An Unmistakable Structure

I had an experience the other day. I was waiting for my friend, he was late.

Right next to me were a group of 13/14 year old boys, they must have been on a field trip as they were talking about details of the old buildings. One of the boys asked me a question about when the building was constructed, but I said I was unsure. That's when I noticed one if the poor boys struggling with a very obvious Ridge from his groin pointing towards his pocket. Wow was it big for such a young guy! The poor boy was also wearing very tight light jeans so there was no hiding his random joy! He fidgeted, lifted his leg to try and adjust the lump in his jeans but yo no avail. Short of unbuttoning those tight jeans, there was no way he was going to move it.

 I watched discretely in awe at this handsome young man. It reminded me if when I was young on the bus, with an uncontrollable boner. I was amused at his obvious embarrassment. Surely his friends must have noticed but none said a word. I watched as the group walked away and I wonder how long it was hard like that before it eventually went down?



A Special Treat in Town

I was in town stopped at an outdoor cafe for a snack lunch and noticed a striking image of a boy. As luck would have it, we even spoke a little!

He was wearing an orange t-shirt with a cool design and short pants, I noticed he didn't wear socks with his tennis shoes. What really caught my eye was that he had both of his hands inside his pockets and possibly playing around with his stuff. It was confirmed when I noticed he had a good size tent going on inside those pants.

 He approached my table and asked if he could use the Ketchup, he didn't have any at his. I obliged happily, he flashed an innocent yet winning smile at me.Without a word he returned to his seat. I looked down to hide my own smile, it was a charmed moment, I suppose it stirred a joyful romp in my mind. Wandering through my youth, remembering some of the young guys I knew so very well. I might have stayed longer, catching a few scant glimpses of him as he dined awaiting whomever he should be with. But in this entangled moment, I wanted to imagine him alone and unguided. Since I had to get some clothes shopping done. I bravely stood and passed by his table, we both made eye contact, he owned me once more, tilting his head delivering the final blow of yet another enchanting smile. I nodded and left him behind with his burger and fries, expecting that this was the maximum treat for my day.

 Strangely, he soon walked into the same clothing store I was in, a couple of doors away from the cafe. He started to walk towards me with both of his hands in his pockets still playing with his stuff. He walked up to me and smiled and asked if he could also look for some shorts.
"I need to buy small men clothes I've already out-grew boys clothes."
"Sure, umm how tall are you?" I asked
"I am five foot two." "I weigh 100 pounds."
I said, "Maybe you need size 28 or 29?"
He started shuffling through the racks and confidently nodded accepting my hint.
I asked him how old he was.
"I am twelve." he told me.
"You sure are tall for your age." I remarked.
"My older brother is lots taller than me, he is fourteen." "Mom tells us she only had tall boys."
I thought to myself,  I bet something else is larger, by the size of the bulge he has going on inside his pants. I remained silent on that thought. I struggled for a passable topic.

"So, Why aren't you in school?"
"I am home schooled". was his quick reply.
"Do you like being home schooled?" I asked
"Yes, because no one picks on me any more."

I told him how it was like when I was in public school at his age. He laughed when I told him about how I had to go to the bathroom outside. He asked me if we had to go behind a tree whenever the bathrooms were not working in the school house, "No," I explained  "Our bathrooms were outside, not inside the school house."

We talked some about what he does for home school studies. All the while we were talking, he was still playing with his stuff.  I remember after a while, he pulled both of his hands out of his pockets and there was good sized tent inside his shorts. He looked at me and smiled. I had to wonder if he felt we had connected upon the same level of being a young dude. Maybe because of me casually talking about us guys and bathrooms, gave him some comfort in his shameless erection.

The obvious words didn't need to be said. I told him to have a good a day and he said,
"I will, and you have a good day also."

My quandary, maybe he did know, or maybe he was blindly daft, how he had just made my day a whole lot better. We shook each others hand and went on our way.


The Head Turner for BOTH Sexes

I saw an amazing boy today in the supermarket at the deli counter. What caught my eye was his amazing musculature in his arms and chest, as well as his drop-dead amazingly good looks. Then looking down (he was wearing shorts) his bare legs were absolutely smooth. Even though he had medium brown hair his legs were still completely void of any visible dark hair.

That's when I realized, this boy must only be about 14 years old, and definitely no older than 15. But what a build! I'm thinking this is a boy who plays football in the fall, wrestles in the winter, and then takes the spring to just work out in the weight room. He will be gorgeous by the time he turns 17. Believe me, VERY few boys this age look anything like this boy. And his combination of terrific good looks with his sculpted muscular body will make him a head-turner for BOTH sexes. (I later saw him with his dad,and it quickly became apparent where he got his terrific muscular build.)

The Diagonal Lesson Plan

This happened years ago when schools still had chalkboards rather than white marker boards.

I attended a small-town school. Occasionally an emergency would arise and one of us slightly older kids would be asked to step in and keep an eye on a younger class for a while.

One day I was called out of class and sent to "sub" a room of seventh graders. There were only about a dozen boys and girls in the class. Rather than attempting to teach them anything, I let them draw on the blackboard.

From the teacher's desk I had a great view of a boy who had more on his mind than drawing. As he stood at the board he constantly leaned closer and bumped the front of his jeans against the chalk tray. I couldn't take my eyes off of the poor kid. He was obviously dealing with a stiffie. It was contagious. I sat in the teacher's chair secretly adjusting my growing boner and wondering whether the stiff kid knew how to jerk yet, and also whether he was in danger of cumming right there in his pants. He continued bumping and rubbing the chalk tray, spending the entire class dealing with his dick while he drew.

The bell rang and the kids abandoned their artwork to grab their books and rush out of the room. as they turned away from the blackboard I had a perfect view of the aroused boy. His diagonal dick was obvious as hell, but there was more: his condition was perfectly highlighted by the horizontal smudge of the chalk tray stretching in stark whiteness all the way from right to left across his crotch and his erection.

The Exhibitionist

On the road for a few days. Got behind a school bus for a few seconds while waiting to pass it. Young dude mooned me through the bottom window of the rear door! What I was thinking, if he is mooning people behind the bus, he is showing his junk to his pals inside the bus. They looked to be middle school age.