Geek of the Week- Issue 1

I had a slightly amusing BS today, and as I pondered a title, I recalled a phrase we often teased each other with when I was a kid. So that might explain the title, but it could catch on, and perhaps readers will participate in sharing their own "Geek of the Week" sighting. I'll leave it there and see where the readers take it.

Today after work, driving home I needed fuel and to relieve myself. There is a Mega-Convenience store along the inter-state that I travel. The fuel prices are cheap, and the Massive Rest-rooms spotless. They have an endless array of snacks, drinks, and munchies when you are on the go. The best part, there are often a few amusing things to see while shopping as well. Today I was not denied any amusement at all.

 At the urinal doing my business, I hear hurried sneaker tramping on the tile floor. Expecting it was an elementary kid, I did not turn to bother with a glance. But after I finished I saw the source was a twelver a few urinal slips away. This restroom is huge, so guys can choose any amount of casual distance they like. This kid was about 4 over, and despite being of an age almost into puberty, he showed an unusual characteristic that I wanted to share with the readers.

He was wearing a fleece top, which apparently was a bit long, as he used the approved "little boy" method of tucking a wad of shirt under his chin, leaving his hands free to dig down the pants and undies for his pisser to hang clear from fabric while wizzing. Obviously he was facing away and my observations merely included the back-side of him. Pants slightly drooping due to the front pulled down. A navy blue undie band visible,  and at least two inches of grey undies riding well above the waist-line of his pants. We can assume these are the full-cut variety which Mom's buy on discount, and indiscriminate boys tug them on up just below their belly button.

I made my way to the sinks for a hand wash, but a mirror view afforded further observation of the lad. He had slightly tanned skin above the clearly displayed undie band, also he was fairly trim and lean. As he finished and rapidly  tucked in. He located an anti-baterial dispenser instead of using the sinks. I could see his face clearly now through the mirror. Indeed he had glasses, a choppy short hair cut, and an elvish small face. In general he embodied the very essence of geekdom. We exited at about the same time, however he brought himself back to the plodding sneaker pace as he hurried away to go meet Mom at the Soda fountain.

 I'm sure I grinned as I played the entire scene through my head. Uncoordinated quick-steps, disregard of trendy clothes or shoes, the toddler shirt trick while pissing, and an obsession for soda. That boy was pretty much like me at that same age, which was partly the reson for my grin. Young fellows come in many forms, along with a dizzying array of traits, however I think there is a bit of geekiness in all of us.



  1. [Rory]

    I think this speaks to a naturally sympathic vibration we feel with others who share our strengths and our lacks. It's natural, and not something to shrink from. It behooves us, I think, to hold these close and to recognise them for what they are.

    I think people use "Geek" to refer to anyone who is simply more than 1-sigma off the median in some kind of perverted normal distribution. While I do understand the imperative, I feel it's dodging the essential problem that people support the notion that outliers should be ridiculed, or more mildly, seen with some kind of pity for being "freaks" (they aren't).

    I think we should embrace the Geeks as fellow cohorts of those who speak for the parts of all of us who simply don't fit every last sub-component of what society tells us is "Normal".

    This isn't rocket science, and these countless numbers of Lost Boys who are bereft of warm and understanding counsel are being sacrificed in vain. Utterly.


  2. i have never thought of any one being a "Geek". i have always just thought that they were smart or just dressed the way they wanted to dress. about your experience while peeing at the urinal. there is nothing like standing there watching a young man tacking a pee, so much to see. what i have always liked was when they were all done doing there thing and they came up to wash there hands, you could see pee spots in front of there pants. sometimes they would say of shit it happen again. i would always just smile. thanks for sharing your experiences.

  3. No follow-up geek stories yet guys?