A Sweet Pair

 It is curious that when MG and I are together, out and about  the town, we come across some rare and very special sightings. Including for example the pair watching the sunset together featured as the header pic on the OOTS4U Blog. That was a fascinating moment gazing upon the two buddies enjoying a brief moment that evening. We could only guess what naughty plans would carry-out that night.  They were apparently on Holiday together, sharing some precious time along the beaches and piers of a lovely beach-side town.

 So yesterday at a large Mall near my home, we were strolling through and had not seen much of special attention that day, until a pair of young teens arm in arm were approaching from the opposite direction. Both appeared to be Hispanic one taller with straight shortish hair and the other slightly shorter but with spikey hair. Immediately I noticed and directed MG to look as well. We were both intrigued and trying to determine the nature of them altogether. Very soon, they went up the escalator to the second floor. Naturally since our curiosity was not satiated yet, we followed a distance back. They both went in to American Eagle for a quick browse. We amused ourselves a short while with the overlook of the remaining crowd. The pair soon cam e out of the store and with a closer glance they were now holding hands clearly not related and it was now clear that both were indeed males about 13. They turned down the walkway and we noted the younger one rested his head and snuggled against the taller boy. We were now astounded and convinced this pair were boy-friends. Although quite young they were not ashamed or timid to show their affection in a public place.

 MG was beside himself, we contemplated the nature of their obvious relationship, developing ideas on what other unique qualities and activities they might share. We felt free to let them meander away, hands gripped together and heads adjoined, in their winsome love. We went about our normal affairs, but stopped by the food-court area for MG could visit the rest rooms. I waited in the busy area for a bit, and guess which pair of sweeties ascended upon Chik-Fil-A. None other that our young cuties. I was a distance away but I could observe the courtship, as the taller one allowed the small boy to go ahead to the counter to place his order first. I thought what a young gentleman. Is the younger in the subservient role, I mused. That theory was smashed as the younger one paid the ticket and they stepped aside to receive their order. In a final glimpse the taller boy took the tray and they traversed the maze of tables choosing one near the walk-way, and I presume many more on-lookers gawked as before. Perhaps they fed each other or just played footsy under the table.

 We discussed them many times throughout our afternoon and later at home in our private time we played out a few more topics the two may have shared.

 Although some might object to such a display of teen love. We thought it was a beautiful example of what love can be. Indeed times are changing.

Eric & MG


Dad's Special Tickles

 I have one that might work. I don't know because it involves an adult and it looked very much like the boy was being touched inappropriately but I'm sure it was innocent.

 I was on the subway today. It wasn't very full when I got one but a couple of stops later a father and son boarded and took the seats facing mine. The boy was about 10 and very pleased to be out with his dad. 

 They seemed to be on their way to a baseball game. As the trip dragged on the boy started getting quiet and soon had his face buried in a game on his phone. His dad continued talking to him but the boy's replies came slower and more distracted until the dad decided he needed to take drastic measures. To my surprise he reached between his son's legs, slipped his hand right up the leg of his son's shorts and started tickling the inside of his thigh. The boy immediately started laughing and shrieking protests of "Dad! Dad!" but with both his hands clutching his phone and still trying to play the game, couldn't actually stop his father who continued for a surprisingly long time.

 When I was a boy my father would tickle me all over. It didn't seem anything less than innocent fun then and it didn't now. When they boy finally gave up his phone, the father stopped and the two continued laughing and talking the rest of the trip. They obviously have loving, healthy relationship. At the same time, in our society so vigilant about abuse I never expected to see an adult man do something so open to misinterpretation in public, especially with a stranger sitting just a few feet away. The father saw he watching them and gave a friendly smile. I smiled back and that was the end of it.


Let it Go Boys

 I have been in lots of public bath rooms. I don't ever remembering were a young guy would wait in line to take a piss. Unless all the urinals were full then they had to wait for one to open up. When the urinal open up they would just go up to the urinal and take out there peter and piss. Yes sometimes they would stand real close to the urinal while peeing so no one could sneak a pick at there goods. Then there were the ones that were not shy at all while taking a pee.

  Being raised on a farm I was never shy about showing what I had behind the zipper. I was always very proud of my goods. I guess maybe that is one difference between a farm boy and city boy.
Farm boys it was no big deal if anyone was watching them while they took a pee.

Then there are the city boys. most of the city boys were shy about showing there goods behind there zipper.
I had a friend he was a city boy and I knew what he had behind his zipper. When it came to taking a pee in a public bath room he made sure he stood as close as he go so no one could see his goods. After watching me pee and not caring if anyone saw my goods. He also came around after a little while, to let any one that wanted to watch him pee.


The Double Adjustments

 I was in the electronics  department at a Big box store to look at some video games for my young cousins birthday.
There stood two young boys looking at video  games. I would guess their ages to be around fourteen years old.
They both had on loose shorts with elastic  bands, and they both wore t-shirts. 

 Where I was standing I could see the front of their shorts. There was no tents or bulges for either of the boys. Then all of sudden one boy reaches inside his short and adjusted his goods. I could tell he had started to develop a tent inside there.

  I thought to myself "Did I just see what I saw?" 

 Then he reached inside a second time and started adjusting some more. This time it took him a lot longer to get everything how he wanted. With his hand finally removed, I could see he had developed a good size tent. I don't know what they were looking at, but it had made an impression on the other kid too. The other boy he also reaches inside his elastic band and started to adjust his goods. It took him a couple of minutes to adjust balls and all. As he pulled his hand out of his shorts,  I could see he also had a nice size tent growing up too.

 They both looked at those amazing "tent maker" games a little more, then they turn and walked away, and I guess they also went out of the store.

  I don't think they had any idea that they were giving me a good show. I stood there for a little while thinking about what I just saw........They may have been quietly talking about the games, or something they planned to do later. I never knew what caused them both to massage their junk right in front of me, but it sure had an impact on us all.

  I whispered to myself,  "Thank you boys for making my day just a little more exciting.".

-Farm Boy

Oh, the Dangers of Getting a Little Relief

This was really amusing to me and I thought the readers might get a grin.

A kid was standing at the lavatory when I went into the men's room near the food court at our mall. He had a wad of wet paper towels in his hand, working hard to scrub the left leg of his dark brown Old Navy cargo shorts.

There could be many explanations. Maybe grease dripped from a juicy burger. Or gravy from chicken nuggets, or a splash from a milk shake.  But all of us have been there and know that the odds were on it being "something else."

I got a good look at him because he was so busy he didn't even seem to be aware of me. Young, quite young. The sort of "young" that shouts, "I just discovered myself last week."  Big pile of untidy blond hair. Full, puffy lips. Legs a little hairy but arms and face totally smooth. And working hard, very hard, on that pants leg. So hard that he was concentrating on his job like it was a matter of life and death. He worked feverishly as if his favored pants were now his worst enemy, he needed desperately to regain their allegiance to his apparent innocence

After scrubbing with wet towels, he patted the place with dry ones. Then walked to the hand dryer and tried to aim it at his damp pants. He tugged at the length of his white T-shirt in attempt to cover the damp spot, the horror on his face prevailed as  he paced about checking his appearance in the mirror from various angles.

I restrained myself from saying anything, of course, but my mind was full of good advice for him as I walked out: "Dude, you better run home and throw those pants in the washer before yo mama guesses what you been up to in the mall restroom!"

Oh, the dangers of getting a little relief!