Geek of the Week - 2nd Issue

I did a little Air travel around the recent Holiday. I landing for a connecting flight  in an airport in the Eastern US. I saw a teen who qualified suitably in our Geek/Nerd category. He was about 13 and wearing a Hoodie, Ear Muffs, Shorts with some errant mint colored fleece garment tied around his waist. For a splash of fashion he had Camo socks with pink bands and highlights. These were almost full calf length. The his back pack was wildly colored and possibly a tapestry design. He was Hispanic with Black hair in a typical boys cut. He had large lens glasses supported with dark roundish frames. They sat wide upon his face and almost seemed to rest upon his cheeks. I have not seen a young guy wearing rims like this since the movie "Lucas" in the 80's

I noticed he seemed to accompany a thin average height anglo man, very soon I saw him grasping the man's arm and it was clearly an affectionate move. I studied the possibilities of this middle-aged man with a Hispanic teen boy as an endeared travel companion. In a short while the plot thickened, another man joined them and the boy leaned close to the second man and hugged him lazily. It seemed now possible that the young fellow is traveling with two men who in my summation appear to be his Dads. There was nothing striking or unusual about the men. From my distance, they did not appear to be a couple, but who knows?

Apparently they were on my destination flight which was to an even smaller Airport with very little foot traffic and certainly no hurried travelers scrambling about to catch connecting flights. I ended up standing in the Rental Car line behind Dad #2. I pondered if I should ask if they were all a family, But I decided that was entirely too nosy. There was only one agent handling the car clientele. Of course there were the usual troubles with decisions, over vehicle size, pricing and insurance coverages that had to be bargained for each client. The lady was as efficient as needed, but being a smaller city, urgency was not paramount.

I noticed Dad #2 was wearing a ball cap from a Major California Sports team, which was a common thread within their group of guys. In my slight frustration of waiting, I sighed to my self "Small towns". Dad #2 turned and with the whitest teeth smile possible he grinned and replied, something like "Tell me about it". I inquired about their home city, based upon his hat, which he confirmed, and we rambled slightly about the differences between large Airports and this one.

I finally had the nerve to ask if they were indeed a little family. However the words that fell upon his ears apparently was me asking if they were arriving to see family. He went on to explain their oldest son was graduating from Boot camp and he seemed a bit bewildered by the young man's sudden decision. He did comment he was relieved the son had chosen to do something with his life, besides camping in front of a video game for 14 hours a day until he's 27 and finally leaves the nest. I reminded the man that the new 19 is now 27. He was amused, but pensive I am sure.

 I glanced to see the teenager waited with the first Dad surveying their pile of luggage. Then the man mentioned he was unsure how it would all work out for their Thanksgiving meal. I suggested they locate a large Hotel for that day. In my experience big Hotels have great chefs and they are forced to be open for the Holiday and almost nobody ever goes there, so it won't be crowded. He nodded and seemed to agree. By this point I had detected enough Gaydar intel to know for certain my suspicions were confirmed. Even though he misunderstood my prying question earlier, I now knew the answer anyway.

We soon parted and I never saw the geeky Teenager again. I also never found out if the two men had adopted the boy, or how their family came together. It was pretty evident that their young son had no qualms about expressing himself in his liberated and unique form of attire. Who knows what direction his interest will take him, at this stage so much is flux, however he garnered some tickling movements on my Gaydar needle.



Letters from the Underworld Part 3

Letters from the Underworld Part 3 Friday night's activities... (very nice with a touch of bitterness)
Tonight (Friday) was quite fun, even without either of the A's.

It could have been a flawless evening but for a small reminder the caution one must always exercise when rough-housing with kids.

I'd gotten there at 6.30PM, right on time for a friend's dinner break and Janis's (Pea's mom) at the front desk with her.

"Ah! There he is! My class is cancelled and Pea's been asking after you."

"Ah, so he's by himself, is he? OK, we can do something about that."

"There are a couple of adults in the pool too, but he's a bit bored. He can't seem to keep his swim-trunks on - I took him to the store for some new ones but he grabbed the wrong size."


After a bit of chatter with a friend and handing over her coffee + sandwich, I get changed and hop into the pool. Pea gives me a yell of excitement and big-grinned cheer for a welcome [never a bad way to start].

Luis (the Mexican mid-30s-something lifeguard) had gifted the pool with a water basketball thingie + couple of different sized (and weighted) balls for it.

Pea was enamored by it, and now that Giant Rory was there, he could finally get some much needed height to improve his "accuracy". Lifting turned into riding on my back turned into riding on my shoulders.

Janis wasn't lying about his trunks - they were barely able to stay on, so when I lifted him I gripped him lower from the waist catching his shorts with my thumbs so they'd stay put. Otherwise there was a genuine risk that I'd shuck 'em off his little body when I quickly lifted him out of the water. Not a terrible thing, I suppose, but we don't want awkwardness in such a public forum. I figure having a boy not my own with his arms and legs wrapped around me is probably enough potentially awkwardness at one time.

He finally got his wish, though. He clung to me while I clambered out of the pool to fetch a ball, and on the way into the pool, I then half-hopped the last two steps to get back into the pool.

His favorite position was to sit on my shoulders, and have me jump up from a partially submerged position whereupon he'd make his shot when he reached the apex of travel (pretty much on the level of the hoop at this point with all of the added height).

He gets tired of hitching up his shorts, so he asks me if I can retie them for him. I bring him over to the steps so he can sit above water, and then tie them as tightly as possible. They're a strange configuration (the string doesn't go through the waistband of the swimmers, but rather, just through about 1.5-2 inches of material in front. I at least get them where they mostly stay on his hips.

Two 5s and their dad come in. Pea then wants to have teams play each other. Pea knows the two kids, and the guy's pretty friendly. We half-heartedly try for "3 point" shots from halfway across the pool with some amusing results. (The ball's very "reactive" and even if you get the ball in the right spot, it often bounces out of the hoop, especially if you've given it any speed at all.)

I start to ease out and let the boys play amongst themselves, and start to swim my lazy laps.

And here is where the small bit of bad enters the stage. A 7.5 lad I've seen before (hell, I've even TOSSED him too, after we played water frisbee because he was bored) comes in. From the moment he enters, he is a ball-hog. He just carries it around, not even making a shot. The other three boys are getting impatient - but this kid just wanders around with it, and even gets out of the pool at one stage to evade them. One of the 5s (a Eurasian looking one) is less emotionally resilient than his brother or Pea for that matter and starts to whine/cry about the ball.

So the ball ends up getting free, I happen to be at the shallow end of the pool when it happens, and Mr. Ballhog is aggressively shoveling his way to the ball. My big mistake: I reach out and hold him back for a few seconds to let the others get it.

He turns to me and says "Let go, you pervert!" I don't think that Janis, the lifeguard, or even the 5s' dad hears this - and it doesn't register in the younger boys of course. I'd had a hold of him just above his ribs, on his sides, just under the arms. I figure that's a reasonably "safe" spot - it's visible above water, etc, etc. I naturally let go instantly, and begin a quiet "retreat" back to my laps. I don't get involved any further in their play. A few minutes later, a pair of menacing magic-agers come in and join their game a bit. (Ah, if only there were ways to get to know them!)

OK, fine - he was right, I am like everyone, at some point "a pervert" label could be tagged. But I wasn't perving him! It's funny how much the label stings, though, even if you realise that he more likely just used it as a foolproof way to get left alone, be selfish and do what the *%$< he wants.

But all the same, I will treat him differently if I encounter him in the future. I'll never initiate any contact with him, and will play with him only as a by-product of playing with someone else prior to that. The only time I'll touch him at all is if he basically asks me to.

It's definitely a different world, and even at 7 they know they can drop a single word and freeze an adult in their tracks.

I try not to dwell on it, but the moment resurfaces occasionally - and makes me a bit distracted when I'm showering and changing into my normal clothes. I'm leaving the Underworld just as Janis + Pea are leaving, and he lights up again and asks for a "ride" on my shoulders out to their car. From that perch, he's "taller" than the doors, so he has to duck to get out. He's a good antidote for those "lingering dark thoughts", as his pleasure is as straightforward as the actions which produce it.

So once outside mostly to their car by the poolhouse "emergency exit" (that the lifeguards use as a "quick entrance" when they forget something), Janis goes in for something. She leaves her baby with Pea (whom I've set on the ground, so he can watch his brother), and as I turn, Pea turns to me and grabs my wrist. "Hey, stay with me!"

I give him my best smile, gently put my other hand on his head and answer "Sure thing, Pea." I wait for his mother to return, and then squeeze his shoulder a little and say goodbye.

By all accounts, it was a great evening, really. I just wish I could dwell more on what made it so, rather than what slightly marred it.

I'm sure you've all had similar moments.


PS: I'm not sure my swimtrunks are built for the kind of stress they'd encounter if I had Alejandro on my shoulders. I should probably look for a jockstrap to wear underneath them to guard against "wardrobe malfunctions" of this sort.



Hey Josh, Quit Touchin' Yourself!

We went to a family pizza restaurant last evening, and the lobby was packed with people waiting for tables. As it turned out, most of those waiting was one big party of what appeared to be a total of maybe 20 people, teenage kids and probably their parents, and they finally got seated at three big long tables near each other.

There was a group of five boys standing and waiting just a few feet away from me. They were circled up and talking and I was close enough that I could catch some of their conversation. They all had same-school color and logo clothing on. Three had on shorts and the smallest and youngest boy, who looked 12 to me, had on school sweats. They looked to be in age and size with that one boy the shortest and youngest, and the biggest and oldest boy looked 15 or 16. The other three looked to probably be 14 or 15.

The youngest boy, the only one whose whose voice hadn't changed yet, had a classic bubble butt and it seemed he was trying his best to be involved in the conversation with all the older boys.  I also noticed that he was occasionally grabbing and pulling on the front of his sweats and adjusting himself. Apparently I wasn't the only one who noticed. I saw the oldest boy look at him and say, "Hey Josh, quit touchin' yourself." Josh, a little shocked, just responded, "What!" The older boy then told him, "You're out in public, dude. Save it for later. It's embarrassing!"

The poor little guy of course totally stopped touching himself after that. I think he ended up learning an important social etiquette lesson from that older boy last night.


Letters From the Underworld Part II

Another interesting evening...

I get into the pool as a dark-haired/pale-skinned (most likely Eastern European) lad goes in with his mother. I start swimming my laps, as usual. Then a Hispanic 10 walks in, he is a lad I'd actually played with before (he likes to take the giant 5 gallon water bottle into the pool, fill it up, and enjoy getting all five gallons dumped onto his head as quickly/ferociously as possible).

As I round the bend at the shallow end where he's filling the big bottle with some effort (an empty bottle of that size displaces forty pounds don't forget), I give him a little shout "hah! You have your favourite toy again!".

He grins and shouts back "Yeah, I remember YOU!" and proceeds to half-follow me down to the deeper end of the pool. I take a brief rest at the edge of the pool and he starts to just chat with me "I haven't seen you around the last few days." (huh?) I fumble back with a reply about coming to the Underworld for chess and bringing my wife some lunch each night, etc - whereupon almost like on cue, a friend shows up at the staff door with some prospective members on a tour. We wave of course.

The Mexican lifeguard ends up chatting with me, but the hispanicito won't go away. No worries, I reward his patience with a regular dousing when I get the bottle emptied a bit (even for me, lifting 40 pounds of water when I have nothing to brace against, is a bit of a challenge).

When he's not being doused, the thing this boy loves to do best is talk. Talk about the movies he's seen and loved Pan's Labyrinth, The Mask, etc. He has a little female friend (7) who starts to tag along. She tried hard to get words in edgewise - "Hey, I've seen Hollow Man! It was great!" (wow, parents let their kids loose on Paul Verhoeven's violent movies !) I've seen Hollow Man, (and all of Paul V's films for that matter), which is definitely a bit "nasty" (scientist figures out a way to become invisible, and ends up going mad on the power it gives him).

We drift towards the shallow end - the 6.5er Eastern European lad joins us. We're all in a pretty tight circle, with the two boys doing their best to fit paragraphs into a few seconds and the girl trying to "dive in" between the (few) pauses in conversation, with me trying to reply as cogently as possible to the multiple strands going on. "Have you been to Universal? Six Flags? Disneyland? I loved the Star Wars ride! (It's the best motion-simulator ride I've ever seen: it uses the same technology the military uses for immersive flight-sims) Knott's Berry Farm?"

You know the drill. It's the standard startup communications "protocol exchange" between kids. It's funny, though - they exchanged ages - and they didn't think to NOT ask me. Only after I chuckle and remark "ALOT older than you! 40!" they remember that "Oh yeah, you're a grown-up" - (age clearly doesn't matter when you're a grown-up :) -- someone needs to tell the divas in Hollywood that sometime).

A few things come to mind at this point:


1. Kids have it MADE in LA with like 6 or 7 huge amusement parks within easy driving distance. I can still remember the two visits (first time I was 10, the second I was 13) I made to Disney World with fairly brilliant clarity. (They used coupon books of different "classes" of tickets back then - the "E" tickets were for the best rides.)

It was during my first trip that I almost drowned (undertow) swimming in the water just outside of our cabana in Fort Lauderdale, which was right on the beach. A well-tanned strong surfer in his late teens/early 20s walked out to fetch me from where I was treading water. My mother says I was very calm, though I remember being very unnerved by not being able to walk back towards the shore. Afterwards, I fell asleep outside in the sun from the "stress" and got a wicked sun-burn.

For the rest of my time there, I was content to body-surf and dive into the breaking waves in shallow water. I loved the coconut trees all around, was freaked by the palmetto bugs the first time (they're so BIG!).

2. Modern kids get to watch even R movies with relative ease. I'll never forget the bitter argument I had with my mother (I lost of course) in trying to convince her to let me see 'Alien' in the theatre. When I was 15.5, my mother wouldn't take me to see that creature-horror-slime B-movie _Parasite_, but didn't actively try to prevent me from doing so. It was R, and the theatre wouldn't sell us tickets. We finally found a friendly old guy to get them for us.


The girl gets a bit tired of trying to butt-in, so she tries to suggest we play a game with the pool rings. The two lads are like "Hey, we're talking! Maybe later!"

Soon, it gets to 7.50PM about 10 minutes before the pool closes to children (adult lap swim from 8-closing). The older boy relents from his conversation and agrees to a game where they try to collect as many rings as possible on a single breath. The 10 wins easily (he's not only the oldest, but he's an excellent underwater swimmer). The girl comes second, and the little lad comes in last.

The 10 gets out of the pool and gives a nice smile and says how much fun it was. He tells me his name... "Anthony" which I'll endeavour to call him "Antonio" when I next see him.

We've not had much tactile contact, but it seems to be inevitable. He nearly wrapped his legs around my chest, but caught himself when he "remembered" where he was.

Antonio's swimwear isn't as European as Alejandro's, but at least it's not the surfer Board-short bullshit. (They're the "normal" synthetic trunks-kind, which show some thigh.) He's well-made, not as "muscular and sturdy" as Alejandro, but prematurely muscled in his notable thighs and stomach. He has a very classically Mexican colouration and face.

No Alejandro, alas. (Awwwww.)

But it ended up being interesting all the same.



Letters from the Underworld Part 1

We began telling you about one of my intriguing evenings at the Underworld during my evening swims. This shall serve as Part 01 Another widdle fwend...

Oh dear... an interesting evening at the Underworld tonight (Tue). As the appetiser, there's an Armenian 8.5  geeky lad who likes to play chess (and no sports) from 6-7, and after then I get into the pool whereupon a frisky 7.5 latinito lad dives up from underneath the water and asks me if I "want to play", i.e., with the beachball. Sure enough, our volleyball morphs into more daring and up-close play.

He wants to "race" down the pool (latching onto me for "help" about 2/3rds of the way down), and then wants to swim underneath me, and finally he challenges me to a how-long-can-you-hold-your-breath-underwater game. He uses me as a "wall" to hold himself under the water, his hands clamped to my back, shoulders, chest, whatever's in reach.

I'm not sure he's Mexican, but for someone his age, he's incredibly well toned , and his swimwear is 100% HOTBOD approved. They're form-fitting old-school speedos (the kind that look like undies but without a waistband) which reveal every delightful geometry of his body, which is very very well made. Wonderful thighs, defined legs, awesome chest + stomach. He's just old enough to have some reasonable things to say.

Our encounters get increasingly closer with him touching me more and more, and after I give him a "shaking" send-off after he's called to get out of the pool, he lunges back and asks to be tossed in the air before he goes. He's not happy until I do this three more times. (I have to be careful to not toss too high because technically it's against the rules.)

He finally gets out, he turns and shouts that he'll see me tomorrow. (Oh how I wish! I'll definitely show up at 7.00PM on the DOT). He tells me his name (Alejandro), and I tell him mine's Rory.

He speaks English w/o an accent, so he's probably born here in the US, but his parents see fit to dress him properly. And I'm not sure if the young woman (in the pool with a toddler-aged girl) and the young man waiting on the pool patio are his older siblings or his parents, but they were very happy to see him play with me. The young woman came over to thank me even.

He has lovely dark eyes with a light olive complexion, and his two front teeth are in the process of growing in.

Hispanics definitely trump whities anytime.

It was just as well my swimtrunks are very loose and sloppy, because I'd glimpsed just a bit too much of his body when he'd get out of the water to jump back in during our little "races". I'm definitely out of practice with self-control that way.

But with such attire, you see it all. Right down to the foreskin.

As a sublime bit of torment, he stood above me (standing on the pool patio, with me in the pool below) and I can't help but take in his boyhood with two plump jewels nestled to either side; he then leaps in and then demands me to spread my legs so he can swim underneath me.

WOOF! Don't knock your head on the poker! ;) Prayze the demons for my horribly baggy swim trunks (a by-product of the bad fashions and my bit of weight loss).

Rory Graxham


Geek of the Week- Issue 1

I had a slightly amusing BS today, and as I pondered a title, I recalled a phrase we often teased each other with when I was a kid. So that might explain the title, but it could catch on, and perhaps readers will participate in sharing their own "Geek of the Week" sighting. I'll leave it there and see where the readers take it.

Today after work, driving home I needed fuel and to relieve myself. There is a Mega-Convenience store along the inter-state that I travel. The fuel prices are cheap, and the Massive Rest-rooms spotless. They have an endless array of snacks, drinks, and munchies when you are on the go. The best part, there are often a few amusing things to see while shopping as well. Today I was not denied any amusement at all.

 At the urinal doing my business, I hear hurried sneaker tramping on the tile floor. Expecting it was an elementary kid, I did not turn to bother with a glance. But after I finished I saw the source was a twelver a few urinal slips away. This restroom is huge, so guys can choose any amount of casual distance they like. This kid was about 4 over, and despite being of an age almost into puberty, he showed an unusual characteristic that I wanted to share with the readers.

He was wearing a fleece top, which apparently was a bit long, as he used the approved "little boy" method of tucking a wad of shirt under his chin, leaving his hands free to dig down the pants and undies for his pisser to hang clear from fabric while wizzing. Obviously he was facing away and my observations merely included the back-side of him. Pants slightly drooping due to the front pulled down. A navy blue undie band visible,  and at least two inches of grey undies riding well above the waist-line of his pants. We can assume these are the full-cut variety which Mom's buy on discount, and indiscriminate boys tug them on up just below their belly button.

I made my way to the sinks for a hand wash, but a mirror view afforded further observation of the lad. He had slightly tanned skin above the clearly displayed undie band, also he was fairly trim and lean. As he finished and rapidly  tucked in. He located an anti-baterial dispenser instead of using the sinks. I could see his face clearly now through the mirror. Indeed he had glasses, a choppy short hair cut, and an elvish small face. In general he embodied the very essence of geekdom. We exited at about the same time, however he brought himself back to the plodding sneaker pace as he hurried away to go meet Mom at the Soda fountain.

 I'm sure I grinned as I played the entire scene through my head. Uncoordinated quick-steps, disregard of trendy clothes or shoes, the toddler shirt trick while pissing, and an obsession for soda. That boy was pretty much like me at that same age, which was partly the reson for my grin. Young fellows come in many forms, along with a dizzying array of traits, however I think there is a bit of geekiness in all of us.