Spot Check

A real funny thing happened yesterday. It was registration day at the middle school. I took my nephew to register because my sister and her husband both work. The building was teeming with young adolescents and their parents. After we got his schedule and supply list, we were walking along a hallway. Up ahead was a sign over a doorway. It said "Boys."

Just on impulse, I told my nephew I had to make a pit stop. Actually, I wanted to look around in that room just because of the overall environment plus what I remember about myself at that age. Well, my "look" paid off. In one of the stalls was a series of sticky-looking squirts of cum. From these gooey blasts a few narrow, moist trails slowly oozed their way down the metal partition to drip on the floor.

Voila! Classes haven't even started and middle school boys are doing what middle school boys do!

Anonymous Uncle

What was on that Phone?

I had to go to the local bank to do some banking business. I was the only one in the bank lobby except for the young man at the window doing some banking. I was standing at the end of the island were they keep all sorts of forms for you if you needed them. I did not mind at all waiting my turn. Right directly in front of me sat a young boy. I would say he was in his mid teens. He was staring at his phone.

He had on a t-shirt and blue jeans that had holes in the knees. He had really nice looking knees. When he spread his legs I could see he had a very nice bulge. The more I watched the bigger his bulge was growing. Every once in awhile he would reach down and adjust his bulge. Every time he adjusted his bulge it grew a little more. He never once looked up to see if I was watching him adjust his bulge. He would just keep on looking at his phone. I was wondering what he was looking at on his phone that made his bulge grow so big in his jeans.

It must have been his brother at the tellers window. He called for him to get ready because they are going to be going.

When he stood up to leave, I could see he had a very nice size bulge. He once again reached down and adjusted his bulge. He never looked at me to see if I was watching him adjusting his bulge. When he walked by me he said have a good day, I looked at him and smiled and said I will. you have a good day also. He smiled and left the bank.

Farm Boy

Junior's Surprise

My son is now 17, but a few years ago at the beginning of the summer when he had just barely turned 12 we made our first trip of the season to a favorite big water park in a neighboring city.

In our home I'd never see him naked but in the changing room at this water park I was shocked to see how big my son had already gotten down there! His whole thing was amazingly big and fat! Outwardly, until that sight, I honestly didn't think his puberty had even started yet. Fully dressed he still looked like a little kid with a high squeaky voice. I have to admit that looking at him, I, too, began to wonder if my son had also possibly "climbed Mount Jackoff" yet.



The Classy Buffet Treat

Lunch today, buffet restaurant. Full of families. Group of five comes in, mother, father, handsome neo-pubertal boy and two young girls. Boy wears pristine white shorts that extend down to his knees. Tanned, hairless legs. Athletic shoes with white ankle socks. Short-sleeve sport shirt with vertical stripes in alternating colors of brown, and beige. Shirt-tail not tucked in, yet the whole outfit looked quite classy.

The white shorts were the focal point, of course. Really dressy. Sharply pleated as if Mom had ironed them.

Every time he went back to the buffet, the pants displayed a bulge at the bottom of his groin. Not a boner, not even the outline of a softie. It was a rounded lump at the bottom of the fly, like having a medium-size potato lengthwise in his pants. The "potato" didn't move, didn't grow, didn't stick out. It just remained where it was, constantly highlighted by those lovely white dress shorts as the guy walked.

We quietly argued about whether he'd climbed Mount Jackoff yet. My partner said no. I said yes, because I felt there was a confident glow about the guy that couldn't be explained any other way.

Needless to say, the young gentleman made our day.


Farewell Adored One

Today I had a discerning discovery at  the public pools here which are opened for the summer. I frequently sun and swim at the pool in our neighborhood, hiding my eyes behind sunglasses while appreciating the lovely young male scenery. Today I made a sad observation. One of my favorite young men has gone over the hill, so to speak. He has been a presence at the pool for many years, beginning as a little kid, changing from childhood into pre-pubertal boyhood and then into the brief years of beautiful young adolescence, gloriously fit and tan, unmistakably aware of himself in a way that he never was before.

He was back today, inaugurating the pool season with scores of other kids and families. Sadly, though, nature's taken him over the hump. He hasn't controlled his weight, for one thing. He's beefy. His belly has a roll of unbecoming flab hanging over the waistband of his trunks. His voice is a little too commanding, a little too deep. And to top it off, he's got a suspicious shadow on his upper lip.

You were so handsome just after puberty, my friend, so beautiful in your seasons of discovery. Fortunately there's a new crop of guys coming up behind you. I wish you well. You've made a giant leap this past year and clearly left the past behind. How quickly it happened. Oh, I'll still encounter you at the pool, but the moment of perfection has slid out of grasp. You never knew how your youthful beauty blessed me, and suddenly that brief hypnotic post-pubertal handsomeness is gone.

Anonymous in Shades

Friendly Help Earns a Smile

I was at the local hard ware store were I needed to pick up a new chain for my chain saw.  As I was looking through the parts catalog a young boy I would say he was thirteen maybe a little older. He started to look at bike chains. Then I over heard him say dam I for got the dam part number.  I turned around and asked him, if I could be any help finding the chain he needed. You can look up the part number using this parts catalog.
I don't know how to use that catalog. If I had my computer I could find it real easy.

  If you would like I can show you how you can look up the part number for your chain you need.

 You will take the time to show me how to use that catalog.

I would be very happy to show you how to look up the part number using this parts catalog. That is how I used to have to look up part numbers when I was on the farm. We had no computers back then. Just these parts catalog.
I noticed that he filled out his t-shirt very well and he filled out his cut off very well.

First we have to know the brand name. He told me the brand name. Here it is, does this bike look like your bike I asked him. That's my bike. Here is the part number for your chain.

 When we found the chain he needed. it was on the top hook. I can reach it, He reached up and grab the chain. The chain didn't want to come off the hook at first. As he worked on getting the chain off the hook I could see how nice he really did fill out his cut offs. He really did give me a eye full.

There I finally have it. Now you have to go back to the parts catalog and make sure that number on the chain matches the part number in the catalog. The numbers match. Then that is the chain you need, it should fit your bike.

I am Jim.

I am Fred.

He smiled, reached out and shook my hand.

Thank you Jim for taking the time to show me how to use the part catalog. I sure didn't want to go back home then come back here again.

You welcome Fred I am glad I could help you out.

He turn and went up to the counter to pay for his chain. As he was walking out of the store he walked by the aisle we were in. He stopped and looked at me and said I really do appreciate that you to took the time to help me out. He wave and smile and said goodbye.

Farm Boy

Shy at the Stall

I have been in lots of public bath rooms. I don't ever remembering where a young guy would wait in line to take a piss. Unless all the urinals were full and they had to wait for one to open up. When the urinal opened up they would just go to the urinal and take out their peter and piss. Yes sometimes they would stand real close to the urinal while peeing so no one could possibly sneak a pick at there goods. Then there were the ones that were not shy at all while taking a pee.

 Being raised on a farm I was never shy about showing what I had behind the zipper. I was always very proud of my goods. I guess maybe that is one difference between a farm boy and city boy. Farm boys it was no big deal if anyone was watching them while they took a pee.Then there are the city boys. most of the city boys were shy about showing there goods behind there zipper.

 I had a friend he was a city boy and since we were close friends, I knew what he had behind his zipper. When it came to taking a pee in a public bath room he made sure he stood as close as he go so no one could see his goods.

After watching me pee and not caring if anyone saw my goods. He also came around after a little while, to let any one that wanted to watch him pee.

Farm Boy