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Boy in a Small Honda

I drive a full-size pickup. This afternoon I stopped at the supermarket on the way home. There was a vacant parking space right next to a little white Honda. One interesting thing about sitting in a pickup, you look down into small cars. You don't see people's faces, but you see down at an angle into the car's interior.

While still pulling into the space, I saw a knee. A boy in the Honda's passenger seat was sitting with the window open. His right foot was resting against the top of the dashboard and his seat was apparently racked all the way back. This put his right knee on an angle level with his open window. The next thing I noticed was pure boy: a scab on the guy's knee. A memory of some rough-and-tumble summertime game, maybe. But getting deeper into the space I could look right down into the dude's lap and get a third view, the best one of all. Dude had a hand thrust into the leg of his shorts, rumbling around inside them.

By the time I got out and walked past his window, the kid had removed his foot from the dashboard. He was sitting perfectly still. Both hands surrounded his package, carefully cradling the hidden contents of the shorts but not moving a muscle.

I'm hoping for his sake that he resumed his previous posture and activity the second I walked past him. Maybe his mom stayed gone long enough for him to ----- No, I wouldn't wish a lap full of cum on any young dude!



Jason for Hire

The picture posted with this story makes me think of the time I enlisted a neighbor boy to help me plant some shrubs on a Saturday.

I was ready to get started about 8 AM but Jason was nowhere to be seen. I went to their house. His mother said he was still in bed and probably forgot about what he was supposed to do. She told me to go on in and wake him up. It seemed an odd directive since I had only been in their house a couple of occasions all seemed okay. Clearly they were friendly people who often hosted block parties with tons of families and kids roaming throughout the house and lawn. Their son was popular with the younger kids and perhaps his gentle kindness had caused me to think of him as a responsible yard-work helper. I located his room, nervous yet feeling slightly voyeuristic to glimpse his room and what delicate secrets it might have stowed away over time. 

 I cautiously peeked into his room, respectfully knocking to alert him of my presence. The following result was just about as common as any teen boy's awakening day. Yet my image of him as a youth leader was somewhat corrupted as Jason struggled out of bed. He had on nothing but low-rise baby-blue briefs containing an unmistakable angular bulge.

It was the sort of completely unexpected glimpse that leaves you gasping for breath - so little clothing and so much lump. This Kid was about 15 and hormones were surely coursing through his system at an alarming rate. I would assess nature's masterful edict rejuvenated nightly to raise an apocalyptic monument  tormenting those soft scant undies. A flurry of antagonized thoughts raced through my mind.Was I here with authority, Yes his Mum had said to awaken him. Was it a moment that I would prefer never happened, NO WAY! Was the whole thing dangerously evil, Of course not. Was today going to be special, But of course!!

I hurried out of the room and went on home to settle my nerves, and wait for him. When Jason got there I had a wicked inclination  to ask if he'd had a pleasant session subduing his morning boner, but with restrained wisdom, I kept my mouth shut about it.



Tented Trackies in Public

I was in McDonald's last night. It was around midnight. In the corner Sat three good looking boys all about 15 to16.
Then one boy sitting on the end caught my eye. He Wearing Grey tracksuit bottoms and he was constantly mashing his lap,  very obviously doing his best to subdue his boner. He actually caught me looking but I was drunk and didn't really care.

So I carried on just lookin as he was in my direct line of sight. I feel a bit mean as I probably made him so self conscious, he kept looking up at me whilst powerless to stop the urge to mash and constantly push his teen excitement down. I guess had he not leveled the beast down,  it would have made a very obvious tent in his tracksuit bottoms.


When ya gotta go!!

There's a day care center a couple blocks from where I live. It's a home that has been converted for childcare.

 Most of the front yard is a playground, surrounded by cyclone fence. As I passed yesterday afternoon, the playground was full of little ones. One small dude was standing right at the front fence with his pants down. He had his little peter aimed through the fence while he pee'd right onto the public sidewalk, totally unconcerned.

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!


County Fair Cuties

Last week I was at a county fair. Watching the crowd I noticed these two boys, who looked to be 13 or 14 going around together. They seemed to be especially good friends and would even occasionally give each other a sort of quick one-armed hug. Nothing really obvious like holding hands, but I was getting the feeling that maybe they'd like to.

Then I saw them both head into a men's room together. I waited for them to come out so I could continue to watch them. They were really good looking boys, too. Well, I waited and waited and finally they came back out. They were in there together for almost 10 minutes!

My mind was going crazy wondering what they were doing in there together.

I think I know.


Do the Bump

I was at a home improvement store shopping for hardware and happened to notice a heart-warming little scene. an African-American family was looking at washing machines, mom and pop in their 30's and a handsome young dark-brown boy, slightly short but apparently about 12 or 13, casually dressed and sporting a sort of "scroll" design trimmed in the temples of his short hair. The boy was standing right at the corner of a washer, facing it at a 45-degree angle. He was perhaps three or four inches back from the appliance, alertly watching his parents and the salesman in the next aisle.

And how was this handsome young man occupying his time? He slowly rocked forward from his ankles, bumped the fly of his pants against the corner of the washing machine, and kind of bounced back. The alignment of his zipper with the vertical edge of the washer was precise. He continued this bumping activity throughout the time that it took me to pass the appliance department: rock toward corner of washing machine, bump fly with a sort of springy motion, bounce back. Repeat.

Later I saw them in another part of the store. As the boy walked along, there was unmistakably a vertical bulge behind his zipper as if he had a roll of coins in his underwear. His bulging zipper kind of preceded him as he walked, his fly leading the way through the store. That was twice he had made me smile.

The little guy reminded me of the comments on oots4u2 months or years ago by readers who spoke of positioning their adolescent boners vertically behind their zippers in hopes that the erections would be less noticeable.

One has to wonder: If left undisturbed in the appliance department, would the lad have kept bumping his bulging fly against the washer until he produced a climactic celebration of his young manhood?

Carefree Casual

Okay so this was not an observation, but a story told to me by a colleague.

He described how his 10 year old Son was a bit of a nudist at home. I'll call him Jon. He comes home after school and strips off down to his undies and then lounges around home like that through home-work, dinner time, family time watching TV, and until bedtime. He brushes his teeth and is essentially prepared for bedtime since about 4:00 PM.

I didn't want to seem odd with prying questions,but asked how this started.  My friend went on to explain that he himself was much the same as a youth. He had seen his adult dad do the same thing when he came home form work so as a youth it only seemed natural to emulate Dad. Strip to comfy attire and enjoy the casual comfort of home. My friend said when he was little his Grand Ma referred to him as her little Tarzan.So it's kind of an amusing  family tradition I presumed.

Laughing at his own admission and what has transpired lately. My friend added that his son seems to hold very little modesty about wearing scant clothing even when the boy's buddies drop by. He told me, that there is a slightly different format on Friday's after their ball practice. The boys start plotting, and hoping to score a household willing to host a sleep-over. He said, a lot of the families in his neighborhood are military. Which means many of them can only indulge in prime livelihood at first of the month payroll. By the end of the month those families are probably a bit lean at the bank, so spending $35 to $50 on pizzas for the random neighborhood kids is perhaps a bit of problem after the middle of the month. Apparently they skillfully plot out which boys family will pony-up the pre-requisite party favors of a pre-teen sleep-over. Jon's Dad (My friend) has apparently  been targeted as pizza fund solvent on a regular basis, so there are frequent Friday night sleep-over requests by young Jon to Dad.

Back to  the young guy "Nudist Jon", he remains fully clothed until after Pizza is served and consumed. However by the point the boys retire to the game room, Jon is down to Tighty whities, or Boxer Briefs,. Somewhat described whether he had Baseball practice that afternoon or not. Some Dads are fully aware that when you wear White Baseball pants you wear White undies that day. Super-hero undies at as time like this is Social Suicide, Eek.

So we presume Jon lounges about during video-gaming and fully prepared for bedtime. Carefully I asked the question if other young fellows follow suit and also strip down to undies like their host. Dad reports that apparently since Jon is their frequent host, they likely don't dare to tease him. It seems that if the lights are low in the game room when he has passes by, there are a number of bare legs sprawled on the floor and couch. He says he doesn't disturb them, but it appears to be a group thing to chill in undies on Friday night there.

Carefree Casual is the evening attire.