Sasha as a Little Girl

This story is the very first submission I have ever receive in Russian. I am quite proud to receive a well written story from this guest author. I was astounded how suitably the translation brought the story to life in an easy to follow manner in English. That being said there were a few instances and situations in the story that could cause us to be Nuked. 

 I was always a little guy even when I was almost 11. Some friends at school called me an elf and patted my head, like a I am a pet to them. I was not much bigger than a nine year old. Girls tell me I have long eye lashes, and they are jealous. Boys know I was faster than most of them, and can dodge any of them if they chased me. Sometimes I still let them catch up to me and sit on me to rib tickle or grind on my middle. I think some boys liked to dominate me.

 On a spring holiday I was traveling on the train with my mother to Khabarovsk from Moscow. In our compartment at the stop we were joined by a young soldier student. He always smiled at us, and did not have a fierce look such as men soldiers do. I do not think he was 18 yet, but he  had some wine and said it was a gift for his birthday and he was going home on Spring break to share with family. He was old enough to be a biggie brother to me, but I wanted to call him an uncle, if he will allow me to. Perhaps the uniform made him seem like an adult uncle, even though he was still a boy like me, only bigger.

 I needed to go pee, and my mother asked him to take me to the toilet as there are many strangers on a train. He asked my name. Sasha I said. And I am Jack, he said. Well, come along to the toilet? I nodded and smiled, because he was so friendly like an uncle. I told him, "I want to call you Uncle Jack."

 He gently smiled, and took my hand as we walked the corridor. And then he lifted me up in his arms and carried me to the bathroom. He asked my age in years, and I told him, "I am elevan." I hugged him close, because he is a protector for me.

 Suddenly he is whispering in my ear that I was so beautiful like a girl.
I smiled back at him,  "I know." I said "I like it when my mother says that to me." I didn't say girls are jealous because I am prettier than them. But it felt so warmly nice he said it.

 He lowered me when we were in the toilet and put me right at the front of the pot. I felt embarrassed. In only a second he said, "Let me help."

Jack began to take off my pants and undies. "Piss ya girl", he said, and patted my little bottom. That made me giggle some. I looked back at him over my shoulder and smiled coy. The train sways so he steadies me with one hand on a shoulder.  I relax and the relief of urination, also with his soothing strong grip makes me feel as a royal. With a free hand he then began to squeeze my testicles. It was a painful bit. I moaned "Oww", but he said it is needed to better piss it all away. I continued to pee even more and he stroked my ass. I finished, shook off the final drips and turned so he can pull up my undies. But no, he kissed me on the lips, then his tongue slipped into my mouth and he kept it wiggling in there. I pull away, and was confused. But even more he began to stroke me all over the body and kept on with his kisses.

I do not understand anything. He told me that I'm a scared girl, and he will teach me to be a real girl, and that I will be fine. "Will you learn from your uncle Jackie?"

 "Yes", I said, swallowing my tears.

 "Well, then kiss my privates." He undid his pants and pulled out his big male strength unit. "Vozi the handle and squeeze!"

I held my hands behind my back. He encouraged me to hold it. I timidly took it in my palm. Somehow I began shivering.

 "You're trembling because you want to suck me." he said. "Open your mouth."

 I had my eyes closed. I do not remember how his cock was in my mouth, but it squeezed somewhere back into the throat, as if he had me swallow all of the male segment. I was sick, and the tears flowed in streams. Then his sausage began to throb in my mouth and something poured into me. I spat it out and asked:
"Uncle Jack, why did you pee in my mouth?"

 "This is a milk, it is necessary to eat, if you are to be a good girl." He took me by the ears, and again put the male segment in my mouth. I do not feel any taste. Just swallowed. He stroked my head and I felt good. I wanted to sleep in his arms. He kissed me on the cheek and then to my little segment.

  Then I put my pants, he took my hand. "Let's go to my mother?" I nodded. You still did not quite replicate a girl. Softly he told me in my ear. The next time you will dress in this. He took from his pocket a little lacy panty.

 And so the whole week on the train, he took me to the toilet. I put-on these girly panties and he taught me how to relax for his unit. The first time it was messy. I bit him on accident 2 times, but soon I was fine with it.

 I remember how he caressed me and loved my beauty. He went on Sadgorod before Vladivostok. And then my mother and I came home. Dosihpor I remember him. I want to once again become the little favorite "girl."

Russian Author

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