Giving Josh a Shower

One summer when I was home from college my aunt and uncle and their kids came for a few days. My 14-year-old nephew "Josh" had broken his leg, poor guy, and was wearing a heavy cast. He clunked back and forth on crutches and looked miserable. A bunch of us were sitting around not doing much of anything when Josh turned to his mother and said "Ma, I want to take a shower."

They looked around for Josh's dad to help him in the bathroom, but he and my father had gone off somewhere. His mother announced that he'd just have to wait until the men got home.

Without even consulting me, Josh called my name and told his mother that I could help him. She asked me if I minded, and of course I told her it was fine.

Josh sat down on the toilet lid with his bum leg sticking out. He was wearing a pair of old bluejeans with the leg seam cut open all the way from bottom to crotch. It was held closed with safety pins which had to be unfastened one at a time - an awkward feeling as I got close to his crotch. Finally the jeans were off. Josh had already removed his shirt and his one shoe and sock. All that remained were a pair of standard white briefs which the two of us worked together to slide down the length of the cast - awkward moment number two.

As the briefs descended they revealed a patch of light brown pubes followed by a dick that was about half-way through its pubertal growth spurt. And then a loose dangle of ribbed scrotum. I was tempted to say "Whoa! Nice junk, Josh." But of course I remained as objective as possible and never let my eyes linger where they shouldn't.

While his package came into view Josh flashed his eyes at me momentarily. I could never prove it, but I think he was silently telling me something like this: "Remember when I was a little boy tagging around after you? Well now I'm way past that. Just look at what I've got here!"

I could be wrong, but I think he truly wanted me to appreciate what I was seeing.

The shower was the third awkward moment. He was supposed to keep the cast outside of the tub, so I had to help support him while he soaped up and rinsed off. When it was over I helped him dry off.

Then came the most awkward moment of all, getting a fresh pair of undies up the cast, over the other leg, onto his butt and around his mid-section. When that was done he paused to adjust his junk with both hands before we wrestled the jeans onto his legs.

Neither one of us put a toe out of line, nor would I have dared to even think of such a thing. But I still believe Josh was showing off for me.



Breakfast Bonanza

We went out for breakfast today, Saturday morning, and went to a place that had a breakfast buffet. We were seated in a location where there was a steady stream of customers going to and from the buffet. One boy passed me heading to the buffet, and I couldn't help but notice his little backside as he passed by me. A short little guy with a round 'bubble butt'. I was able to observe him better as he browsed the buffet, and I noticed he already had a dark upper lip, which to me looked quite out of place for his age. As he took his full plate back past me I could see that his jeans were fairly tight and a little short, like he was clearly growing out of them. But that made the fact that he had a very distinct rounded bulge at his crotch quite obvious. Not the rigid bulge of an erection, but the bulge of an already well developed boyhood inside.

My guess is that he's probably a 6th grader whose puberty started maybe when he was still only 10 years old. Now, maybe not even 12 yet, he's sporting the developed body of an average 14 year-old. Probably a nicely grown appendage sitting beneath a thick small crop of short curlies. (Ah-hem like one of those boys back in the 7th grade showers that I used to gawk at because they were so much more developed than I was.)



Peter La Anguila impressions By Gyrating Little Latinos

I love this song, and the mesmerizing beat. I was searching to find the best  version of it, but had to sort through all these silly kids doing their best impressions. What they lacked, seemed just with undaunted effort and commitment.

                                                            Or finally the Original......


Random Vid

So I reckon this makes up a bit for my last post. It's an older MattyB.

Busting up Bull Sh1t

Henry Ruins a Kids interview

So this is not typical on here, but I am indulging and trying out video links. Advance to the 40 second mark and you will see Henry totally invades this kids space. I reckon he knew the kid was not an actual Black Flag fan.


State of Urgency

Last summer being in the center of Warsaw, I’ve got a text from the client, and had to send him an offer by e-mail.  I hate to browse Internet on my mobile, as it is too small for me, so I rushed to the bus stop to go home urgently. On my way to the bus unexpectedly near an Internet Cafe. I presumed this would be a quicker opportunity to sit my customer. On a ground floor there was a computer and mobile phone shop, and on mezzanine there were six rows of ten years old crummy computers and the some CRT monitors, but it was enough to send a simple e-mail. I sat in a corner and started to read a message from my client.

 Few minutes later I saw a teen boy climbing the stairs. He was max sixteen years old, dressed in a navy blue t-shirt and shorts. I am sure that he haven’t seen me and was sure to be alone there. He took a place in another corner and I returned to reading request from my client. Few minutes later I was attracted by silent moaning and deep breathing. I couldn’t see the boy’s face as it was covered by the big, old monitor, but I could see everything under the table. So I saw the legs wide spread and boy’s hand massaging his crutch, than unzipping his shorts. I nice, young hard dick popped out and he started to wank furiously. His nice ball were jumping up and down and it took him less than a minute to explode with large amount of cum, which covered his hand and few drops felt to the floor. With his right hand he was searching pockets but without result. As I always have with me a pack of tissues, I approached him and hanged it over to him. Poor boy was totally shocked! He looked at me with a horror in his young eyes, and couldn’t say a word.
- Calm down, man. Clean yourself and don’t forget about floor – I said in a low voice with a grin on my face, and returned to my place. Two minutes later he came to me, returning the rest of tissues. His face was red as watermelon and his voice trembling.
- Thank you sir – he whispered – will you Out-me to the staff?
- Tell them about what? That you have a hay fever and needed tissues? Relax, boy. I was happy to be able to help you in need – I said calmly with a smile.
- Very kind of you, sir. Thank you – he said, smiled hesitantly, than left in a hurry.
I returned to my e-mail. Later on I laughed when I thought about urgency.
I had to answer urgently my client, so I used public computer, although I had my own at home. I am sure that that boy had his own computer too, but found himself in a state of such great urgency, that he needed any computer right now. Finally I came to the conclusion, that there are different urgencies in a man’s life.


When to do it?

A recent BS, I was at a restaurant yesterday, and saw a family of 5.

Mom and dad, two girls probably ages 11 and 13, and an adorably cute boy, probably 14. He wasn't entirely a nerd, but he had glasses, well creased Khaki shorts and a Polo, indicating he is probably enrolled in a parochial school and they had a school funtion on Saturday. He was just geeky enough, that I doubt any girls are paying him much attention. However, I can see he sure has potential

At one point the boy got up to use the restroom. As he left the table I saw him take a good grab at himself, possibly making an adjustment. He came back quite fast, so I doubt he did anything but "the usual" in the men's room.

I just started wondering if he can find enough privacy at home, with those two younger sisters always there, and complaining why he takes so long to shower every day. Perhaps even a public place is a welcome opportunity. I don't suspect that he tool that chance today, but I walked to the restroom to survey the possible aftermath, all clear.



The Lad in the Lorry

I had a similar incident to this story just yesterday.

I was walking my dogs and walked past a builders van parked up. In the passenger seat I noticed a very handsome boy, around 14. He held his phone in his hands and had both his knees pulled up whilst resting on the dashboard. It looked uncomfortable and I could guess he had done so to hide his erection. Poor boy was obviously waiting for his Dad doing a job. I saw parts of his attire, which was thin grey pants that were limp and flimsy, not the easiest of clothes to hide a teenage boner in. I noticed his fresh clear face stood out magnificently full of charmed innocence.....but perhaps that was a ruse. Was he in the midst of something secretly naughty.

The nature of those rumpled pants, his unusual sitting position, his legs, all built up more curiosity within me. This deserved a resolve. I walked past again a few minutes later and took a longer  look-on as I walked past. He still had one leg up and the other down and although he was trying to be casual I could see the bump in his crotch.

When I left for work a couple minutes later the van was gone. I would have loved to be in an apartment above looking down into the van, I bet he had a good play when he suspected nobody was looking! But what would he do if he knew someone was looking? Would the relentless display continue. Would he act out and be upset or angry. Perhaps the tyke might quickly hide all the business and pretend nothing had happened.

I think he probably finished suitably with the skills of a learned pro, well before Dad arrived to drive away.