenever the older boy spoke. The older boy did not reject the younger boy when he came to him and put his arm around his shoulder. I got a cousin vibe maybe even brothers but either way they were extremely kind to each other, and it caught my attention that they were so adorably fond of each other. The owner came out and told them that they needed to put on shirts before they could order. They had the best little muscular chests and abs, I have ever seen but I guess that offended her. I kid you not The 10 year old had his shorts drooping down past the V line where the hair will eventually grow. The boys complied,  the youngest boy went bopping outside to the bikes they were riding and brought in a pair of shirts. The boys tugged their shirts over their heads, ordered, got their drinks and left.

One might think the owner was racist for telling those two handsome black boys to put on their shirts. But 15 minutes after the black kids had  left (and when my food finally came),  two white boys came in shirtless like the other pair. They were both about 12 years old. I got the vibe that they were classmates or neighbors. They were both thin, one was obviously bleached blonde but it looked nice, the other a natural blonde. They were shirtless and wearing flip flops, towels draped across their necks whereas the black kids were dry as a bone and probably on their way to the pool, but these white kids were still wet and were coming back from the pool, and probably very hungry from playing in the pool for hours.

The owner once again came out and told them that if they did not put on shirts that they had to leave. The two boys did not have any shirts and had to leave. My point is that four cute boys, two sets of two came in shirtless and the owner set out to chase them away. If I owned that restaurant any boys shirtless, or fully dressed would get served. Perhaps sometimes kids might get free drinks and that little black boy with the loose trunks showing off that V and more would have gotten a free hamburger and fries.



  1. To the Author, I truly appreciated your story, and I hope we've done a good job keeping your thoughts in tact. There were a couple of lines that expressed a little too much appreciation for certain aspects. We try to avoid certain labels by the Site-hosting megalopoly.

    Now wouldn't the Vee kid also need a Yummy Malt? Lol

  2. i would have serve them with no shirts. thanks for sharing your experience. enjoy your story very much

  3. No telling where this took place, but remember that a lot of towns have minimum dress codes that eating establishments have to enforce.