Real Life Savers in Training

On a nice summer afternoon at the beach with my Mate. We were enjoying the warm sun and sea breezes with occasional nice sights to see as well. Up aways we spied a row of swimmers all in bright orange swimwear. I did not clue in, but MG sure knew it was a Surf Life Saver Team out doing practice. As we got closer,  I marveled at the process.

 They swam out into the open surf around a buoy, then came back ashore, running past a pole serving as a marker. Then grabbed a floatation device and did the buoy again. Run ashore around the pole and then into a Kayak around the Buoy. It was apparent they are very fit and in shape, as you can see by the pictures attached. I presume this was a 14-16 year team.

 Loads of fun to see these young Blokes working out so diligently  in expectation they might save a life one day. I was fairly winded after watching them up close like this. MG and I had to go for a lay-down to rest and sort it all out.


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