Requiem for the End of Boyhood

Today (Memorial Day) the public pools here opened for the summer. I frequently sun and swim at the pool in our neighborhood, hiding my eyes behind sunglasses while appreciating the lovely young male scenery. Today I made a sad observation. One of my favorite young men has gone over the hill, so to speak. He has been a presence at the pool for many years, beginning as a little kid, changing from childhood into pre-pubertal boyhood and then into the brief years of beautiful young adolescence, gloriously fit and tan, unmistakably aware of himself in a way that he never was before.

He was back today, inaugurating the pool season with scores of other kids and families. Sadly, though, nature's taken him over the hump. He hasn't controlled his weight, for one thing. He's beefy. His belly has a roll of unbecoming flab hanging over the waistband of his trunks. His voice is a little too commanding, a little too deep. And to top it off, he's got a suspicious shadow on his upper lip.

You were so handsome just after puberty, my friend, so beautiful in your seasons of discovery. Fortunately there's a new crop of guys coming up behind you. I wish you well. You've made a giant leap this past year and clearly left the past behind. How quickly it happened. Oh, I'll still encounter you at the pool, but the moment of perfection has slid out of grasp. You never knew how your youthful beauty blessed me, and suddenly that brief hypnotic post-pubertal handsomeness is gone.


Jake and Larry on the Move.

I stopped at the rest stop to take a break from driving. Besides I had to take a leak also. I was sitting at the table when in pulled a car.  As soon as she stopped the car two boys hopped out of the car and started running towards the bathroom. Yelling all the way I Have To Pee. I don't think they saw me setting at the table. I think all they had on there minds was to get to the bathroom before they pee in there jeans. I smiled thinking of all the times that has happen to me with Robbie.

Then their mother got out of the car and was looking around. Then she saw me setting at the table. I sure am glad that this rest stop was here. They had to go to the bathroom a mile back.
 I told her, "I know how that is, Robbie used to do the same thing just like your boys did."

"You have children also?" She asked.
 "No", I said,  "I don't have any of my own. I raised my nephew since he was two years old. He was a handful. Your boys reminded me of all the times he had to go to the bathroom and went yelling just like your boys did."
She offered details on hers, "My two boys are sure a handful. They are good boys at times. Oh yes... I am Mary."
"I am Jim."
She continued, "The tallest boy is Jake and the short one is Larry.
I inquired, "How old are your boys?"
"Jake is twelve and Larry just turned eleven." She smile triumphantly at her feat thus far I reckoned.
  The boys came running out of the bathroom yelling and laughing. They started to wrestle around on the ground giving me a show.  First Jake would be on top of Larry, and then Larry would be on top of Jake.
Jake would grab Larry's leg and pull it up to his head. His butt was sticking up in the air. He would make Larry tell him he gave up. Then Jake would lower his leg back down to the ground. As soon as Jake was sitting on the ground. Larry hopped up and grabs Jake around the head pulled him to the ground. Larry laid on top of Jake. Then he grabs Jake's arms and holds them to the ground.

"There I have you now." he told Jake.
Then Jake said, "Yes you have me, so NOW I can't move. Larry asked Jake to say please let me up. Jake obeyed his bother's command.
Mary looked at me and told me, "Jake always let's Larry win. Most of the time that is.We have to get back on the road. It has been a pleasure visiting with you."
I stood up and shook her hand and said, "You drive safe'
Mary told the boys that they had to get going. They brushed the grass off their jeans then had an impromptu race to the car.

Respectfully, I waited until she walked to the car and they drove off. As they were drove off, both boys waved goodbye to me. I nodded and waved back.

Farm Boy


Do I look like a perv?

 (This isn't written or intended for publication.)
Too Bad Pal, I couldn't avoid opening the topic. But actually under the premise that "Today's teens are unusually shy about their bits."  

He writes -
 Today we were passing through a large city and stopped at a shopping mall. I already had a lot of coffee to drink, so I headed to the men's room. It's located off of the food court. This mall was real busy today. When I walked in, there was one adult man using one of the 8 urinals and the rest were open. There was one (cute) 14-er boy apparently waiting for a stall to open. He did not elect to use any of the open urinals.

By the time I finished my business, two more teenage boys had come in, and they were both waiting in line behind the one boy for a stall to open. When I flushed, then nobody was using any of the urinals. As I washed my hands, I saw the first boy go to a stall that opened, and then while I was drying my hands, a second boy entered another stall that opened. 

What's the chance all three of these boys had to do "#2"?? I doubt any of them had to. Seems our society has moved to a point where teen boys feel they need complete shut-door privacy to take a piss? They all literally waited in line for one of the four stalls to open instead of just selecting a urinal. And it's not like they would have had to pull it out while somebody else was standing at a urinal right next to them. Nobody was using any of the urinals.

(So I just figured I musta looked like a perv, and they didn't want to whip it out anywhere near me, just in case I might see it,  grab it, and yank in it or something. Or take out my phone and start snapping pictures of it.)

My Comment is indeed a continuation of the  manner in which I opened. I maintain that it is not YOU that the boys avoided. I suggest that young guys today seem to be extraordinarily concerned about how they measure up. Sure, that is something that most guys struggle with internally, and many choose to remain modest in most public restrooms. I think it's odd when an adult or teen wedges their body at the corner urinal and turns obviously towards a partition wall. Gimme a break!! We're all guys, we know exactly what you got behind your zipper. And lets be honest guys when a penis is in it's flaccid state, very rarely is it ever impressive. So get over your ego, and swallow your pride, do your business at the urinal just as you would if you were alone.

And to the poster, I am very certain that you appear as average as any adult man in a public restroom. Also, that he was not singling you out, only making a further point that teens feel inadequate. They honestly need to realize that almost all guys have about 3-5 inches (average) when loose as a goose.  There has not been any incredible penile enhancing genome manifesting change in the male anatomy for about as along as medical  science has existed. Some tout genetics, race and country of origin as a possible answer to the elusive question of penile endowment. It is all likely so random, that none of the above are even close to factual assumptions. Certainly in the last 15 of so years there has not been any occurrence to cause teens today to have an under-sized or even over-sized wiggler.

So umm,  I have pretty good intel that younger guys frequently like to compare size on various social media sites. Someone (one of them) could create a generic name and within a short time draw in some random followers/friends, and ultimately discussions might come round to sharing. It offers a bit more anonymity than asking your friends to show. Which could bring on an unforgivable Gay Bro Curse. I think this "Online identity and sharing factor" could accentuate the supposed shyness displayed by young guys. They no longer feel compelled to compare at the urinals since they already have plenty of opportunities to compare discreetly online. I say you can safely assume any guy who shy's into the stall to take a piss probably has a Snap-Chat and Kik account complimented by numerous naughty selfies stored on his phone.

So hold your head up any of you adults who are not shy at the urinals. You are the old-school dudes who learned about anatomy the natural way, not from photoshopped gallery images.



Nice Youngster Dancing

How bout a some Nice Dancing......
I niked this off FACEY today.


Getting a treat at Dairy Queen

Last night I went late to Dairy Queen to pick up some treats right before they closed. There were two men and a boy already waited on, and the staff was busy making all their selections. I was the only one waiting to yet be served. I then noticed the boy, dressed in his baseball uniform and looking to be 12 or 13, he makes a quick and deliberate reach for his crotch to either scratch an itch, or make an adjustment. What a good looking boy he was, too, with lots of subtle outward signs of early puberty. He had a nice little round butt, well-accented by his white uniform pants; broadened shoulders; and some defined muscular structure in his arms. I bet he was barely 5 feet tall.

While he was waiting, he reached down and scratched or adjusted three more times. He did look a little puffy down there, but I saw no evidence that looked like he was wearing a cup or had an obvious erection, but I think just its classic time in his young life where his growing manhood is taking up more and more space in his pants than it ever did before. And us guys know that new-growth of pubic hair tends to itch quite a bit, too.

When he was handed his treat I saw that he was alone, not with either of the other men in the store. I saw out the window he got into a waiting car and they drove off. I couldn't help but wonder if as soon as he got home, did he first eat his treat or did he go strip off his uniform, give his privates a good long scratch and adjustment as he seemed to need so badly, then put on something more comfortable and devour the tasty sweet treat.



A Boys Napkin Trick

I had a nice sighting at dinner last night. We went to a seafood restaurant that furnishes large red linen napkins wrapped around the silverware. A family of four was seated at a nearby table. Mom, pop, teenage girl, and a lad who looked as innocent as a lamb, but soon showed that he had boy-things going on in his pants. The guy unwrapped his silverware, held the napkin over to the side by a couple of corners, and shook it until it fully unrolled. Then he carefully put it over his his lap, smoothing it down and adjusting every corner. As soon as the napkin was in place, his right hand slid under it and fumbled around, making the napkin wiggle and bump. He smooths the napkin again. Right hand moves back to the table and he's busy with conversation and an appetizer. Now left hand rests on top of the napkin and mashes fairly hard. Then the right hand dives under the napkin again and bumps around. Smooth napkin again. Eat a little. Mash left hand on top of napkin. Slide right hand under napkin and bang around.

It was thoroughly entertaining - between giving attention to his crotch and eating dinner, he would put down his fork and adjust the napkin whenever necessary to keep it square and straight across his lap. Left hand always mashed on top of the napkin. Then the right hand would zoom in and fumble around under the napkin. Then he'd eat for a few seconds before fiddling with his lap again.

The really entertaining thing was this: The poor boner-afflicted kid must have thought his napkin completely hid the attention he was giving himself, when in reality that bright red napkin highlighted the left hand on top of it, as well as the right hand fumbling around beneath it.