Being Served Perfection

 I went to lunch alone today. I stopped in Chik Fil a, and went inside to eat because I wanted to relax away from work. I had been served my food and was seated so I could see the variety of people coming in and ordering. I noticed this early teen-ager who was wearing some soft grey shorts, and Man he had a Banging Bum on him. The soft cotton fabric was the same material as little kids Pajamas, so it formed very nicely around his cheeks.  It was not overly pronounced, but for a thin type boy, it was sure meaty.

I noticed he was coming my way headed to the Men's room, so it was time for a quick assessment. He didn't have much bulge happening round front, but his shirt was untucked so perhaps that hid some of his boy business .His face was smallish and very fresh indicating he was not even close to shaving yet. The shape of his face and nose reminded me of a Dutch boy. I felt he would soon be passing by again, so anxiously I awaited an opposing view as he would walk past me. I waited.....he was in there a bit, so I know he did not just go in to wash his hands. I was not let-down by the view as he walked to go meet Dad in line.

  I studied his age possibilities. Although he was fairly tall his lack of bulge and young face told me he is 13. He had the height of a 14 yo, but that young face told me otherwise. He joined Dad in line staring at the menu board. I was treated to a rare display of male affection. Although Dad was a very sporty and outdoorsy type of man,  as the boy stood in front of Dad in the line
who very overtly hugged his boy around the neck and shoulders. The boy did not seem to object either. It didn't last more than 10 or 15 seconds, but it was very sweet to see. I imagined how proud this Dad is of his son, and well who wouldn't be? I'd sure be proud to be hugging him, especially if he let me.
 After they received their meals, they visited the counter directly in front of me a couple of tables away. As they gathered napkins, straws and condiments I got to survey that ass a bit more. Making their sauce selections, he backed up a bit to allow someone to pass by, his bum met a chair-back. The metal bar caused all that boy bum to press upward, and the crease between the two muscles was now more apparent through the thin cotton fabric. I believe I was lost in imagination for a short while until I saw they were nearing me to sit at a table. I managed to see his face again as they passed me. It was so sweet, and young, he wears his hair longish, ranging about 3 or 4 weeks beyond the usual barbershop visit time. The light golden brown tresses were somewhat gathered up under a ball cap, yet many curled locks draped gently around his face and rested on his smooth neck.

  They sat behind me in a booth near the toilets.He was out of my sight. I was unable to enjoy my meal any further. I obsessed over how could I get a more permanent memory of him. I needed one more long look. I decided to complete my meal, go past them to the men's room for a handwash, then upon my exit I could get that last glimpse of this young Adonis.

 I am sure there are boys in his school who have noticed that excellent boy ass, and would love to be hugging him from behind just like Dad had done.  Indeed he was one I could not take my eyes off of. 



Noisy Boys

We had a guest provide this story, I have to assume that perhaps English is not his native language. You guys will have to take the story as it was written, I can't offer any clarity on the event he saw. Hopefully he will see the post and help explain it a bit more.  

 One afternoon, I am merely sitting on a bench waiting for the ride to show up. Over one hundred feet away there is a kid, a teen, who’s making noise and gets this attend. He has a buddy to whom he says 'Sometimes they will give you something for your attention', to put it mild wise. He stares this way and has a nice crotch showing. His buddy goes away as no react comes from the bench. The other makes more noises, no hellos, just noises. He gets more eye attention. His mom shows up with the car and groceries and he helps attending. He looks much over the way to his target more than a few times. Bench man still awaits his ride and dares not reply nor respond. 

What can one do with such an offering, anyway? No thing. He climbs into the VW and off he goes with a last look before he gets in. What does he think he might get for his offering? Uh, what offering? One hundred feet away he notices a target. No not accurate in one sense. Bench man must go away, no matter, if and when. What does the boy see to excite him so? Rubbing his crotch to get this attendee for sure ! But What does he see to get him to be aware ? Never see him until his noises. [Ride comes soon after and target is off elsewhere.] Can not figure.