One Mash Deserves Another

The little sightings posted here all seem to be fresh, meaning it seems like they "just now" happened. This small observation happened a few years ago when I was 16.

I was driving my mother's car to the store. There were some people visiting at our house and one of the boys wanted to hang with me, kid was probably in seventh grade. I am driving, and out of the corner of my eye this young dude is sitting there in the passenger seat, digging around on the front of his pants. I was captivated by what he was doing. I even took a longer way around the neighborhood to get to the store, giving him plenty of time to fix everything just like he wanted it. My eyes darted back and forth between the road and this kid's lap. He would leave his package alone for a minute and then reach down and mess with it some more. After while he put his wrist on his thingie and mashed it, kind of rocking his wrist around. Naturally I was horny as a result, noticing everything he did and realizing that the little dude had a stiffie going, sitting right there next to me.

When we got out of the car I pulled out my shirt-tail to hide my own boner. The other dude had a nice bulge poking off at an angle inside his pants, aimed at a pocket. By the time we finished shopping and got back in the car his boner must have shrunk because there was no more action to watch. I eyed him from time to time but nothing happened.

As soon as we unloaded the groceries I went to the bathroom for a little private time. I have wondered if he recognized something in me that triggered his dick. More likely it was a typical spontaneous erection that happened for no reason, but had to be adjusted.


The Tiny Cowboy

I pulled into a truck stop on the interstate the other day. While I was gassing up, a diesel crew-cab Ford F-350 with dually rear wheels rolled up in front of the building. The truck was jacked up higher than normal and the extra wheels made it so wide that it wouldn't fit within the parking lines.

The front passenger door opened and for a minute nothing happened. Then a tiny little squirt of a boy literally jumped to the ground. He was rodeo from the word "go." Big black hat, huge belt buckle, jeans, boots, western shirt. All on a kid about four or five.

 He went trotting into the building by himself, his boots clacking with every step and his little butt swinging as he walked. You could just feel his firm independence as he headed to the restroom all by himself! Within a couple of minutes he was back. He had to reach over his head to grab the door handle, then mightily he climbed onto a chrome running-board to get into the truck. Then they left with a diesel clatter and twin puffs of sooty rolling coal. The driver never got out, but the little dude swinging his heiney in his cowboy togs was just cute as a bug.



Spring Break Blow-out

Today while working at home, it was in the afternoon, and I was just about to lay on the couch to take my nap at lunch time. I heard several voices outside, and figured it was the kids from across the street. I had already closed the blinds so I could sleep, and did not go look immediately what was up.

 I kept hearing them and it sounded a bit raucous, and like they were directly in front of my house. I looked out through the blinds and saw they apparently have a toddler in diapers... and this kid was trucking down the middle of the street alone. The lazy-azz Dad was standing in the yard watching the little tyke make his escape. However the Dad was at least calling the 12-er boy to go fetch the feral kid.

Well big bro did a fine job of toting the wiggly legged sprout back home. But then I saw also coming up the road was their little 8-er in just his undies. I reckon the toddler and the 8-er were playing in the yard or something. Then maybe the toddler took off, so the 8-er perhaps chased after him, but slipped down on the pavement, ripped his undies and stubbed his toe, because he was sure favoring his left foot coming up the road. I could see he had about a 3-4 inch rip on the left cheek of his undies too. Poor lil guy.



Happy Subway Rider

Brief observation: 
Boy gets on subway. Maybe 14, school uniform, pimples. Backpack hangs on one shoulder. Car is full with people. Boy stands by door holding onto stanchion. Boy moving around. So now zipper is against stanchion. Car is vibrating. Dick is pressed tight on stanchion. Boy looking around. Avoiding eyes. Then his stop, grabs him self and squeeze when turning to door. Conclusion, dick needed attention, vibration helped. 
Maybe he's home alone in a few minutes for taking care of business?

While out Shopping

I had two very interesting boy-sightings today while out shopping today.

First, I saw a family with two boys who looked to be about 12 and 14 respectively.

But these two boys were dressed identical, had what looked like virtually identical eyeglasses on, and had identical haircuts. They looked like identical twins, but with one having gotten out of a time machine and was now two years older than his identical twin! The older boy was proportionally bigger and about 5 inches taller, and overall looked like he had gone through much more puberty than his smaller 'identical twin'. It was uncanny how much the looked alike, except for an obvious difference in age.

The second sighting was a boy who looked to be 6 or 7 walking very fast toward the men's room. He had a very serious look on his face, but as he was fast-walking his right hand was firmly clamping the front of his shorts. Poor little kid was probably afraid he might not be able to hold it in time to reach the toilet!


Jared with No Modesty

I know we usually just talk about stuff we have seen on here, but I have a story about a neighbor kid I knew. Don’t worry it won’t creep anyone-out.

I was in my late twenties, and some neighbors and I became friends. They were my age and had a little boy Jared who was elementary school age. We all got together often for backyard cook-outs and beers. I ended up coaching a youth soccer team one spring and Jared was on my team. I had became pretty good friends with the young family.

 Eventually us guys started going fishing, and on a few camp-outs. One particular camp-out was a cold rainy week-end. I was the type of crappy weather when most folks would have given up and headed home to stay warm. My friend was from a Northern US state, so he was proudly undaunted by the weather. The truth is, he was a bit fanatical about fishing at this point. He was determined to catch fish at any opportunity, even if the wind chill was near 10 degrees and raining. Young Jared braved the cold out on the pier at the lake for quite a while. Eventually, he and I decided to go thaw out our limbs by the campfire. He also announced he needed to go piss pretty bad, but the slippery wooden planks prevented us from hurrying much, as we might fall. We were almost to the public restroom, when he stopped and made a face. His expression soon turned to embarrassment. The lil guy held it as long as he could, but he'd pissed his pants. We bypassed the restrooms, and went straight to camp, so he could change into some dry clothes.

I am not his parent and probably had limited experience in kids and piss-soiled clothes, but I really felt sorry for the kid and knew I needed to help him out. In their tent I located his overnight bag, then some pants, socks and undies. Then stripped him from the waist-down.  I grabbed a wet-nap to wipe off his body. It was entirely too cold to take him back to the showers.  So I did a diligent job of camp hygiene on the lil guy trying my best to get the kid’s skin wiped off. Of course the source of the urine also required this attention too. Now sure, he is old enough to wipe his behind side as needed, but how often does a guy wipe down his front with a wet-nap. I applied just enough attention to serve the job, and did not linger in that area any longer than needed, I certainly did not touch his penis with any part of my hand, especially since he’s not under my direction or parental authority. I held his undies as he stepped in, then repeat with the fleece athletic pants. He sat so I could put on his socks, shoes and we retired to the warm crackling campfire. I helped him prepare a stick so he could cook a hot-dog and we both had a snack.

I suppose it was an hour or two later, Dad was still not back form the pier, I was busy making dinner and general camp duties, when Jared announced he had wet himself yet again. We returned to the tent, and repeated the same procedure as before. Off with the wet clothes, scrounge for another set of dry ones. I’m wiping him off as before and he rests his hand on my shoulder….. to steady himself I assumed. But he stated, “Be sure to get it all off, I don’t wanna smell like pee.”
I grabbed one more wet-nap and gave his legs and little privates one last wipe to assure he was clean. He thanked me and we proceeded to dressing him as before. There were not further accidents, and the group enjoyed the remainder of the camp-out despite the fact he had to wear the same clothes on the next day. I never actually told Dad about the bladder trouble and I think Jared appreciated that.

Some months later, I was at their home for a supper. I needed to go piss. They only had a single bathroom, but Jared was in there taking a bath. The parents said to go anyway, he won’t mind, as long as I didn’t. I went in, and Jared was laying face up in the tub, playing with nerf balls, and other bath toys. However he clearly had a young erection. I  tried to avert my eyes, and didn’t acknowledge I had seen his state. He ignored me, and kept playing with his toys and squeezed the water out of the nerf ball right on to his erect penis. I glanced over my shoulders to exchange a couple of kid convo sentences. He had no modesty or guilt about touching his young boner, fully displayed before me. He held it flat against his tummy and allowed it to bounce free pointing straight at a 90 degree from his body. I could have stayed for a while chatting, but was afraid I would develop a raging boner of my own, if I kept watching him and his soldier at attention. I finished my business, flushed, and returned to the adults in the living room.

Nothing weird ever happened between us, and I didn’t have any crazy thoughts about Jared, however at one point I suspected that perhaps that second accident of him urinating his pants, might have been slightly planned. I’ll never know for sure.