Dinner and a Show

We went to a burger restaurant yesterday. Some of the tables at that place are like Bar tables, taller than normal with high stools to sit on. Not very big around. They can sit four people, max.

So this young teen dude nearby is with some other people at one of those tall tables. He is wearing an athletic shirt in red and blue, that is too short. It does not come down as far as his waist. For pants, he has got baggy cargo shorts. Dude's pants hang so low his butt crack is on display. He just sits there, eating and talking, his pallid crack perfectly visible, even as he shifts himself about on the bar stool. The shirt was clearly a miscalculation on his part, or perhaps this was a planned exhibition, who can be sure.

It looked like an invitation to poke something into the gap between his pants and his crack. I wanted to walk by and pour my coke into his pants!



Little Wiggler Stands Tall

Restroom of a local restaurant at breakfast this morning. I went in for a quick piss. Picture it: little boy maybe 4 years old sitting on the crapper. A man, apparently his father, standing with the door open and keeping an eye on the 
little dude. 

Me, walking into the room, find myself looking straight into the open stall where the boy's peter is pointing up out of his lap!

 Boy straining his bowels while his erection stands tall! Dude's little stiffie about the size of the cap off a lipstick. Looks stiff as a piece of pipe. Circumcised with head very visible above shaft. Dad makes no move to shut the door, apparently not concerned.

I piss and wash my hands. Then I pass the stall on the way to the door. Boy wiggling weenie this time. Serious start to the day!



Teeny Weenie Peenie

A year ago at Thanksgiving I wrote a post for the BS blog about a six-year-old boy who looked at a picture in a Dick and Jane book and thought Dick had pee'd on the floor (Come See Dick Pee).

Last night I was invited to a birthday dinner for my sister-in-law at the home of that boy's family. He is now seven and in second grade. It was interesting to watch him on his home territory. He brought his toys into the living room and played with trucks and tractors and Hot Wheels between watching cartoons on his own cell phone. He's a very gregarious lad who hung around with the adults and also sort of halfway bossed his three-year-old sister. He remembered me and showed me some of his trucks.

About 9:00 the parents told both kids to get ready for a bath. I was not prepared for what happened next. Several minutes later the two of them came charging through the living room without a stitch of clothing! The boy was chasing the girl, both of them laughing and squealing. Then they raced through again with the naked three-year-old chasing the bare seven-year old. All in all we had three looks at the nude kids before their parents got them into the tub.

 Apparently a certain degree of nudity is "normal" in that family, which may explain why the kid was so open last year about asking whether Dick had pee'd.

But what grabbed my attention was the boy's amazingly tiny penis. At age seven I expected him to sport a clearly visible sign of maleness. Not so! He was equipped with a half-inch at most, merely a slight decoration on his groin rather than a protuberance. It was so little that it appeared to be wider than it was long. His balls (if he had any!) were completely invisible.

I hope for his sake that he develops some genuine manhood soon, before he reaches the age where boys change together and sneak secret peeks at each other.


Got Caught Looking

This happened when I was about 13. Mom wanted to go out with her friend who had a son my sister's age, . We were essentially baby-sitting ourselves because of our ages, she was 2 years older and so was Matt,   they were also classmates at the Deaf School. Deaf kids are pretty much like everybody else except their available sense are much more fine-tuned.

So we watched some TV, and played some board games at this kids house. Matt was a friendly host even though I had never met him before. He was a well-built blonde teen. I made that assumption because he was wearing grey athletic pants, some people call them trackies. But due to the soft cotton fabric, whenever he stood and walked anywhere his teen bulge was pretty apparent to me. At 13 I really had not seen any adult sized cocks, nor did I have a frame of reference how much they should bulge. I was in gym class, so I had seen guys my age in the lockers all the time. But it seemed this kid had a lot more of a package than any of the guys in gym. I kept sneaking glances at it whenever he walked or stood facing me. It moved some when he took a stride. This thing must've been like a snake in there. I was curious about his young man-hood, even though he was not really cute to me. What he presented out front, sure had my interest.

Well eventually he stood still in front of me and signed to me to "Just look at it, look Good". Then he grabbed a protruding mass of boy junk in his pants, surrounded by his fore-finger and thumb. I looked away immediately and said I had not been looking. Mostly to save face in front of my sister. The boy smirked and walked away. Through the rest of the night I was embarrassed, but knew I'd best not act like I was indeed guilty. Due to his keen awareness of watching peoples expressions and their eyes, Matt boy knew I had been eyeing it, and I was caught re-handed. Maybe he felt it was a compliment, and maybe he figured I had a secret. He was right on both.