A Double Feature Peek

Last week while Christmas shopping at the mall I had to use the restroom. It was empty when I walked in, and I selected the middle of the three available urinals.

 Barely after I had even unzipped, to my surprise two young teenage boys came in. They both looked to be about 14 or 15. They took the urinals on each side of me, and to my surprise, neither boy seemed the least bit modest. The one to my left even unbuckled, unzipped, and pulled his shorts open to get to his equipment, exposing not only his dick but part of his bush, too. Neither boy tried to cover up at all. I got a quick glimpse of two fine young fairly long and fat and pink, smooth well developed circumcised organs by secretly peeking to each side while I did my own business.

They were talking and laughing the whole time they were peeing, and seemed totally oblivious that I was even there. Then they both flushed and walked out. I was then washing my hands (they both skipped that part). In the mirror I glanced to get one more lasting impression of their faces and lean physique. Then playing back the quick images in my mind of the surprise 'double feature' I had just observed publicly at the mall.



Bicycle Boner Boy

I just remembered to tell you guys what I saw whilst on my way to work the other day.

It was a teen boy around 14/15 riding towards me on his bike. Everything seemed pretty normal,  but he rode with just one hand. Upon closer inspection.... the other holding a satchel awkwardly behind his handlebars. It looked odd,  so of course as he got closer I looked specially for the cause of his crazy cycling arrangement. Well sure enough, I could see he had a boner in his shorts. Maybe he thought the bag shielded his uncontrolled rise.

Oh NO!! Dead Bust Buddy Rough!!

I saw just what you think you had concealed. Nice try.

 At that age I guess you are naive enough to believe nobody will notice :)



Dinner and a Show

We went to a burger restaurant yesterday. Some of the tables at that place are like Bar tables, taller than normal with high stools to sit on. Not very big around. They can sit four people, max.

So this young teen dude nearby is with some other people at one of those tall tables. He is wearing an athletic shirt in red and blue, that is too short. It does not come down as far as his waist. For pants, he has got baggy cargo shorts. Dude's pants hang so low his butt crack is on display. He just sits there, eating and talking, his pallid crack perfectly visible, even as he shifts himself about on the bar stool. The shirt was clearly a miscalculation on his part, or perhaps this was a planned exhibition, who can be sure.

It looked like an invitation to poke something into the gap between his pants and his crack. I wanted to walk by and pour my coke into his pants!



Little Wiggler Stands Tall

Restroom of a local restaurant at breakfast this morning. I went in for a quick piss. Picture it: little boy maybe 4 years old sitting on the crapper. A man, apparently his father, standing with the door open and keeping an eye on the 
little dude. 

Me, walking into the room, find myself looking straight into the open stall where the boy's peter is pointing up out of his lap!

 Boy straining his bowels while his erection stands tall! Dude's little stiffie about the size of the cap off a lipstick. Looks stiff as a piece of pipe. Circumcised with head very visible above shaft. Dad makes no move to shut the door, apparently not concerned.

I piss and wash my hands. Then I pass the stall on the way to the door. Boy wiggling weenie this time. Serious start to the day!



Teeny Weenie Peenie

A year ago at Thanksgiving I wrote a post for the BS blog about a six-year-old boy who looked at a picture in a Dick and Jane book and thought Dick had pee'd on the floor (Come See Dick Pee).

Last night I was invited to a birthday dinner for my sister-in-law at the home of that boy's family. He is now seven and in second grade. It was interesting to watch him on his home territory. He brought his toys into the living room and played with trucks and tractors and Hot Wheels between watching cartoons on his own cell phone. He's a very gregarious lad who hung around with the adults and also sort of halfway bossed his three-year-old sister. He remembered me and showed me some of his trucks.

About 9:00 the parents told both kids to get ready for a bath. I was not prepared for what happened next. Several minutes later the two of them came charging through the living room without a stitch of clothing! The boy was chasing the girl, both of them laughing and squealing. Then they raced through again with the naked three-year-old chasing the bare seven-year old. All in all we had three looks at the nude kids before their parents got them into the tub.

 Apparently a certain degree of nudity is "normal" in that family, which may explain why the kid was so open last year about asking whether Dick had pee'd.

But what grabbed my attention was the boy's amazingly tiny penis. At age seven I expected him to sport a clearly visible sign of maleness. Not so! He was equipped with a half-inch at most, merely a slight decoration on his groin rather than a protuberance. It was so little that it appeared to be wider than it was long. His balls (if he had any!) were completely invisible.

I hope for his sake that he develops some genuine manhood soon, before he reaches the age where boys change together and sneak secret peeks at each other.


Got Caught Looking

This happened when I was about 13. Mom wanted to go out with her friend who had a son my sister's age, . We were essentially baby-sitting ourselves because of our ages, she was 2 years older and so was Matt,   they were also classmates at the Deaf School. Deaf kids are pretty much like everybody else except their available sense are much more fine-tuned.

So we watched some TV, and played some board games at this kids house. Matt was a friendly host even though I had never met him before. He was a well-built blonde teen. I made that assumption because he was wearing grey athletic pants, some people call them trackies. But due to the soft cotton fabric, whenever he stood and walked anywhere his teen bulge was pretty apparent to me. At 13 I really had not seen any adult sized cocks, nor did I have a frame of reference how much they should bulge. I was in gym class, so I had seen guys my age in the lockers all the time. But it seemed this kid had a lot more of a package than any of the guys in gym. I kept sneaking glances at it whenever he walked or stood facing me. It moved some when he took a stride. This thing must've been like a snake in there. I was curious about his young man-hood, even though he was not really cute to me. What he presented out front, sure had my interest.

Well eventually he stood still in front of me and signed to me to "Just look at it, look Good". Then he grabbed a protruding mass of boy junk in his pants, surrounded by his fore-finger and thumb. I looked away immediately and said I had not been looking. Mostly to save face in front of my sister. The boy smirked and walked away. Through the rest of the night I was embarrassed, but knew I'd best not act like I was indeed guilty. Due to his keen awareness of watching peoples expressions and their eyes, Matt boy knew I had been eyeing it, and I was caught re-handed. Maybe he felt it was a compliment, and maybe he figured I had a secret. He was right on both.



Giving Josh a Shower

One summer when I was home from college my aunt and uncle and their kids came for a few days. My 14-year-old nephew "Josh" had broken his leg, poor guy, and was wearing a heavy cast. He clunked back and forth on crutches and looked miserable. A bunch of us were sitting around not doing much of anything when Josh turned to his mother and said "Ma, I want to take a shower."

They looked around for Josh's dad to help him in the bathroom, but he and my father had gone off somewhere. His mother announced that he'd just have to wait until the men got home.

Without even consulting me, Josh called my name and told his mother that I could help him. She asked me if I minded, and of course I told her it was fine.

Josh sat down on the toilet lid with his bum leg sticking out. He was wearing a pair of old bluejeans with the leg seam cut open all the way from bottom to crotch. It was held closed with safety pins which had to be unfastened one at a time - an awkward feeling as I got close to his crotch. Finally the jeans were off. Josh had already removed his shirt and his one shoe and sock. All that remained were a pair of standard white briefs which the two of us worked together to slide down the length of the cast - awkward moment number two.

As the briefs descended they revealed a patch of light brown pubes followed by a dick that was about half-way through its pubertal growth spurt. And then a loose dangle of ribbed scrotum. I was tempted to say "Whoa! Nice junk, Josh." But of course I remained as objective as possible and never let my eyes linger where they shouldn't.

While his package came into view Josh flashed his eyes at me momentarily. I could never prove it, but I think he was silently telling me something like this: "Remember when I was a little boy tagging around after you? Well now I'm way past that. Just look at what I've got here!"

I could be wrong, but I think he truly wanted me to appreciate what I was seeing.

The shower was the third awkward moment. He was supposed to keep the cast outside of the tub, so I had to help support him while he soaped up and rinsed off. When it was over I helped him dry off.

Then came the most awkward moment of all, getting a fresh pair of undies up the cast, over the other leg, onto his butt and around his mid-section. When that was done he paused to adjust his junk with both hands before we wrestled the jeans onto his legs.

Neither one of us put a toe out of line, nor would I have dared to even think of such a thing. But I still believe Josh was showing off for me.



Breakfast Bonanza

We went out for breakfast today, Saturday morning, and went to a place that had a breakfast buffet. We were seated in a location where there was a steady stream of customers going to and from the buffet. One boy passed me heading to the buffet, and I couldn't help but notice his little backside as he passed by me. A short little guy with a round 'bubble butt'. I was able to observe him better as he browsed the buffet, and I noticed he already had a dark upper lip, which to me looked quite out of place for his age. As he took his full plate back past me I could see that his jeans were fairly tight and a little short, like he was clearly growing out of them. But that made the fact that he had a very distinct rounded bulge at his crotch quite obvious. Not the rigid bulge of an erection, but the bulge of an already well developed boyhood inside.

My guess is that he's probably a 6th grader whose puberty started maybe when he was still only 10 years old. Now, maybe not even 12 yet, he's sporting the developed body of an average 14 year-old. Probably a nicely grown appendage sitting beneath a thick small crop of short curlies. (Ah-hem like one of those boys back in the 7th grade showers that I used to gawk at because they were so much more developed than I was.)



Peter La Anguila impressions By Gyrating Little Latinos

I love this song, and the mesmerizing beat. I was searching to find the best  version of it, but had to sort through all these silly kids doing their best impressions. What they lacked, seemed just with undaunted effort and commitment.

                                                            Or finally the Original......


Random Vid

So I reckon this makes up a bit for my last post. It's an older MattyB.

Busting up Bull Sh1t

Henry Ruins a Kids interview

So this is not typical on here, but I am indulging and trying out video links. Advance to the 40 second mark and you will see Henry totally invades this kids space. I reckon he knew the kid was not an actual Black Flag fan.


State of Urgency

Last summer being in the center of Warsaw, I’ve got a text from the client, and had to send him an offer by e-mail.  I hate to browse Internet on my mobile, as it is too small for me, so I rushed to the bus stop to go home urgently. On my way to the bus unexpectedly near an Internet Cafe. I presumed this would be a quicker opportunity to sit my customer. On a ground floor there was a computer and mobile phone shop, and on mezzanine there were six rows of ten years old crummy computers and the some CRT monitors, but it was enough to send a simple e-mail. I sat in a corner and started to read a message from my client.

 Few minutes later I saw a teen boy climbing the stairs. He was max sixteen years old, dressed in a navy blue t-shirt and shorts. I am sure that he haven’t seen me and was sure to be alone there. He took a place in another corner and I returned to reading request from my client. Few minutes later I was attracted by silent moaning and deep breathing. I couldn’t see the boy’s face as it was covered by the big, old monitor, but I could see everything under the table. So I saw the legs wide spread and boy’s hand massaging his crutch, than unzipping his shorts. I nice, young hard dick popped out and he started to wank furiously. His nice ball were jumping up and down and it took him less than a minute to explode with large amount of cum, which covered his hand and few drops felt to the floor. With his right hand he was searching pockets but without result. As I always have with me a pack of tissues, I approached him and hanged it over to him. Poor boy was totally shocked! He looked at me with a horror in his young eyes, and couldn’t say a word.
- Calm down, man. Clean yourself and don’t forget about floor – I said in a low voice with a grin on my face, and returned to my place. Two minutes later he came to me, returning the rest of tissues. His face was red as watermelon and his voice trembling.
- Thank you sir – he whispered – will you Out-me to the staff?
- Tell them about what? That you have a hay fever and needed tissues? Relax, boy. I was happy to be able to help you in need – I said calmly with a smile.
- Very kind of you, sir. Thank you – he said, smiled hesitantly, than left in a hurry.
I returned to my e-mail. Later on I laughed when I thought about urgency.
I had to answer urgently my client, so I used public computer, although I had my own at home. I am sure that that boy had his own computer too, but found himself in a state of such great urgency, that he needed any computer right now. Finally I came to the conclusion, that there are different urgencies in a man’s life.


When to do it?

A recent BS, I was at a restaurant yesterday, and saw a family of 5.

Mom and dad, two girls probably ages 11 and 13, and an adorably cute boy, probably 14. He wasn't entirely a nerd, but he had glasses, well creased Khaki shorts and a Polo, indicating he is probably enrolled in a parochial school and they had a school funtion on Saturday. He was just geeky enough, that I doubt any girls are paying him much attention. However, I can see he sure has potential

At one point the boy got up to use the restroom. As he left the table I saw him take a good grab at himself, possibly making an adjustment. He came back quite fast, so I doubt he did anything but "the usual" in the men's room.

I just started wondering if he can find enough privacy at home, with those two younger sisters always there, and complaining why he takes so long to shower every day. Perhaps even a public place is a welcome opportunity. I don't suspect that he tool that chance today, but I walked to the restroom to survey the possible aftermath, all clear.



The Lad in the Lorry

I had a similar incident to this story just yesterday.

I was walking my dogs and walked past a builders van parked up. In the passenger seat I noticed a very handsome boy, around 14. He held his phone in his hands and had both his knees pulled up whilst resting on the dashboard. It looked uncomfortable and I could guess he had done so to hide his erection. Poor boy was obviously waiting for his Dad doing a job. I saw parts of his attire, which was thin grey pants that were limp and flimsy, not the easiest of clothes to hide a teenage boner in. I noticed his fresh clear face stood out magnificently full of charmed innocence.....but perhaps that was a ruse. Was he in the midst of something secretly naughty.

The nature of those rumpled pants, his unusual sitting position, his legs, all built up more curiosity within me. This deserved a resolve. I walked past again a few minutes later and took a longer  look-on as I walked past. He still had one leg up and the other down and although he was trying to be casual I could see the bump in his crotch.

When I left for work a couple minutes later the van was gone. I would have loved to be in an apartment above looking down into the van, I bet he had a good play when he suspected nobody was looking! But what would he do if he knew someone was looking? Would the relentless display continue. Would he act out and be upset or angry. Perhaps the tyke might quickly hide all the business and pretend nothing had happened.

I think he probably finished suitably with the skills of a learned pro, well before Dad arrived to drive away.



Blog News

Out of the Shadows fell to Nukage again. Use the link provided or and see it in favorites below.
No need to quibble with the over-lord about it. It is best to just rebuild and move on.

The present view is quite basic. It can be tweaked to look as you guys expect. Just give it time. 


Boy in a Small Honda

I drive a full-size pickup. This afternoon I stopped at the supermarket on the way home. There was a vacant parking space right next to a little white Honda. One interesting thing about sitting in a pickup, you look down into small cars. You don't see people's faces, but you see down at an angle into the car's interior.

While still pulling into the space, I saw a knee. A boy in the Honda's passenger seat was sitting with the window open. His right foot was resting against the top of the dashboard and his seat was apparently racked all the way back. This put his right knee on an angle level with his open window. The next thing I noticed was pure boy: a scab on the guy's knee. A memory of some rough-and-tumble summertime game, maybe. But getting deeper into the space I could look right down into the dude's lap and get a third view, the best one of all. Dude had a hand thrust into the leg of his shorts, rumbling around inside them.

By the time I got out and walked past his window, the kid had removed his foot from the dashboard. He was sitting perfectly still. Both hands surrounded his package, carefully cradling the hidden contents of the shorts but not moving a muscle.

I'm hoping for his sake that he resumed his previous posture and activity the second I walked past him. Maybe his mom stayed gone long enough for him to ----- No, I wouldn't wish a lap full of cum on any young dude!



Jason for Hire

The picture posted with this story makes me think of the time I enlisted a neighbor boy to help me plant some shrubs on a Saturday.

I was ready to get started about 8 AM but Jason was nowhere to be seen. I went to their house. His mother said he was still in bed and probably forgot about what he was supposed to do. She told me to go on in and wake him up. It seemed an odd directive since I had only been in their house a couple of occasions all seemed okay. Clearly they were friendly people who often hosted block parties with tons of families and kids roaming throughout the house and lawn. Their son was popular with the younger kids and perhaps his gentle kindness had caused me to think of him as a responsible yard-work helper. I located his room, nervous yet feeling slightly voyeuristic to glimpse his room and what delicate secrets it might have stowed away over time. 

 I cautiously peeked into his room, respectfully knocking to alert him of my presence. The following result was just about as common as any teen boy's awakening day. Yet my image of him as a youth leader was somewhat corrupted as Jason struggled out of bed. He had on nothing but low-rise baby-blue briefs containing an unmistakable angular bulge.

It was the sort of completely unexpected glimpse that leaves you gasping for breath - so little clothing and so much lump. This Kid was about 15 and hormones were surely coursing through his system at an alarming rate. I would assess nature's masterful edict rejuvenated nightly to raise an apocalyptic monument  tormenting those soft scant undies. A flurry of antagonized thoughts raced through my mind.Was I here with authority, Yes his Mum had said to awaken him. Was it a moment that I would prefer never happened, NO WAY! Was the whole thing dangerously evil, Of course not. Was today going to be special, But of course!!

I hurried out of the room and went on home to settle my nerves, and wait for him. When Jason got there I had a wicked inclination  to ask if he'd had a pleasant session subduing his morning boner, but with restrained wisdom, I kept my mouth shut about it.



Tented Trackies in Public

I was in McDonald's last night. It was around midnight. In the corner Sat three good looking boys all about 15 to16.
Then one boy sitting on the end caught my eye. He Wearing Grey tracksuit bottoms and he was constantly mashing his lap,  very obviously doing his best to subdue his boner. He actually caught me looking but I was drunk and didn't really care.

So I carried on just lookin as he was in my direct line of sight. I feel a bit mean as I probably made him so self conscious, he kept looking up at me whilst powerless to stop the urge to mash and constantly push his teen excitement down. I guess had he not leveled the beast down,  it would have made a very obvious tent in his tracksuit bottoms.


When ya gotta go!!

There's a day care center a couple blocks from where I live. It's a home that has been converted for childcare.

 Most of the front yard is a playground, surrounded by cyclone fence. As I passed yesterday afternoon, the playground was full of little ones. One small dude was standing right at the front fence with his pants down. He had his little peter aimed through the fence while he pee'd right onto the public sidewalk, totally unconcerned.

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go!


County Fair Cuties

Last week I was at a county fair. Watching the crowd I noticed these two boys, who looked to be 13 or 14 going around together. They seemed to be especially good friends and would even occasionally give each other a sort of quick one-armed hug. Nothing really obvious like holding hands, but I was getting the feeling that maybe they'd like to.

Then I saw them both head into a men's room together. I waited for them to come out so I could continue to watch them. They were really good looking boys, too. Well, I waited and waited and finally they came back out. They were in there together for almost 10 minutes!

My mind was going crazy wondering what they were doing in there together.

I think I know.


Do the Bump

I was at a home improvement store shopping for hardware and happened to notice a heart-warming little scene. an African-American family was looking at washing machines, mom and pop in their 30's and a handsome young dark-brown boy, slightly short but apparently about 12 or 13, casually dressed and sporting a sort of "scroll" design trimmed in the temples of his short hair. The boy was standing right at the corner of a washer, facing it at a 45-degree angle. He was perhaps three or four inches back from the appliance, alertly watching his parents and the salesman in the next aisle.

And how was this handsome young man occupying his time? He slowly rocked forward from his ankles, bumped the fly of his pants against the corner of the washing machine, and kind of bounced back. The alignment of his zipper with the vertical edge of the washer was precise. He continued this bumping activity throughout the time that it took me to pass the appliance department: rock toward corner of washing machine, bump fly with a sort of springy motion, bounce back. Repeat.

Later I saw them in another part of the store. As the boy walked along, there was unmistakably a vertical bulge behind his zipper as if he had a roll of coins in his underwear. His bulging zipper kind of preceded him as he walked, his fly leading the way through the store. That was twice he had made me smile.

The little guy reminded me of the comments on oots4u2 months or years ago by readers who spoke of positioning their adolescent boners vertically behind their zippers in hopes that the erections would be less noticeable.

One has to wonder: If left undisturbed in the appliance department, would the lad have kept bumping his bulging fly against the washer until he produced a climactic celebration of his young manhood?

Carefree Casual

Okay so this was not an observation, but a story told to me by a colleague.

He described how his 10 year old Son was a bit of a nudist at home. I'll call him Jon. He comes home after school and strips off down to his undies and then lounges around home like that through home-work, dinner time, family time watching TV, and until bedtime. He brushes his teeth and is essentially prepared for bedtime since about 4:00 PM.

I didn't want to seem odd with prying questions,but asked how this started.  My friend went on to explain that he himself was much the same as a youth. He had seen his adult dad do the same thing when he came home form work so as a youth it only seemed natural to emulate Dad. Strip to comfy attire and enjoy the casual comfort of home. My friend said when he was little his Grand Ma referred to him as her little Tarzan.So it's kind of an amusing  family tradition I presumed.

Laughing at his own admission and what has transpired lately. My friend added that his son seems to hold very little modesty about wearing scant clothing even when the boy's buddies drop by. He told me, that there is a slightly different format on Friday's after their ball practice. The boys start plotting, and hoping to score a household willing to host a sleep-over. He said, a lot of the families in his neighborhood are military. Which means many of them can only indulge in prime livelihood at first of the month payroll. By the end of the month those families are probably a bit lean at the bank, so spending $35 to $50 on pizzas for the random neighborhood kids is perhaps a bit of problem after the middle of the month. Apparently they skillfully plot out which boys family will pony-up the pre-requisite party favors of a pre-teen sleep-over. Jon's Dad (My friend) has apparently  been targeted as pizza fund solvent on a regular basis, so there are frequent Friday night sleep-over requests by young Jon to Dad.

Back to  the young guy "Nudist Jon", he remains fully clothed until after Pizza is served and consumed. However by the point the boys retire to the game room, Jon is down to Tighty whities, or Boxer Briefs,. Somewhat described whether he had Baseball practice that afternoon or not. Some Dads are fully aware that when you wear White Baseball pants you wear White undies that day. Super-hero undies at as time like this is Social Suicide, Eek.

So we presume Jon lounges about during video-gaming and fully prepared for bedtime. Carefully I asked the question if other young fellows follow suit and also strip down to undies like their host. Dad reports that apparently since Jon is their frequent host, they likely don't dare to tease him. It seems that if the lights are low in the game room when he has passes by, there are a number of bare legs sprawled on the floor and couch. He says he doesn't disturb them, but it appears to be a group thing to chill in undies on Friday night there.

Carefree Casual is the evening attire.



Spot Check

A real funny thing happened yesterday. It was registration day at the middle school. I took my nephew to register because my sister and her husband both work. The building was teeming with young adolescents and their parents. After we got his schedule and supply list, we were walking along a hallway. Up ahead was a sign over a doorway. It said "Boys."

Just on impulse, I told my nephew I had to make a pit stop. Actually, I wanted to look around in that room just because of the overall environment plus what I remember about myself at that age. Well, my "look" paid off. In one of the stalls was a series of sticky-looking squirts of cum. From these gooey blasts a few narrow, moist trails slowly oozed their way down the metal partition to drip on the floor.

Voila! Classes haven't even started and middle school boys are doing what middle school boys do!

Anonymous Uncle

What was on that Phone?

I had to go to the local bank to do some banking business. I was the only one in the bank lobby except for the young man at the window doing some banking. I was standing at the end of the island were they keep all sorts of forms for you if you needed them. I did not mind at all waiting my turn. Right directly in front of me sat a young boy. I would say he was in his mid teens. He was staring at his phone.

He had on a t-shirt and blue jeans that had holes in the knees. He had really nice looking knees. When he spread his legs I could see he had a very nice bulge. The more I watched the bigger his bulge was growing. Every once in awhile he would reach down and adjust his bulge. Every time he adjusted his bulge it grew a little more. He never once looked up to see if I was watching him adjust his bulge. He would just keep on looking at his phone. I was wondering what he was looking at on his phone that made his bulge grow so big in his jeans.

It must have been his brother at the tellers window. He called for him to get ready because they are going to be going.

When he stood up to leave, I could see he had a very nice size bulge. He once again reached down and adjusted his bulge. He never looked at me to see if I was watching him adjusting his bulge. When he walked by me he said have a good day, I looked at him and smiled and said I will. you have a good day also. He smiled and left the bank.

Farm Boy

Junior's Surprise

My son is now 17, but a few years ago at the beginning of the summer when he had just barely turned 12 we made our first trip of the season to a favorite big water park in a neighboring city.

In our home I'd never see him naked but in the changing room at this water park I was shocked to see how big my son had already gotten down there! His whole thing was amazingly big and fat! Outwardly, until that sight, I honestly didn't think his puberty had even started yet. Fully dressed he still looked like a little kid with a high squeaky voice. I have to admit that looking at him, I, too, began to wonder if my son had also possibly "climbed Mount Jackoff" yet.



The Classy Buffet Treat

Lunch today, buffet restaurant. Full of families. Group of five comes in, mother, father, handsome neo-pubertal boy and two young girls. Boy wears pristine white shorts that extend down to his knees. Tanned, hairless legs. Athletic shoes with white ankle socks. Short-sleeve sport shirt with vertical stripes in alternating colors of brown, and beige. Shirt-tail not tucked in, yet the whole outfit looked quite classy.

The white shorts were the focal point, of course. Really dressy. Sharply pleated as if Mom had ironed them.

Every time he went back to the buffet, the pants displayed a bulge at the bottom of his groin. Not a boner, not even the outline of a softie. It was a rounded lump at the bottom of the fly, like having a medium-size potato lengthwise in his pants. The "potato" didn't move, didn't grow, didn't stick out. It just remained where it was, constantly highlighted by those lovely white dress shorts as the guy walked.

We quietly argued about whether he'd climbed Mount Jackoff yet. My partner said no. I said yes, because I felt there was a confident glow about the guy that couldn't be explained any other way.

Needless to say, the young gentleman made our day.


Farewell Adored One

Today I had a discerning discovery at  the public pools here which are opened for the summer. I frequently sun and swim at the pool in our neighborhood, hiding my eyes behind sunglasses while appreciating the lovely young male scenery. Today I made a sad observation. One of my favorite young men has gone over the hill, so to speak. He has been a presence at the pool for many years, beginning as a little kid, changing from childhood into pre-pubertal boyhood and then into the brief years of beautiful young adolescence, gloriously fit and tan, unmistakably aware of himself in a way that he never was before.

He was back today, inaugurating the pool season with scores of other kids and families. Sadly, though, nature's taken him over the hump. He hasn't controlled his weight, for one thing. He's beefy. His belly has a roll of unbecoming flab hanging over the waistband of his trunks. His voice is a little too commanding, a little too deep. And to top it off, he's got a suspicious shadow on his upper lip.

You were so handsome just after puberty, my friend, so beautiful in your seasons of discovery. Fortunately there's a new crop of guys coming up behind you. I wish you well. You've made a giant leap this past year and clearly left the past behind. How quickly it happened. Oh, I'll still encounter you at the pool, but the moment of perfection has slid out of grasp. You never knew how your youthful beauty blessed me, and suddenly that brief hypnotic post-pubertal handsomeness is gone.

Anonymous in Shades

Friendly Help Earns a Smile

I was at the local hard ware store were I needed to pick up a new chain for my chain saw.  As I was looking through the parts catalog a young boy I would say he was thirteen maybe a little older. He started to look at bike chains. Then I over heard him say dam I for got the dam part number.  I turned around and asked him, if I could be any help finding the chain he needed. You can look up the part number using this parts catalog.
I don't know how to use that catalog. If I had my computer I could find it real easy.

  If you would like I can show you how you can look up the part number for your chain you need.

 You will take the time to show me how to use that catalog.

I would be very happy to show you how to look up the part number using this parts catalog. That is how I used to have to look up part numbers when I was on the farm. We had no computers back then. Just these parts catalog.
I noticed that he filled out his t-shirt very well and he filled out his cut off very well.

First we have to know the brand name. He told me the brand name. Here it is, does this bike look like your bike I asked him. That's my bike. Here is the part number for your chain.

 When we found the chain he needed. it was on the top hook. I can reach it, He reached up and grab the chain. The chain didn't want to come off the hook at first. As he worked on getting the chain off the hook I could see how nice he really did fill out his cut offs. He really did give me a eye full.

There I finally have it. Now you have to go back to the parts catalog and make sure that number on the chain matches the part number in the catalog. The numbers match. Then that is the chain you need, it should fit your bike.

I am Jim.

I am Fred.

He smiled, reached out and shook my hand.

Thank you Jim for taking the time to show me how to use the part catalog. I sure didn't want to go back home then come back here again.

You welcome Fred I am glad I could help you out.

He turn and went up to the counter to pay for his chain. As he was walking out of the store he walked by the aisle we were in. He stopped and looked at me and said I really do appreciate that you to took the time to help me out. He wave and smile and said goodbye.

Farm Boy

Shy at the Stall

I have been in lots of public bath rooms. I don't ever remembering where a young guy would wait in line to take a piss. Unless all the urinals were full and they had to wait for one to open up. When the urinal opened up they would just go to the urinal and take out their peter and piss. Yes sometimes they would stand real close to the urinal while peeing so no one could possibly sneak a pick at there goods. Then there were the ones that were not shy at all while taking a pee.

 Being raised on a farm I was never shy about showing what I had behind the zipper. I was always very proud of my goods. I guess maybe that is one difference between a farm boy and city boy. Farm boys it was no big deal if anyone was watching them while they took a pee.Then there are the city boys. most of the city boys were shy about showing there goods behind there zipper.

 I had a friend he was a city boy and since we were close friends, I knew what he had behind his zipper. When it came to taking a pee in a public bath room he made sure he stood as close as he go so no one could see his goods.

After watching me pee and not caring if anyone saw my goods. He also came around after a little while, to let any one that wanted to watch him pee.

Farm Boy


A Sweet Pair

 It is curious that when MG and I are together, out and about  the town, we come across some rare and very special sightings. Including for example the pair watching the sunset together featured as the header pic on the OOTS4U Blog. That was a fascinating moment gazing upon the two buddies enjoying a brief moment that evening. We could only guess what naughty plans would carry-out that night.  They were apparently on Holiday together, sharing some precious time along the beaches and piers of a lovely beach-side town.

 So yesterday at a large Mall near my home, we were strolling through and had not seen much of special attention that day, until a pair of young teens arm in arm were approaching from the opposite direction. Both appeared to be Hispanic one taller with straight shortish hair and the other slightly shorter but with spikey hair. Immediately I noticed and directed MG to look as well. We were both intrigued and trying to determine the nature of them altogether. Very soon, they went up the escalator to the second floor. Naturally since our curiosity was not satiated yet, we followed a distance back. They both went in to American Eagle for a quick browse. We amused ourselves a short while with the overlook of the remaining crowd. The pair soon cam e out of the store and with a closer glance they were now holding hands clearly not related and it was now clear that both were indeed males about 13. They turned down the walkway and we noted the younger one rested his head and snuggled against the taller boy. We were now astounded and convinced this pair were boy-friends. Although quite young they were not ashamed or timid to show their affection in a public place.

 MG was beside himself, we contemplated the nature of their obvious relationship, developing ideas on what other unique qualities and activities they might share. We felt free to let them meander away, hands gripped together and heads adjoined, in their winsome love. We went about our normal affairs, but stopped by the food-court area for MG could visit the rest rooms. I waited in the busy area for a bit, and guess which pair of sweeties ascended upon Chik-Fil-A. None other that our young cuties. I was a distance away but I could observe the courtship, as the taller one allowed the small boy to go ahead to the counter to place his order first. I thought what a young gentleman. Is the younger in the subservient role, I mused. That theory was smashed as the younger one paid the ticket and they stepped aside to receive their order. In a final glimpse the taller boy took the tray and they traversed the maze of tables choosing one near the walk-way, and I presume many more on-lookers gawked as before. Perhaps they fed each other or just played footsy under the table.

 We discussed them many times throughout our afternoon and later at home in our private time we played out a few more topics the two may have shared.

 Although some might object to such a display of teen love. We thought it was a beautiful example of what love can be. Indeed times are changing.

Eric & MG


Dad's Special Tickles

 I have one that might work. I don't know because it involves an adult and it looked very much like the boy was being touched inappropriately but I'm sure it was innocent.

 I was on the subway today. It wasn't very full when I got one but a couple of stops later a father and son boarded and took the seats facing mine. The boy was about 10 and very pleased to be out with his dad. 

 They seemed to be on their way to a baseball game. As the trip dragged on the boy started getting quiet and soon had his face buried in a game on his phone. His dad continued talking to him but the boy's replies came slower and more distracted until the dad decided he needed to take drastic measures. To my surprise he reached between his son's legs, slipped his hand right up the leg of his son's shorts and started tickling the inside of his thigh. The boy immediately started laughing and shrieking protests of "Dad! Dad!" but with both his hands clutching his phone and still trying to play the game, couldn't actually stop his father who continued for a surprisingly long time.

 When I was a boy my father would tickle me all over. It didn't seem anything less than innocent fun then and it didn't now. When they boy finally gave up his phone, the father stopped and the two continued laughing and talking the rest of the trip. They obviously have loving, healthy relationship. At the same time, in our society so vigilant about abuse I never expected to see an adult man do something so open to misinterpretation in public, especially with a stranger sitting just a few feet away. The father saw he watching them and gave a friendly smile. I smiled back and that was the end of it.


Let it Go Boys

 I have been in lots of public bath rooms. I don't ever remembering were a young guy would wait in line to take a piss. Unless all the urinals were full then they had to wait for one to open up. When the urinal open up they would just go up to the urinal and take out there peter and piss. Yes sometimes they would stand real close to the urinal while peeing so no one could sneak a pick at there goods. Then there were the ones that were not shy at all while taking a pee.

  Being raised on a farm I was never shy about showing what I had behind the zipper. I was always very proud of my goods. I guess maybe that is one difference between a farm boy and city boy.
Farm boys it was no big deal if anyone was watching them while they took a pee.

Then there are the city boys. most of the city boys were shy about showing there goods behind there zipper.
I had a friend he was a city boy and I knew what he had behind his zipper. When it came to taking a pee in a public bath room he made sure he stood as close as he go so no one could see his goods. After watching me pee and not caring if anyone saw my goods. He also came around after a little while, to let any one that wanted to watch him pee.


The Double Adjustments

 I was in the electronics  department at a Big box store to look at some video games for my young cousins birthday.
There stood two young boys looking at video  games. I would guess their ages to be around fourteen years old.
They both had on loose shorts with elastic  bands, and they both wore t-shirts. 

 Where I was standing I could see the front of their shorts. There was no tents or bulges for either of the boys. Then all of sudden one boy reaches inside his short and adjusted his goods. I could tell he had started to develop a tent inside there.

  I thought to myself "Did I just see what I saw?" 

 Then he reached inside a second time and started adjusting some more. This time it took him a lot longer to get everything how he wanted. With his hand finally removed, I could see he had developed a good size tent. I don't know what they were looking at, but it had made an impression on the other kid too. The other boy he also reaches inside his elastic band and started to adjust his goods. It took him a couple of minutes to adjust balls and all. As he pulled his hand out of his shorts,  I could see he also had a nice size tent growing up too.

 They both looked at those amazing "tent maker" games a little more, then they turn and walked away, and I guess they also went out of the store.

  I don't think they had any idea that they were giving me a good show. I stood there for a little while thinking about what I just saw........They may have been quietly talking about the games, or something they planned to do later. I never knew what caused them both to massage their junk right in front of me, but it sure had an impact on us all.

  I whispered to myself,  "Thank you boys for making my day just a little more exciting.".

-Farm Boy

Oh, the Dangers of Getting a Little Relief

This was really amusing to me and I thought the readers might get a grin.

A kid was standing at the lavatory when I went into the men's room near the food court at our mall. He had a wad of wet paper towels in his hand, working hard to scrub the left leg of his dark brown Old Navy cargo shorts.

There could be many explanations. Maybe grease dripped from a juicy burger. Or gravy from chicken nuggets, or a splash from a milk shake.  But all of us have been there and know that the odds were on it being "something else."

I got a good look at him because he was so busy he didn't even seem to be aware of me. Young, quite young. The sort of "young" that shouts, "I just discovered myself last week."  Big pile of untidy blond hair. Full, puffy lips. Legs a little hairy but arms and face totally smooth. And working hard, very hard, on that pants leg. So hard that he was concentrating on his job like it was a matter of life and death. He worked feverishly as if his favored pants were now his worst enemy, he needed desperately to regain their allegiance to his apparent innocence

After scrubbing with wet towels, he patted the place with dry ones. Then walked to the hand dryer and tried to aim it at his damp pants. He tugged at the length of his white T-shirt in attempt to cover the damp spot, the horror on his face prevailed as  he paced about checking his appearance in the mirror from various angles.

I restrained myself from saying anything, of course, but my mind was full of good advice for him as I walked out: "Dude, you better run home and throw those pants in the washer before yo mama guesses what you been up to in the mall restroom!"

Oh, the dangers of getting a little relief!



Crack Grinder Pants

I was eating a fast-food lunch yesterday when three boys came in together. One of them was clearly enjoying himself as being in charge of the other two. He laid his keys on the table with a flourish that silently announced, "I'm old enough to drive; these others are just children." He gave them orders from time to time which they basically ignored. I assume that he was their big brother and that they were used to disregarding him.

The kid that caught my attention was the middle guy. He may have been about 13 (it's hard for me to tell ages). He was slightly chubby but not fat by any means, just made out of rounded and padded body parts instead of angular pieces. He wore a pair of athletic shorts that were just plain too small for his butt. Those shorts are what held my attention. Every time he stood up, he reached behind and pulled the shorts out of his crack. As he walked, the tight shorts called attention to the motion of his rounded posterior cheeks. The two sides of his ass moved up and down in opposite synch. Take a step: Left cheek goes up, right cheek goes down. Another step: Right cheek up, left cheek down. Repeat constantly; his butt kind of jiggled back and forth. The motion of his rear end was un-escapable. And from time to time he'd sneak a hand around back and pull the shorts out of his crack again.

Big bro with his car keys and air of superiority may have considered himself the main attraction, but my eyes were fixed on his bubble-butted middle brother.



Requiem for the End of Boyhood

Today (Memorial Day) the public pools here opened for the summer. I frequently sun and swim at the pool in our neighborhood, hiding my eyes behind sunglasses while appreciating the lovely young male scenery. Today I made a sad observation. One of my favorite young men has gone over the hill, so to speak. He has been a presence at the pool for many years, beginning as a little kid, changing from childhood into pre-pubertal boyhood and then into the brief years of beautiful young adolescence, gloriously fit and tan, unmistakably aware of himself in a way that he never was before.

He was back today, inaugurating the pool season with scores of other kids and families. Sadly, though, nature's taken him over the hump. He hasn't controlled his weight, for one thing. He's beefy. His belly has a roll of unbecoming flab hanging over the waistband of his trunks. His voice is a little too commanding, a little too deep. And to top it off, he's got a suspicious shadow on his upper lip.

You were so handsome just after puberty, my friend, so beautiful in your seasons of discovery. Fortunately there's a new crop of guys coming up behind you. I wish you well. You've made a giant leap this past year and clearly left the past behind. How quickly it happened. Oh, I'll still encounter you at the pool, but the moment of perfection has slid out of grasp. You never knew how your youthful beauty blessed me, and suddenly that brief hypnotic post-pubertal handsomeness is gone.


Jake and Larry on the Move.

I stopped at the rest stop to take a break from driving. Besides I had to take a leak also. I was sitting at the table when in pulled a car.  As soon as she stopped the car two boys hopped out of the car and started running towards the bathroom. Yelling all the way I Have To Pee. I don't think they saw me setting at the table. I think all they had on there minds was to get to the bathroom before they pee in there jeans. I smiled thinking of all the times that has happen to me with Robbie.

Then their mother got out of the car and was looking around. Then she saw me setting at the table. I sure am glad that this rest stop was here. They had to go to the bathroom a mile back.
 I told her, "I know how that is, Robbie used to do the same thing just like your boys did."

"You have children also?" She asked.
 "No", I said,  "I don't have any of my own. I raised my nephew since he was two years old. He was a handful. Your boys reminded me of all the times he had to go to the bathroom and went yelling just like your boys did."
She offered details on hers, "My two boys are sure a handful. They are good boys at times. Oh yes... I am Mary."
"I am Jim."
She continued, "The tallest boy is Jake and the short one is Larry.
I inquired, "How old are your boys?"
"Jake is twelve and Larry just turned eleven." She smile triumphantly at her feat thus far I reckoned.
  The boys came running out of the bathroom yelling and laughing. They started to wrestle around on the ground giving me a show.  First Jake would be on top of Larry, and then Larry would be on top of Jake.
Jake would grab Larry's leg and pull it up to his head. His butt was sticking up in the air. He would make Larry tell him he gave up. Then Jake would lower his leg back down to the ground. As soon as Jake was sitting on the ground. Larry hopped up and grabs Jake around the head pulled him to the ground. Larry laid on top of Jake. Then he grabs Jake's arms and holds them to the ground.

"There I have you now." he told Jake.
Then Jake said, "Yes you have me, so NOW I can't move. Larry asked Jake to say please let me up. Jake obeyed his bother's command.
Mary looked at me and told me, "Jake always let's Larry win. Most of the time that is.We have to get back on the road. It has been a pleasure visiting with you."
I stood up and shook her hand and said, "You drive safe'
Mary told the boys that they had to get going. They brushed the grass off their jeans then had an impromptu race to the car.

Respectfully, I waited until she walked to the car and they drove off. As they were drove off, both boys waved goodbye to me. I nodded and waved back.

Farm Boy


Do I look like a perv?

 (This isn't written or intended for publication.)
Too Bad Pal, I couldn't avoid opening the topic. But actually under the premise that "Today's teens are unusually shy about their bits."  

He writes -
 Today we were passing through a large city and stopped at a shopping mall. I already had a lot of coffee to drink, so I headed to the men's room. It's located off of the food court. This mall was real busy today. When I walked in, there was one adult man using one of the 8 urinals and the rest were open. There was one (cute) 14-er boy apparently waiting for a stall to open. He did not elect to use any of the open urinals.

By the time I finished my business, two more teenage boys had come in, and they were both waiting in line behind the one boy for a stall to open. When I flushed, then nobody was using any of the urinals. As I washed my hands, I saw the first boy go to a stall that opened, and then while I was drying my hands, a second boy entered another stall that opened. 

What's the chance all three of these boys had to do "#2"?? I doubt any of them had to. Seems our society has moved to a point where teen boys feel they need complete shut-door privacy to take a piss? They all literally waited in line for one of the four stalls to open instead of just selecting a urinal. And it's not like they would have had to pull it out while somebody else was standing at a urinal right next to them. Nobody was using any of the urinals.

(So I just figured I musta looked like a perv, and they didn't want to whip it out anywhere near me, just in case I might see it,  grab it, and yank in it or something. Or take out my phone and start snapping pictures of it.)

My Comment is indeed a continuation of the  manner in which I opened. I maintain that it is not YOU that the boys avoided. I suggest that young guys today seem to be extraordinarily concerned about how they measure up. Sure, that is something that most guys struggle with internally, and many choose to remain modest in most public restrooms. I think it's odd when an adult or teen wedges their body at the corner urinal and turns obviously towards a partition wall. Gimme a break!! We're all guys, we know exactly what you got behind your zipper. And lets be honest guys when a penis is in it's flaccid state, very rarely is it ever impressive. So get over your ego, and swallow your pride, do your business at the urinal just as you would if you were alone.

And to the poster, I am very certain that you appear as average as any adult man in a public restroom. Also, that he was not singling you out, only making a further point that teens feel inadequate. They honestly need to realize that almost all guys have about 3-5 inches (average) when loose as a goose.  There has not been any incredible penile enhancing genome manifesting change in the male anatomy for about as along as medical  science has existed. Some tout genetics, race and country of origin as a possible answer to the elusive question of penile endowment. It is all likely so random, that none of the above are even close to factual assumptions. Certainly in the last 15 of so years there has not been any occurrence to cause teens today to have an under-sized or even over-sized wiggler.

So umm,  I have pretty good intel that younger guys frequently like to compare size on various social media sites. Someone (one of them) could create a generic name and within a short time draw in some random followers/friends, and ultimately discussions might come round to sharing. It offers a bit more anonymity than asking your friends to show. Which could bring on an unforgivable Gay Bro Curse. I think this "Online identity and sharing factor" could accentuate the supposed shyness displayed by young guys. They no longer feel compelled to compare at the urinals since they already have plenty of opportunities to compare discreetly online. I say you can safely assume any guy who shy's into the stall to take a piss probably has a Snap-Chat and Kik account complimented by numerous naughty selfies stored on his phone.

So hold your head up any of you adults who are not shy at the urinals. You are the old-school dudes who learned about anatomy the natural way, not from photoshopped gallery images.



Nice Youngster Dancing

How bout a some Nice Dancing......
I niked this off FACEY today.


Getting a treat at Dairy Queen

Last night I went late to Dairy Queen to pick up some treats right before they closed. There were two men and a boy already waited on, and the staff was busy making all their selections. I was the only one waiting to yet be served. I then noticed the boy, dressed in his baseball uniform and looking to be 12 or 13, he makes a quick and deliberate reach for his crotch to either scratch an itch, or make an adjustment. What a good looking boy he was, too, with lots of subtle outward signs of early puberty. He had a nice little round butt, well-accented by his white uniform pants; broadened shoulders; and some defined muscular structure in his arms. I bet he was barely 5 feet tall.

While he was waiting, he reached down and scratched or adjusted three more times. He did look a little puffy down there, but I saw no evidence that looked like he was wearing a cup or had an obvious erection, but I think just its classic time in his young life where his growing manhood is taking up more and more space in his pants than it ever did before. And us guys know that new-growth of pubic hair tends to itch quite a bit, too.

When he was handed his treat I saw that he was alone, not with either of the other men in the store. I saw out the window he got into a waiting car and they drove off. I couldn't help but wonder if as soon as he got home, did he first eat his treat or did he go strip off his uniform, give his privates a good long scratch and adjustment as he seemed to need so badly, then put on something more comfortable and devour the tasty sweet treat.



A Boys Napkin Trick

I had a nice sighting at dinner last night. We went to a seafood restaurant that furnishes large red linen napkins wrapped around the silverware. A family of four was seated at a nearby table. Mom, pop, teenage girl, and a lad who looked as innocent as a lamb, but soon showed that he had boy-things going on in his pants. The guy unwrapped his silverware, held the napkin over to the side by a couple of corners, and shook it until it fully unrolled. Then he carefully put it over his his lap, smoothing it down and adjusting every corner. As soon as the napkin was in place, his right hand slid under it and fumbled around, making the napkin wiggle and bump. He smooths the napkin again. Right hand moves back to the table and he's busy with conversation and an appetizer. Now left hand rests on top of the napkin and mashes fairly hard. Then the right hand dives under the napkin again and bumps around. Smooth napkin again. Eat a little. Mash left hand on top of napkin. Slide right hand under napkin and bang around.

It was thoroughly entertaining - between giving attention to his crotch and eating dinner, he would put down his fork and adjust the napkin whenever necessary to keep it square and straight across his lap. Left hand always mashed on top of the napkin. Then the right hand would zoom in and fumble around under the napkin. Then he'd eat for a few seconds before fiddling with his lap again.

The really entertaining thing was this: The poor boner-afflicted kid must have thought his napkin completely hid the attention he was giving himself, when in reality that bright red napkin highlighted the left hand on top of it, as well as the right hand fumbling around beneath it.



Ants in his Pants

I was setting in the waiting room waiting my turn to go in and see the dentist. Right across from me sat a young boy. I would guess his age maybe ten or eleven. He was fooling around in his chair stretching his legs out in front of him. Putting his hands between his legs. He would take his hands and raise them high in the air over his head. Then he would raise off his chair and set back down, He would do this a few times. Once he even fell out of his chair. He got back in his chair and started all over again.

All at once he turn around so his butt was facing me. Then he would raise his butt up in the air and then turn around and wiggle all around in his chair.
I just sat there watching him doing his performance. And smiling all the time. I looked at him and told him. You must have ants in your pants.

He looked at me no I don't have ants in my pants. Why do you think that I have ants in my pants.
Just by the way you are moving around in your chair.
That is something my grandfather always said to me because I couldn't set still either.

He started to laugh.Then he told me that his mom and dad told him he was a wiggle wart. He told me all about how he always was getting into trouble at school because he couldn't set still.
Even when I go to bed I wiggle all over the bed. The covers are all wrapped around me and my pillow is on the floor and I am laying cross ways in the bed when I wake up in the morning.

I started to laugh when he was telling me all about how he couldn't set still.
He asked me if I had any kids. No I don't but I did raise my nephew. You reminded me of him when he was about your age, How he couldn't set still either.

His mom came out of the dentist room. I hope he wasn't bothering you. No he wasn't bothering me at all. He is a very entertaining young boy. I enjoyed watching him wiggle around in his chair.
Yes he is a wiggle wart. He can't set still for a minute,

I reached out my hand. He grabs my hand and I thanked him for bringing back some great memories of my nephew when he was your age. Your a find young man and don't stop wiggling around.
His mom said I am sure he won't stop wiggling around.

Farm Boy


Repost from OOTS4U Blog

 Rolling About

I was poking around in the junk at a driveway sale just a few minutes ago. There was a kid, probably barely into his teens, looking at the stuff along with his mother. He grabbed up a rolling pin and called out, "Hey, what is this?" His mother and the older lady that lived there both answered, "It's a rolling pin." Then the older woman cleared space on one of the tables and showed him how to use it, talking about pie crusts and cookie dough.

He put it back down, but in a minute walked over and picked it up again, examining it carefully and spinning the roller while holding the handles. Right away he asked his mother "Don't you need one of these?" She told him no, that she wasn't that kind of cook.

He kept holding it and looking at it - then with the fastest quick motions you can imagine, held it against his thighs and rolled it up and down twice against the front of his pants, slightly thrusting his fly against it.

It was all I could do to hurry to my car without breaking into laughter. I don't know whether they bought the rolling pin or not, but the kid had certainly thought up a use for it that the manufacturer never intended!



Explaination of the Cup (Part II)

Reading this in print, I recalled even more details of that special time so I thought I'd submit a "Part 2".

I only knew that boy by his nickname, which was "Pickles". His last name also began with a "P", and coach would always call him up to bat using both his nickname and his last name, all like it was just one name.
“Pickles Perroni, you're up”
 For the rest of us he just used our first name. Joe, Bill, Mike, whatever..... 

That first day Pickles was wearing that thing he was walking so odd, that we were all wondering what the heck was wrong with him. One of the guys said maybe he "pooped his pants" and he was “packing a Buddy”. But he just kept grabbing at himself in front. I thought maybe he had a bad itch down there, because I knew that had happened to me at times from wearing wet swim trunks all day long and sometimes from stuff at Scout camp, like bugs.

 It was before that second game when he was still walking weird that the boy who thought he had pooped his pants yelled,
 "Hey Pickles! Why you walking like that? You got a pickle stuck in your butt or somethin'?"

Everyone laughed, except Pickles, obviously. That's when he told several of us guys to crowd around him at the far back end of the dugout. Then he said something odd.
 "Come stand closer to me so nobody can see...".

 Then he carefully pulled his pants down just far enough so that all of us could see this very strange contraption he was wearing outside of his underpants. He put a couple fingers on the outside of the fabric pouch holding the plastic cup, and said,
"It's cuz a THIS thing."

 We all just stared in silence. Then one boy broke the silence.
"What is it?"

He quickly pulled his pants back up, not wanting to spend any more time than necessary, and hoping nobody saw what he had done. He said with complete seriousness, "It's a cup."
"But what’s it for?" a chorus of us inquired.

Coach says it's to protect my nuts."

"From WHAT???"

"In case I get hit by a ball there. Coach said that could crush my nuts. Coach said whenever I catch, I gotta wear it, so to protect the nards."

I think we all became completely distracted from the game at that point. All we could think about was Pickles and this cup he was wearing. It was toward the end of the game when we convinced Pickles to give us another look. This was when he showed us how the cup came out, what it looked and felt like, and how to put it back in and position it so it protected all his stuff.

Pickles was a runt of a kid, small even among the rest of us. He had wild curly blonde hair, eyes that seemed to bug out, and two big front teeth making him look like a beaver. He always had a smile and everybody liked him. For the next several games that jock and cup made him quite the celebrity on our team.