Paintball-The Victory and Pain Reviewed

I recently had a work trip that was quite close to some of my relatives whom I had not seen in a couple of years. So I took the opportunity to spend the remainder of the week-end with them. They are very social with all of their neighbors and apparently there are house guests from the neighborhood almost every night for a beer or just to chat.

It was Friday night with a few of the regulars on hand. One lady's son came by to pick up money to go out with his buddies. The teen-aged boy showed up alone, he introduced himself as Daniel. I observed a few things about him although he was only there about 5 minutes, then left with his cash.  He was dressed typical to many country boys. Tight jeans, Boots and the essential cowboy hat. His body was very lean. He looked 14 in his face, still very smooth with slightly rosy cheeks, full lips, light brown hair and dark eyes. However but he was fairly tall. I suspected that perhaps he had driven himself, so maybe he was older.  My cousin later told me a bit more about those neighbors as they come over to visit often. He said the boy was driving age, they had bought him a truck, so he would be at least 16. Although he was kind of a country bump-kin, I secretly thought he was cute.

Well, that same woman came back Saturday afternoon with her husband (the Dad of the boy). A short while later their boy stopped-in also. This time I saw him drive up in his Pick-up truck, he was without the Cowboy hat and wearing more common attire and a fishing cap.

 Daniel stayed longer and was happily talking about his day. He had gone to play paint-ball with some friends, of which he was the victor. The buddies were beat, but stayed after they left, to play another round of paint-ball with some older guys (whom he said were like pro's). He said those guys were vary tactical. His reward for staying on, was a few bruises where he had been hit. He first showed us the cherry on his side, it was a decent little whelp and the rosy red tender-spot. It looked painful against his smooth lightly padded muscles. He mentioned that he received a pink splatter on the seat of his pants, right below his belt line. Hrmm, right between the cheeks. I was thinking he might pull down his pants slightly and show us that,  but he said it was not really bruised and didn't even feel that hit. Damn Bravery.....

 However all hope was not lost, a few minutes later we were all in the house, he mentioned to his parents he had also had a tender spot on the thigh. Then Bam!! he just unsnaps his pants, unzips then drops his jeans to his knees to show us the quarter sized bruise on a very rail-thin but smooth pale boy thigh. I noticed of course that he was wearing boxers, and I could see a slight bulge of his soft cock as he maneuvered his hand lower to point out the bruise. Aside from the length of his legs, he still resembled a 14 year old to me. I was a little shocked how brazen he was since I was virtually a stranger, and here he is down to his skivvies right in the living room of his neighbor's house. He slowly lifted up his jeans after everyone had a good look at his injury, He reached in his jeans to straighten out the boxer legs, buttoned his pants, arranged his shirt and the show was over as suddenly as it began. I was speechless.



Kids Gotta go!

New Sighting!

While driving through a shopping center parking lot I saw a woman standing between cars. She was looking all around. At first I thought she had lost her car. Then I passed her. She was looking all around in a self-conscious hope that nobody would notice what was really going on:

 A little curly-haired boy standing there with her, peter exposed through his fly and peeing full force between the cars! Apparently he had held it well beyond bladder capacity.  The pee puddle was already running out into the lane. When you gotta go, you gotta go!


Lil' Guy at the Grocery

I was in the grocery store when I saw this little boy and his mother in the bread aisle.
I would guess his age to be four or five.
He was dancing around and holding onto the front of his jeans.
I figure the poor little guy has to take a pee.
I over heard him asking his mother that he has to go pee.
She looked down at him and saw him holding his jeans.
She grab his arm and they rushed off to the bathroom.
I saw them in another aisle and i looked down at his jeans to see if he made it to the bathroom alright.
There was a wet spot on the front of his jeans.
He must not have made it in time and he dribble some onto his jeans.
His mom looked at me. we just made it just in time.
Well sort of. He started to pee before he got his jeans all the way down to the floor.
He did pee a little onto his jeans.
She was telling me all about how he always waits until the very last second before he has to go to let her know that he has to go to the bathroom.

I know what you mean I have been through it with my nephew when he was a little guy like your boy.
He always waited to the last second to tell me that he had to go to the bathroom.
There was times that he also would pee on his jeans before he got them down so he could go into the toilet.
She thanked me for listening to her and understanding.
It was my pleasure.
Never be a shame that you don't make it to the bathroom in time.
It is all about raising children.
She smiled and said it sure is.
I said goodbye to the little guy.
He told me goodbye.

Farm Boy

Our Discussion at the Dentist office

I was setting in the waiting room at the dentist office. Right across form me sat a mother with her one son and two daughters.
We got to talking about the kids what grade they were in how old they were. One boy was twelve the other boy was ten. The one that is ten is in the back somewhere getting his teeth checked out. her daughters were 5 and 6.
The older boy was talking to me all about what he had gotten for Christmas. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a long sleeve shirt. He would stretch out his legs in front of him and then move his feet back and forth. He held his shoes up so i could see them. He went on to tell me all about his new shoes. I told him that they looked very nice on him. He picked up his coat and showed me his new coat. He went on talking all about his Christmas.
Your brother is getting his teeth checked out?
I asked him if he had his teeth checked out? He opened his mouth to show me how white his teeth were. They sure do look white, You have to take good care of your teeth. He told me how he brushes his teeth every day.
His mother said all her children like to brush there teeth every since we got them all there own electric tooth brushes.
Just then his younger brother came out of the back room. He ran up to his mom and showed her his teeth.
His older brother was telling me all about how they had to sleep in the same room. they both have to get up at five am in order to get on the bus at 6:30.
I told him you both must have to go to bed real early.
His younger brother said we go to bed at seven. But he keeps me up until after nine. Then mom and dad yells at us to get to sleep. then we settle down and go to sleep. We have bunk beds i sleep on the top bed.
Then he was telling me all about his x-box he got for Christmas and lots of Disney movies and games.
You must like Disney stuff i asked him. I sure do and so does everyone else like Disney stuff.
He went on to tell me all about the time they all went to Disney world. How much fun they had.
He walked over by me and stood by me while he was putting on his coat. He told me he got the coat for Christmas. I told him it looked really nice on him.
He keep on telling me all about the rest of the things he gotten for Christmas.
He sat down to show me his new shoes he ha gotten for Christmas. I told how nice they looked on him. He thanked me.
He asked me if i had any children?
No i did not have children of my own. I did raise my nephew and niece when they were just little when there mom and they both came to stay with me.
His two sisters started to tell me all about what they all got for Christmas. One got Disney dolls and the other gotten dolls and clothes.
They both told me all about the doll house they both got for Christmas. It has furniture and cars and even a school bus just like my daddy drives.

We both got new underwear and jeans and shirts and toys.
Also my brothers got underwear also. On there underwear they have pictures of cartoons and Disney stuff.
Our underwear has pictures on them of Disney stuff also. They also have pictures of other stuff on them also.
There is nothing wrong in getting underwear for Christmas. I use to buy my nephew and niece underwear for Christmas also.
Did they like there underwear? she asked me.
they sure did.
Then there mom had to go in and pay the bill. They all stayed out with me and everyone was taking at the same time.
There mom came back in asked me if they keep me entertain. I said oh yes they sure did. They all had to talk at the same time. Which was very enjoyable to listen to them all talking at the same time.
She thanked me for talking to them and how she enjoyed talking to me. It was my pleasure you have a great day and drive safe. She tanked me again.
I told everyone goodbye. They all said goodbye back.
What a great day this has been, It was a very enjoyable and entertaining time at the dentist office.
I had to smile to myself when i thought about the girls telling me all about the underwear that they and there brothers had gotten for Christmas.

Farm Boy