Everybody had their Thrill

I was a teen-age counselor for a few years. I loved bedtime. Almost every boy pounded himself in bed. Some did not do it in bed but got a bone anyway and walked to the bathroom to do it. Their stiffie would poke out ahead of them while they walked. Sometimes they squeezed it while they went to the bathroom.

 I had my own technique to mask the activity and results. I put a washcloth folded double in my underwear when getting in bed. I was careful not to raise the covers and do any bumping. I just touched my boner real lightly and in a few minutes I would cum. The washcloth caught my cum so my underwear did not get slimy.

 I would wait til every boy did what he needed to. Then when I knew they were finished I would touch my hard-on a lot with my fingertips until I came. Happy memories of my cabin full of little jackers. I can still remember all those covers wiggling and jiggling.



Basket Bounce Boy

  Here is a funny performance seen at the super market last evening. A young teen guy with his mother. I'm going to guess 14. Definitely old enough to know what he was doing, none of your accidental little-guy stuff.

 He was carrying the groceries in a hand basket, holding it right in front of his crotch. As he walked he let the basket bang against his fly with every step. They came to a stop in the produce section, Mom examining the vegetables. He bumped the basked forward with his crotch while standing in-place. The basket swung back against his vitals. Again he bumped it forward with what gave him a gratifying whap in the dick.

 He kept this up the whole time I observed them. Basket hits dick. Dick bounces basket away. Basket hits dick again. Dude probably hated going to the grocery store, but he was taking advantage of an opportunity to keep himself entertained.



All the Beauty in Colors

Today, I saw several boys hanging out, they were preteens probably around 11 and 12 years old. I saw an Asian, a Black, a White and one who was presumably Hispanic or another white boy with a nice tan. All of them were so unbelievably cute and showed the best features of their respective races. I observed them for a while and I tried to pick in my mind which one was the cutest. I could not choose. The blonde boy with his big blue eyes, the black boy with his smooth chocolate skin, the Asian boy with his dark hair and contrasting against his relatively light skin or the maybe Hispanic boy with his perfect tan and brown eyes. It was like a mini boys club to end racism. I wanted to tell them how cool it was that they were all hanging out and not worried about skin color but never got the chance. Blonde boys, Black boys, Asian boys and Hispanic boys are ALL Attractive.


I did not have an exact matching photo, so this is a representation effort.


Unmistakeable Teen Bulge

I was shopping in a busy shopping centre and had just joined the queue for the tills. Two people in front of me was a slim young blonde boy about 15 or 16 wearing very tight fitting jeans. As I looked at him I glanced down and nearly choked when I saw that he had the biggest bulge I think I have ever seen on anybody let alone a teen boy. I must have looked surprised because the boy noticed that Id seen his bulge and became very self conscious. His body language became nervous and he tried to cover his bulge with his hands whilst he waited. When the next til became free he quickly stepped forward and i noticed the face of the woman behind the till as she must of noticed his immense bulge too but politely pretended not to have.

 He made the quickest payment ever and left the store as quickly as he could. I didn't see him again. I honestly don't know how he thought people wouldn't notice his erection. This skinny teen must have had a monster penis.



Giving a Gift to Random Strangers

The day before my 13th birthday I went to the mall with my Aunt to pick out a gift.

I went in the restroom there was a guy who was walking out. As he walked past me I could see that he looked at me up and down. Then when I went to the urinal I looked up and the same guy was standing next to me at his own urinal. I thought it was strange because he was leaving the restroom a minute ago, and now he was back...and right next to me. I quickly figured out that he was trying to spy on me so I did the opposite of what most kids would do, instead of crowding the urinal, I backed up and adjusted my pants with it hanging free so he could get a better view. I let him look for about 10 seconds and then tucked and zipped up then walked out.

It was kind of exciting, me being the exhibitionist and him being the voyeur. I started to find other opportunities with men who were obviously trying to look at me, but I was never attracted to them. I just liked the idea of showing a stranger my private parts, if I used a public restroom and I could see that someone was trying to sneak a peek then I'd let them get a good view by taking a little longer than I needed to, backing up a bit further than needed and even turning my body slightly in their direction. I never jacked off just let them get a good view. The men never said anything to me and I never said anything to them and there was very little, if any eye contact. When there was eye contact, some of the men would nod their head or flash a quick smile and I'd do the same back.

One day while doing this I became incredibly erect but I didn't have plans of jacking-off in front of this guy who was very old maybe in his later 60's even early 70's. He was clearly looking, so I wiggled my boner but suddenly and without warning I could feel the tale tale signs of cumming, and in front of that stranger I shot my cum.

I think I was 14 and it was the only time that ever happened, he just looked at me and for the first time ever, a stranger spoke to me and he just said "Thank you for that". I didn't know what to say so I said "You're welcome".

I let the voyeurs get a good peek at me back then.  In retrospect, maybe I was doing a service because whatever types of fantasies they had, maybe those extra few seconds they got to view me I could have helped to calm that desire down. The old guy I'm sure will go to (or went to) his grave thinking about the kid that cummed for him in the restroom.

Mystery Flasher


No Modesty for the Lil Guys

 Last weekend I was taking a leak at a college football sporting event in a men's room that had a big line of urinals with no partitions between them. Just as I was pulling mine out a very young boy, maybe just 10 years old, walked up to the empty urinal right next to me.

  I couldn't help but notice, he had not developed any of the classic teenage modestly at all. He opened his pants and pulled down the front of his undies clearly exposing his entire crotch area, a little dick and wrinkly little scrotum. Of course he didn't have a single hair yet, but I was surprised how tiny his little equipment was. (I probably haven't seen the dick of a 10 year old boy since I was 12 years old and seeing my brother's.) His shaft couldn't have been more than 1/2" in diameter but seemed impressively long, like maybe 1 1/2". He was circumcised and had the tiniest little smooth button glans on the end, barely wider at the flare than his shaft.

 He took a big piss, then zipped up and left while I was still getting rid of the last of my beer. I was impressed how the little guy didn't mind at all whipping out his little thing and taking a wizz right between a couple of old guys.



The Casual Bothers Come to Visit

As a young married man, years before having our own kids, one weekend my wife offered to a single-parent co-worker that we’d watch her two young boys while she had to go out of town to attend a family funeral. So for two days and nights these two adorable young boys, ages 10 and 12, occupied our guest room.

 As it got close to bedtime the first night my wife suggested they go get ready for bed and then come back out and watch a little more TV and enjoy a bowl of ice cream. To my surprise, getting ready for bed meant that these two boys came back out to watch TV and eat their ice cream wearing nothing but their tighty whities. I’ll admit to feeling somewhat uncomfortable in the presence of these two cute young boys I barely even knew, now sitting in our living room almost naked watching TV and apparently thinking nothing of it. Not only that, but occasionally they’d unconsciously reach down to adjust what they had in the bumps in the front of their underpants as well. There's something about a boy who will scratch his balls while talking on the phone to his Mom. Assuring her, he would make his brother behave and promising to brush his teeth and they'd both use the rest-room before bed. What other maintenance was he planning, I could only guess.

 I was realizing my uncomfortable feelings had a lot to do with realizing the older boy reminded me a lot of several sleepovers I had with friends when I was his age when our own tighty whities would get quickly stripped off as soon as the bedroom lights went out as we’d excitedly start to grope and play with and compare our secret little private parts as they were quickly getting stiff. I remember fighting like crazy my curiosity and awkward thoughts about how much sparse hair the older boy might already be growing inside those tighty whities, and if perhaps he had already discovered “that special thing” his boy parts might already be able to do for him.



Lil Dude Banging His Drum

The Writer say -
I got no idea how to submit this. Hopefully you get it.

Umm yeah, you posted as a comment on the OOTS4U Blog. However observation stories fit best on the Share your BS Blog. Linked for convenience

 I had the most crazy thing happen yesterday. In the bathroom at a restaurant. I go in and piss. This kid standing at a pisser not doing squat, he just stands there. Looks like a little dude to me He got shorts and this bright yellow shirt.

 In a minute I finish and go wash my hands. Looking in the mirror, what do you think? That kid is banging his drum. No shit!

 I see him from his backside in the mirror. He is full speed ahead with it. Arm going 60 miles an hour. Maybe thinks I left (WTF?). But me,  I am still looking. Then he goes up on his tip toes and leaning closer to the pisser. He makes a squeaky sound of breath. I think bingo, he shot a load.

I go on out to my table before he turns around. I sit there playing it back in my head. It was one thing I won't forget, him doing it with somebody right in the room. Pretty soon he comes out and goes to a table full of people. Hope his shot was good.



How I got a Regular Baby-Sitting Gig

 I recall a time when I was 13. I was asked to baby sit the son of a friend of family, he was probs still in grade school and blond with hazel green eyes if you're wondering. At the time I got there, he was in the bathroom taking a shower. After some last minute instructions, the parents left. They said they would be back at 11 o' clock or so.

  About 5 min later he came to the living room wearing just a towel. I didn't think much of it, because he did finish taking a shower. We were watching a DVD on tv when I noticed out of the corner of my eye he was playing with his dick. 

    He noticed me looking, and casually said, "You wanna suck it?"

  I got an instant stiffie, He noticed. He stood in front of me on the couch we were sitting on, and stooped so his dick was pressing against my lips. I parted my lips and let him in. He put his hands around the back of my head and started pumping in and out of my mouth. This went on for 10 min. Or so, then I felt his dick start twitching in my mouth, then his knees buckled. I had to hold on to him tight so he wouldn't fall.

 After he regained his senses, he asked me if I could be his permanent baby sitter. I said definitely.
I babysat him for another 3 years, and was lucky enough to get to taste his very first ejaculation when that time came around.

Chris W. 


Cade's Special Request

I recently encountered this story which I had written a couple of years ago about an experience from my teens. I was a shy kid and had no special buddies at that time. This story is about a night that haunted me for many years. Read-on and comment if you found a similar closure.

 When I was a mid teen, there was a kid who lived a couple of houses down the street from me but we never really played together because Cade was a couple years younger than me. He was an average kid with brown eyes, and sandy blonde hair -a typical boys cut, neat and well groomed by his parents presumed desire for order. He wore expertly chosen, well fit clothes. Being an only child, he probably had clothes bought regularly as he grew a centimeter or two. 


 One night his parents had a Date night and went out, so my Mom babysat him at our house. I let him come in my room some because I did not have any friends over, and I was kinda bored. He was a polite kid and we got on pretty good. I showed him some of my model cars, collectibles and then I read some Harry Potter to him. I was surprised how well he knew many of the parts. Often he would get all big-eyed and announce the next event to occur. I didn’t mind because I had read it several times myself. It was cute though that he liked me reading to him, and I rather enjoyed it, by changing my voice for different characters. That made him smile and he stared at me imagining I was a different person each time I used a special voice.


 Mom came-in prematurely interrupting the story. She collected Cade to get in a bath. I busied myself reading more, until I actually needed to use the restroom.  I decided it was okay since the door was not shut. I stepped in, excused myself that I needed to pee. Cade was alone in the tub, amused with a few toys and a fresh heap of bubbles everywhere. I did my business, and left. Within moments, Cade was coming down the hall completely naked, calling to me. I saw him there partly wet and in his glory, he asked if he could sleep with me until his parents came to get him. I was a little shocked by his body display. I tried to act normal and said,

“Yeah sure, I guess so.”


 By this time my Mom appeared with a towel, turned him round back to the bathroom for his dry-off and getting dressed.


 All through growing up, I had seen boys nude before loads of times in gym class and in the pool change rooms, various friends getting dressed after our baths, But in this few moments, it seemed that I was treated to something rare and unusually interesting. I walked back to my room to review what I had just seen. There was a cloud of thoughts pummeling my brain. Sure he was a bit younger than me, and all of his parts were immature. However there was something kind of cute and subtle. Maybe I had seen the perfect shape of young maleness, I recalled a roundness of his bottom when he turned away from me. I got a little amused, how pert the little dickie bounced as he bounded after me. Like me, he was indeed circumcised, which spoke a bit more of his parents desire for grooming. Somehow it afforded just a measure of perfection. I had surveyed his slightly defined musculature beneath soft skin. In the shadows of our hallway he was studded by water droplets on his milky skin. These instantaneous snapshots fused to a glowing image in my mind of that treasured moment.

 Finally I pondered the reason for his naked dash. He wanted or needed to ask permission to sleep with me. Something about me brought him a sense of security and comfort. This special little guy wanted to lay with me, as he would fall asleep. He had no siblings, so I felt that he wanted the chance to pretend he had a big Bubby to watch over him as he slept.


 Quickly I prepared for bed in a pair of Boxers and a white t-shirt. It was an hour or more early for my own bedtime, but I did not want to disappoint my new little mate.


 I was in a curious daze as he laid there next to me. In a few minutes he was breathing deep and slow, he was asleep. I huddled close to assure he was warm and safe.

He was suited up in Pajamas all fresh and clean. I sniffed close to his hair which gave way and lifted lightly to my nostrils. It was the bouquet of a boy’s day, telling of his high activity and steeped in the aroma of warm sunshine and full-on play. I timidly dropped my nose to sample the delicate softness of his neck and the frolicking perfume of bath-time bubbles. It was an unusual moment for me, I was lost in some dream, but it was all quite real. I was enthralled by this mystery, snared for some unknown reason by this little person. He was something fine and near perfect. I thought again of the unashamed display of his body in the hallway earlier. I dared a slight bit of naughtiness, I slid my hand under the sheets and sought towards the waste-band of his PJ’s…… then the Undies! I languished in the softness of his underbelly and pausing to relish this as a treat. At this threatening tense flagrance, my timidity of carelessness sent tremors through the etirity of me. My quaking guilt spoke directly to my inner convictions. I clearly knew he should be preserved and honored. The culminating intensity of nervousness suppressed by my invading hand. I elected to retreat. He never moved a muscle or seemed to be the least bit awakened.


 I turned about, permeated by that sudden desire, but pleased of a self chosen defeat.

He was fascinating and fine, I was certain, my harrowed mind wanted him to stay just like that….Pure and clean. I defended my errant hand for a bit, but fell asleep and never resolved the puzzling end of that day.


 Now many years later, I realized how much I learned about my weakness, and indeed my strength even at 15.






A group of us had dinner last night at a local restaurant. Our waiter was a high school dude, tall and so skinny that you wondered how his pants stayed on. He was polite, chatty, and properly attired in the restaurant's code of jeans, white shirt and black bow-tie. And one thing more: the poor kid was also very dramatic in every move he made, so painfully swishy that you felt sorry for him.

As he sashayed away from our table after taking the order, one of my friends watched his retreating rear end and said, "Dude walks like he's got a corncob up his ass!"

We couldn't quit laughing. Hope that comment gives you a grin also.



Booty Call on the PA

This one is a little off of our format, but I reckon it explores the curiosity young guys have.

When I was 13 a friend and I were in the grocery store, his parents were shopping and we were trailing way behind. On the loudspeaker we heard,
"Amy to the meat section, Amy to the meat section".

My friend told me that when they say that over the loudspeaker it is really calling the person to come in the back to have sex. He said he knew because his brother worked at a store and told him that the meat section was secret code for having sex in the back of the store where nobody could see. I believed it and walked around that store believing that Amy was back there in the "meat section"
having sex.

I always listened out for any reference to meat over the loudspeaker whenever I was in the store. I believed this for a very long time and always became aroused thinking that in the boring grocery store the employees were publicly calling each other for sex.



Full Package Cashier

Reading this story on OOTS4U Reminds me of something, I just had that awkwardness recently.

 I was checking out a big order at a store and the cashier was a young, thin teen with jeans on and he was standing on an elevated platform. The crotch of his jeans had an amazing bulge and I couldn't help but stare at it wondering if he was extremely well hung for his age or maybe he had a partial erection going on.

I found myself awkwardly worried that he'd notice I was staring at his package the whole time he was checking me out.



The Mini Nudie Neighbor

Apparently since it is summer-time the little tyke across the street from me is enjoying a clothing optional indulgence. Several days I have seen him wandering the front yard completely nude. The first time was with Dad and Uncle mending the fence and we have little Manny Be-bopping around the yard toting tools for the men. Nobody paid any mind to the fact he was au natural, and working without suitable PPE, or even a tool belt. A safety supervisor sure would have shut that job down.

The most recent exposure was Dad and Uncle again out front, but this time working on a car. Well here is the little streaker again, but now he is sporting his fully tanned body head to toe. I've seen a plastic wading pool in the back yard, but I can't gain a convincing evaluation as to why he is nude in full public view so regularly.

He is small enough that he certainly feels not one shred of modesty standing in the way of his commando-style freedom. I have a slight estimation it might be Mom's method during potty training, leaving him nude to get him used to being free of a diaper. Then it is certainly obvious if he does his business anywhere. I thought most Mom's used trainers, Pull-ups or plain undies, but I reckon this Mom is all about economy, and practicality. I would be curious if the little mister takes a liking to the freedom, and it becomes a habit later on as he gets a bit bigger. This could get interesting......



Nice to Meet You!

A bit of interesting scientific observation crossed my monitor recently.

Among crested black macaques (a monkey species found on an Indonesian island) males typically greet one another by mutually grasping each other's penis. In addition, a penis-grab seems to be a way of testing relationships, setting up alliances and defusing conflicts.

The researcher postulated that this may have been normal behavior among early humanoids.

Not the sort of thing everybody wants to know. Imagine the flak: "Gays are throwbacks to monkeys," but reading it made me laugh. Instead of shaking hands they shake dicks.

Long Time Reader

Okay guys, this reader and I have already compared our thoughts on this humorous topic, what's your take?



What a Dispicable Fabric!!

Today while at lunch with a co-worker in a chain restaurant. Being that it is summer you see a variety of patrons. Instead of business casual working class patrons getting a slight respite from the daily grind. Lunch is now dotted with Mom's or Dad's corralling the kiddos to fuel up between camps and activities to keep them progressing forward on their journey to model citizens, or at least keeping them active away from video game screens.

Today I saw the usual 5-8 year olds bopping under Mom's loving arms, and challenging her will to force some veggies down their throats instead of their typical preferred carb and protein mainstay. Then I often delight in seeing an occasional prima donna Mom in Yoga pants with collagen lips who feints her sugar-sweet commands as control, shaking her diamond adorned fingers at said youngster. Who is of course paying little attention to her. You see, generally these trophy wives of successful earners have the most unruly kids, who competently win-over princess- Mom, and then generally junior gets extra cheese on his burger, with a giant soda to slurp while barely eating 3 bites of the said nutrition laid before them.

But enough despite for middle-class suburbia and it's well-meaning populous. Today while eating my taco salad, I looked up to see a young fellow accompanied by a slightly larger specimen of Yoga Mom. They are positioned at the self serve drink station at the exact time that I need to rise from my seat, and refill my own water cup.

Approaching towards them from my table, I see this young fellow is dark blonde. He is wearing a blue t-shirt with some print which I paid no attention to. But as I rounded the dining area partition, I was delighted at my choice to refill at this juncture. I had an opportunity to observe something quite unique for this setting. It was predicated in the form of his shorts and the material of which they were constructed. He was wearing competitive swimmers trunks. I guess you might simulate them to Speedos. However these were designed with an inseam of about 6-8 inches, reaching downward to his knees. In fact they fit a bit loose there. I would say they were not that tight at all. However due to a certain visible bump around the groin area, I would guess the material must be very light.

Now,  I was 12 once, and I can distinctly remember how much was inside my shorts. Indeed this young fellow was likely bearing no exceptional gift in that area, however I blame that fabric which recklessly allowed a "Head-em Up, Move-em out" attitude for over-exposing his boy parts. This confounded failure of junk control garnered an effect of freedom to one of nature's proudest forms resting delicately suppressed inside there.

 Although his clothing was in place doing it's meager duty to cover and contain. It could be noted that with the slightest inspection you might determine that resting above a pair of ovoid supports, there was a projecting point that the lazy cloth succumbed to.....allowing a
display of young maleness.

I awaited the pair (Mom and Son) to complete their drink formulation as I investigated this unruly cloth. How evil it was to allow such a dastardly observation by anyone in public.

 Certainly there should be no blame assigned to this tender fellow who obviously had spent his  morning innocently exercising at swim class in these very trunks. Then prompted by a huge hunger, he and Mom chose to re-charge on Burritos, and chips. There was never a thought of changing to other shorts, he was hungry, and he needed to be fed before his next activity commenced. Obviously they proceeded to a family friendly spot, and placed an order to-go.

 I suggest this technologically advanced fabric, was designed sheerly for competition, and had surely done it's duty allowing this lad to slip confidently through the waters of summer swim team training, and perhaps he was the kid leading the pack all the while. So proud he must be that this very trunk in it's delicate balance of securing modesty, yet yielding the full thrusting power of his swimming prowess was likely a suitable pairing for both boy and garment at the peak of competition. Yet somehow when placed in a public setting, there was a departure from the norm. An obvious bulge was there, and dammit yeah you couldn't miss it. I didn't, but so confused I am about it.

In the end, I was surprised that modesty was disregarded. Perhaps this was the first summer that certain aspects of his maleness had come to prominence. So maybe there had been little or no consideration by either Mom or Boy about his outward appearance. In some societies this is not a concern at all, yet in the US, it seems there is a profound fear of exhibiting apparent maleness.  In A bold assertion I might propose,
"I''m NOT sorry, it's a part of nature, so lets all accept it...right?."

Can anyone help explain? Is it the Cloth, or Society condemning what the cloth reveals?



A Boy Can't Hide Some Things

I saw a young school aged boy around 14 disembark a bus.    It was around school finishing time, so he must have been on his way home. As he got off I noticed him trying with one hand to pull his shirt down over his crotch. However his shirt was not long enough, so his attempts were in vain. In his other hand he held his school bag in front of him. He was walking rather quickly, seemingly in a hurry to get home and it was quite amusing watching him tug at his shirt whilst desperately trying to hide his obvious excitement. I've no doubt, as soon as he reached home he threw down his bag and ran into his bedroom for some "special time".


No Burgers for Shirtless Boys

A few days ago, I was in a local eating establishment. It is a non-franchised burger joint, a mom and pop spot if you will. It is close enough to a local pool and seeing as school is out and the pool is open, a lot of kids are passing through.

On that day two shirtless black boys I'm guessing 10 and 13, one lighter skinned (the 10ish year old) and one dark skinned (the 13 year old) came into the restaurant. They were two  attractive young guys, the younger one listened intently whenever the older boy spoke. The older boy did not reject the younger boy when he came to him and put his arm around his shoulder. I got a cousin vibe maybe even brothers but either way they were extremely kind to each other, and it caught my attention that they were so adorably fond of each other. The owner came out and told them that they needed to put on shirts before they could order. They had the best little muscular chests and abs, I have ever seen but I guess that offended her. I kid you not The 10 year old had his shorts drooping down past the V line where the hair will eventually grow. The boys complied,  the youngest boy went bopping outside to the bikes they were riding and brought in a pair of shirts. The boys tugged their shirts over their heads, ordered, got their drinks and left.

One might think the owner was racist for telling those two handsome black boys to put on their shirts. But 15 minutes after the black kids had  left (and when my food finally came),  two white boys came in shirtless like the other pair. They were both about 12 years old. I got the vibe that they were classmates or neighbors. They were both thin, one was obviously bleached blonde but it looked nice, the other a natural blonde. They were shirtless and wearing flip flops, towels draped across their necks whereas the black kids were dry as a bone and probably on their way to the pool, but these white kids were still wet and were coming back from the pool, and probably very hungry from playing in the pool for hours.

The owner once again came out and told them that if they did not put on shirts that they had to leave. The two boys did not have any shirts and had to leave. My point is that four cute boys, two sets of two came in shirtless and the owner set out to chase them away. If I owned that restaurant any boys shirtless, or fully dressed would get served. Perhaps sometimes kids might get free drinks and that little black boy with the loose trunks showing off that V and more would have gotten a free hamburger and fries.



Stall Peeping

Hi, I am err.. New to the blog, but liked the concept and had some stories to share of my own. So, here is this one.

   When I was around 10 I went to a restaurant with my family where I had an encounter with a boy. I had gone to the bathroom and was sitting on the toilet and was just getting up when i noticed a boy around 7 years old peeping in through the crack between the door and bathroom stall. He had a light olive skin-tone, dark eyes and black hair in a bowl cut common among younger kids. His mouth was agape as he looked on in what I could only describe as amazed curiosity.
   We were making eye contact the whole time after I noticed him but he only continued to look on with his mouth open in curiosity. He also gazed on to my privates and seemed to smile; he knew that what he was doing was naughty but couldn't help but take a look. I didn't know how to react, i just stared at him back throughout the encounter, which was brief because after locking eyes for about 10 seconds an adult man walked in interrupting his peeping adventure.
    "What are you doing!" Shouted what I assume to have been the boy's dad in an enraged tone. "Nothing!" He quickly responded, the guilt and embarrassment evident in his voice. "Get over here... come on!"
 The boy quickly fled the bathroom followed by a stern scolding by the man. I also quickly wrapped up my business in the bathroom and returned to my table, startled by the whole encounter.
Before leaving I caught a glimpse of the boy at his table, looking rather unhappy. To this day I wonder if getting caught and embarrassed (and probably harshly punished) was worth it for this curious boy, and if his parent's punishment dissuaded him from pursuing his curiosities. 



Big Truck - Small Dinger

  About boys and pickups. There's a boy in our neighborhood that is definitely on the short side (he's in the drum line of the high school band, and considerably shorter than anybody else in that section). 
 When he started driving he picked out a huge red Ram pickup for himself.  You've probably seen the type, giant tires, with a chrome exhaust pipe sized to bellow industrial plumes of soot upon command. There is doubt if he is able to navigate any drive-thru's for a quick burger, and shake, due to the over-all height of his "Rig". 

 My partner and I speculated that the spectacular vehicle was all manifested in compensation for being short. We also assume it might be an overt display of machismo, to diminish the probable small dork in his jeans. But of course we have no comprehensive data to make that assumption with genuine facts!

You might hear him rumbling down the street and muse, there goes Tiny, or Junior, or any mix of candid shortster insults.


Little Tinklers

Eric, nice new look on the blog. I tried to post this little sighting, but apparently the blog will only accept comments from people with a Google account?

So here goes,  I was driving along a residential street Saturday afternoon. Temperature near 100 degrees. I passed a couple of little guys about two years old, standing in a wading pool under a tree in a front yard. Their bathing suits were down around their knees and they were both pissing right into the pool they were standing in! Totally unconcerned. I circled the block, but by the time I passed that house again two women had the boys wrapped in towels and were carrying them up the sidewalk. I hope the mothers weren't too hard on them. They were only doing what comes naturally!



At a Country Crossroads

I had to make a gas stop at a little rag-tag convenience store at the corner of two state roads the other day. After filling up I went inside for something to drink. There was a single cooler with Waters and Cola's, yet double or maybe triple the amount of beer selections. While making my soda selection,  a small drama played itself out between the apparent proprietor and her Son. It was one of those serendipity moments that give you an inner chuckle.

A young boy walked into the building and went immediately to the counter. "I need the keys," he told the clerk.

"What is it this time?" She reached under the counter and brought out her purse.

"Batteries for her hearing aid," he answered.

"Grandma "could" wait..." she reasoned.

"She doesn't wanna wait, she says her shows are starting in 15 minutes. Just give me the keys!"

A slight gasping exhale, then the clerk determines, 
"Lyle, Don't you let nobody see you, understand? Stay on the back roads."

"Yeah, I knowww-ah"

She clutched the keys as she offered her final sensibility, "Come from behind the store and walk around to the front, hear?"

"I know, I know." He took the keys and sauntered out the door with a sense of duty, but somehow now his shoulders were confidently more square, and his head taller above his body. There may have been a bit of John Wayne bravado in his steps even. That handful of keys transformed this lil guy into what might indeed elevate him to Man of the family role.

Now if you're like me, you are wondering about this little incident. Keys to what? Why shouldn't he be seen? What is so mysterious about a trip to buy batteries?

Meanwhile the kid was simply what he appeared to be, a tanned country boy. He was wearing old sneakers with no socks, a pair of ragged denim pants and a blue T-shirt with a faded American flag on it. His hair was brownish-blond and sort of choppy in the way it fell, but there were no sideburns. He was just a boy with an errand to do.

The kid had taken the woman's keys ambled outside and around the corner of the store. Then there was the slam of a car door followed by the brief grinding of a vehicle's starter and a reckless roar of power.

Immediately the boy steered a white Ram pickup across the driveway and out onto the road. I couldn't help staring. He looked even younger than before in that big truck, even more like a child.

"Your boy?" I asked the clerk.

"Yes. And the sheriff warned him about driving into town again."

"Warned him?"

"Well, yeah. He's only twelve."


Oh, for the life of a country boy!

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