Letters from the Underworld Part 1

We began telling you about one of my intriguing evenings at the Underworld during my evening swims. This shall serve as Part 01 Another widdle fwend...

Oh dear... an interesting evening at the Underworld tonight (Tue). As the appetiser, there's an Armenian 8.5  geeky lad who likes to play chess (and no sports) from 6-7, and after then I get into the pool whereupon a frisky 7.5 latinito lad dives up from underneath the water and asks me if I "want to play", i.e., with the beachball. Sure enough, our volleyball morphs into more daring and up-close play.

He wants to "race" down the pool (latching onto me for "help" about 2/3rds of the way down), and then wants to swim underneath me, and finally he challenges me to a how-long-can-you-hold-your-breath-underwater game. He uses me as a "wall" to hold himself under the water, his hands clamped to my back, shoulders, chest, whatever's in reach.

I'm not sure he's Mexican, but for someone his age, he's incredibly well toned , and his swimwear is 100% HOTBOD approved. They're form-fitting old-school speedos (the kind that look like undies but without a waistband) which reveal every delightful geometry of his body, which is very very well made. Wonderful thighs, defined legs, awesome chest + stomach. He's just old enough to have some reasonable things to say.

Our encounters get increasingly closer with him touching me more and more, and after I give him a "shaking" send-off after he's called to get out of the pool, he lunges back and asks to be tossed in the air before he goes. He's not happy until I do this three more times. (I have to be careful to not toss too high because technically it's against the rules.)

He finally gets out, he turns and shouts that he'll see me tomorrow. (Oh how I wish! I'll definitely show up at 7.00PM on the DOT). He tells me his name (Alejandro), and I tell him mine's Rory.

He speaks English w/o an accent, so he's probably born here in the US, but his parents see fit to dress him properly. And I'm not sure if the young woman (in the pool with a toddler-aged girl) and the young man waiting on the pool patio are his older siblings or his parents, but they were very happy to see him play with me. The young woman came over to thank me even.

He has lovely dark eyes with a light olive complexion, and his two front teeth are in the process of growing in.

Hispanics definitely trump whities anytime.

It was just as well my swimtrunks are very loose and sloppy, because I'd glimpsed just a bit too much of his body when he'd get out of the water to jump back in during our little "races". I'm definitely out of practice with self-control that way.

But with such attire, you see it all. Right down to the foreskin.

As a sublime bit of torment, he stood above me (standing on the pool patio, with me in the pool below) and I can't help but take in his boyhood with two plump jewels nestled to either side; he then leaps in and then demands me to spread my legs so he can swim underneath me.

WOOF! Don't knock your head on the poker! ;) Prayze the demons for my horribly baggy swim trunks (a by-product of the bad fashions and my bit of weight loss).

Rory Graxham

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