A Double Feature Peek

Last week while Christmas shopping at the mall I had to use the restroom. It was empty when I walked in, and I selected the middle of the three available urinals.

 Barely after I had even unzipped, to my surprise two young teenage boys came in. They both looked to be about 14 or 15. They took the urinals on each side of me, and to my surprise, neither boy seemed the least bit modest. The one to my left even unbuckled, unzipped, and pulled his shorts open to get to his equipment, exposing not only his dick but part of his bush, too. Neither boy tried to cover up at all. I got a quick glimpse of two fine young fairly long and fat and pink, smooth well developed circumcised organs by secretly peeking to each side while I did my own business.

They were talking and laughing the whole time they were peeing, and seemed totally oblivious that I was even there. Then they both flushed and walked out. I was then washing my hands (they both skipped that part). In the mirror I glanced to get one more lasting impression of their faces and lean physique. Then playing back the quick images in my mind of the surprise 'double feature' I had just observed publicly at the mall.



Bicycle Boner Boy

I just remembered to tell you guys what I saw whilst on my way to work the other day.

It was a teen boy around 14/15 riding towards me on his bike. Everything seemed pretty normal,  but he rode with just one hand. Upon closer inspection.... the other holding a satchel awkwardly behind his handlebars. It looked odd,  so of course as he got closer I looked specially for the cause of his crazy cycling arrangement. Well sure enough, I could see he had a boner in his shorts. Maybe he thought the bag shielded his uncontrolled rise.

Oh NO!! Dead Bust Buddy Rough!!

I saw just what you think you had concealed. Nice try.

 At that age I guess you are naive enough to believe nobody will notice :)