Oops! I'm sorry!

The lady that cleans our office suite comes on Fridays.

 There are nice large restrooms on the first floor plus a couple of little cramped closet-size toilets upstairs. This morning I turned the knob and opened the door to the second-floor men's room. It was not locked so I was unprepared. As the door swung outwards, I found myself staring straight at the housekeeper's four-year-old son sitting on the toilet. And of course he was staring back at me.

 He is a handsome little dark-skinned dude with tight curly black hair. I immediately shut the door, muttering an embarrassed "Oops! I'm sorry!"

After about ten minutes I went back. By then the door was open and the room empty. But the memory of the little guy remains with me. He was sitting with his knees spread wide while wiggling his little circumcised peter with both hands. Very likely he was making a serious examination, wondering many things about the gift nature had bestowed on him.



A Cheery Helper at the Game Shop

I was out shopping for a present for my cousin’s birthday.  He truly wanted this one video game, which I decided to get the game for him. I’m in the game store looking for the game but unable to find it. I was kneeling down on the floor looking at games near the bottom of the rack, when I looked up and there stood a young boy looking down at me. Politely he asked me if he could help me find a game. Once I got to my feet I asked him if he knew where I could find this particular game. I showed him the paper where I had written down the name of the game.

 I explained, it is my cousin’s birthday and this is the game he wants.He said, “Well it is in this other aisle. I will show you where it is.” and he took right to the game.He picked the game off the shelf and told me it is a fun game to play. I asked him if he has the game?

“No I do not have the game, but I have played it with one of my friends.” “It is a lot of fun to play... lots of challenges.”
He asked me if my cousin has very many games?
I replied “He has a few that I have bought for him.” “I do spoil him since his mom can't afford to buy him games.”
“I know how that is.” he told me.
I asked him if he has very many games?
“No I don't, I only get to buy used ones,  and old games that don't cost very much.”

I thanked him for his help. But also said, “I would have never found the game without your help.”
He reached out his hand and shook my hand firmly, and told me it was a pleasure helping me and talking to me.

I looked into his eyes, I could see a tear in his eye. I said it was a great pleasure visiting with you and thank you again for your help. He walked away. I grabbed two games off the shelve and went to the counter and paid for both of them. I asked the gentleman behind the counter if he knew that boy I was talking to?
 “Yes I do know him he comes from a single mom and they are probably very poor.” “ I give him games that no one else will play.” The man continued, “He is always very grateful and a polite kid.”

“How old is he?’ I asked the clerk.

“He is twelve years old.”

I placed one of the games on the counter, and said “I want you to give this game to him.” “He reminds me of my nephew.”

“He will be very surprised, and can I tell him who it is from.” Inquired the clerk.

“Just tell him it is from the man that he helped find the game he needed for his cousin’s birthday.” I nodded  as the man returned an earnest smile.

“In all the years that I have been in business, no one has ever done this for anyone.” “Your nephew must be a very special young man.”

My simple reply, “He sure was. I lost him in a car accident.”

Just then his mom came in calling for her boy. I knew it was his mom, I turned and walked away. I could over hear the gentleman telling her what i did. She looked at me,  smiled and wiped a tear from her face.

That young boy sure did make my day. Wherever he is, I thank him again for his sincere kindness affording me a great day.