Nervous Pair on the Nature Trail

 Whenever I went for a nature walk on one of the local trails, I always preferred to go alone. One day I was preparing to go on a short hike when my friend called saying he was bored. I told him that I was going on the trail knowing that he didn't like doing that but to my surprise he told me that he'd like to go.

I always went alone and I wish that I would have gone by myself that day too. I saw a once in a lifetime sight, two boys about 11 maybe 12 years old just off the trail just semi-hidden in the bushes with their pants down and arms moving fast. My friend was a little behind me, distracted by some graffiti on a rock and I hoped he wouldn't catch up as I slowly and quietly tried to get a closer look.

 Then as I got closer, my friend comes running up behind "OH SHIT!" and he startles the boys who immediately pull up their pants and start running while he yells out obscenities at them. I was so angry with him, there was no way I was looking to embarrass or scare the boys involved in their activity. If I had gone alone, I would have stood back, quietly. If they noticed me, I'd have done my best not to make them feel uncomfortable. My idiot friend though took it as an opportunity to yell out and make a big joke out of it.

I went back on that trail every single day around the same time for weeks hoping to see the boys again but I never did. My friend and I stopped hanging out and he wondered why I became so cold towards him. He ruined a once in a life time sight for me and I get mad thinking about it still to this day.



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