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I was bored......

Perfect Browsing height

Waitin' for a Back-rub
A Roving Camper
A Bonds Kid

Colorful and quite proud

Off to the tree house....Who was next??

Scheming a late night tent attack

Nnn- Gah!!

OZ SLSC Kids ( Life saving drills)

Under Construction

Tickle Tickle......
Pre Work-out Stretching
Chiquito NO estas malo!!!


The Bedtime Floor Show

I'm sure there are quite a few of us who remember the Action Hero undies from our youth or perhaps a young guy we've known romping around with super powers from his incredibly fun and invicible undies.
See a reader's comment below.

Regarding the story about the Laundry boy in his Super Hero attire, those undies are the cat's meow! Along with the happy young gentleman wearing them, of course.

 Not telling any who-when or where's, but once I was at camp with a lil' dude wearing similar briefs while wrestling with some older boys in the cabin. Every time he bent forward or leaned in certain ways, the fly of the undies puckered open. Then his little peter popped out of the escape hatch! You can imagine a collar hold from behind brings about a protruding belly and other certain dangly things. Even his attempts at a round-house ejected the prominent show peeper. Every time he would just tuck it back in, and keep rough-housing. Finally the Counselor told him to put on a pair of shorts. Ruined the show.