A Boy Can't Hide Some Things

I saw a young school aged boy around 14 disembark a bus.    It was around school finishing time, so he must have been on his way home. As he got off I noticed him trying with one hand to pull his shirt down over his crotch. However his shirt was not long enough, so his attempts were in vain. In his other hand he held his school bag in front of him. He was walking rather quickly, seemingly in a hurry to get home and it was quite amusing watching him tug at his shirt whilst desperately trying to hide his obvious excitement. I've no doubt, as soon as he reached home he threw down his bag and ran into his bedroom for some "special time".

1 comment:

  1. when i see someone trying to hide there bulging jeans, i think to myself i know what is going on inside your jeans. i have to smile at the way they always try to hide there bulges. back when i rode the bus and if anyone had a bulge going on thy never did try to hide there bulge from any one.