Big Truck - Small Dinger

  About boys and pickups. There's a boy in our neighborhood that is definitely on the short side (he's in the drum line of the high school band, and considerably shorter than anybody else in that section). 
 When he started driving he picked out a huge red Ram pickup for himself.  You've probably seen the type, giant tires, with a chrome exhaust pipe sized to bellow industrial plumes of soot upon command. There is doubt if he is able to navigate any drive-thru's for a quick burger, and shake, due to the over-all height of his "Rig". 

 My partner and I speculated that the spectacular vehicle was all manifested in compensation for being short. We also assume it might be an overt display of machismo, to diminish the probable small dork in his jeans. But of course we have no comprehensive data to make that assumption with genuine facts!

You might hear him rumbling down the street and muse, there goes Tiny, or Junior, or any mix of candid shortster insults.

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  1. the old saying is big things come in small package. enjoy reading your story.