Geek of the Week - 2nd Issue

I did a little Air travel around the recent Holiday. I landing for a connecting flight  in an airport in the Eastern US. I saw a teen who qualified suitably in our Geek/Nerd category. He was about 13 and wearing a Hoodie, Ear Muffs, Shorts with some errant mint colored fleece garment tied around his waist. For a splash of fashion he had Camo socks with pink bands and highlights. These were almost full calf length. The his back pack was wildly colored and possibly a tapestry design. He was Hispanic with Black hair in a typical boys cut. He had large lens glasses supported with dark roundish frames. They sat wide upon his face and almost seemed to rest upon his cheeks. I have not seen a young guy wearing rims like this since the movie "Lucas" in the 80's

I noticed he seemed to accompany a thin average height anglo man, very soon I saw him grasping the man's arm and it was clearly an affectionate move. I studied the possibilities of this middle-aged man with a Hispanic teen boy as an endeared travel companion. In a short while the plot thickened, another man joined them and the boy leaned close to the second man and hugged him lazily. It seemed now possible that the young fellow is traveling with two men who in my summation appear to be his Dads. There was nothing striking or unusual about the men. From my distance, they did not appear to be a couple, but who knows?

Apparently they were on my destination flight which was to an even smaller Airport with very little foot traffic and certainly no hurried travelers scrambling about to catch connecting flights. I ended up standing in the Rental Car line behind Dad #2. I pondered if I should ask if they were all a family, But I decided that was entirely too nosy. There was only one agent handling the car clientele. Of course there were the usual troubles with decisions, over vehicle size, pricing and insurance coverages that had to be bargained for each client. The lady was as efficient as needed, but being a smaller city, urgency was not paramount.

I noticed Dad #2 was wearing a ball cap from a Major California Sports team, which was a common thread within their group of guys. In my slight frustration of waiting, I sighed to my self "Small towns". Dad #2 turned and with the whitest teeth smile possible he grinned and replied, something like "Tell me about it". I inquired about their home city, based upon his hat, which he confirmed, and we rambled slightly about the differences between large Airports and this one.

I finally had the nerve to ask if they were indeed a little family. However the words that fell upon his ears apparently was me asking if they were arriving to see family. He went on to explain their oldest son was graduating from Boot camp and he seemed a bit bewildered by the young man's sudden decision. He did comment he was relieved the son had chosen to do something with his life, besides camping in front of a video game for 14 hours a day until he's 27 and finally leaves the nest. I reminded the man that the new 19 is now 27. He was amused, but pensive I am sure.

 I glanced to see the teenager waited with the first Dad surveying their pile of luggage. Then the man mentioned he was unsure how it would all work out for their Thanksgiving meal. I suggested they locate a large Hotel for that day. In my experience big Hotels have great chefs and they are forced to be open for the Holiday and almost nobody ever goes there, so it won't be crowded. He nodded and seemed to agree. By this point I had detected enough Gaydar intel to know for certain my suspicions were confirmed. Even though he misunderstood my prying question earlier, I now knew the answer anyway.

We soon parted and I never saw the geeky Teenager again. I also never found out if the two men had adopted the boy, or how their family came together. It was pretty evident that their young son had no qualms about expressing himself in his liberated and unique form of attire. Who knows what direction his interest will take him, at this stage so much is flux, however he garnered some tickling movements on my Gaydar needle.



  1. Very interesting. Certainly an unusual situation and family.

  2. you did get your answer when he said there oldest son was arriving from boot camp. most likely the young boy was his brother. thanks for sharing your great experience.

  3. Rory here:

    I would remind you that it's not 1956. While many things have declined in quality, one good thing that's come of all of this is that the nature of what constitutes "family" or even what's suitable for a BOY to wear out in public has become more flexible. Tolerant. And maybe even, closer to the way we were BEFORE all of this fancy-pants pseudo-enlightened stuff happened.

    The more I study ancient history, the more I suspect they were less spellbound to the idea of binary gender (or even orientational) modes. Sure, some members were less "potent" than others, but there seemed less a sense that these differences had to be smacked down than simply accepted the way one tolerates a daisy that's not yellow and white, or a day that's not sun-filled with fluffy white clouds in the sky. Simply different. Not to be beaten down, but simply .

    I guarantee that those otherwise solitary men who took in wayward children who were either orphaned or cast off as worthless (remember that infanticide *WAS* definitely a "thing") weren't seen as demons, but simply eccentrics who occasionally reared very productive members of the cave-clan, despite never having had a single child of his own.